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There still a LOT of people who still cant accept the fact that Ms. Angel Locsin moved out from GMA. When you go to any of these forums you'll see the BITTERNESS from these people who's trying to put her down. Obviously, SHE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION. On Abs Cbn she became a SUPERB ACTRESS, she showed more of an Angel than she was in GMA. She showed her BEST ACTING yet. Meanwhile the stardom of Ms. Marian Rivera is still not comparable with Ms. Angel Locsin. How many movies did Angel made a blockbuster? How many teleserye she made that it rated high? Marian has only one, just the Marimar. I was a fan of Marimar but her acting was just bland.. nothing changes on her dramatic performances. it was all the same acting. Marian has still have a LOT to prove. Acting wise Ms Angel Locsin is way better, on SEXINESS and HOTNESS? Angel still HAVE it, the killer curves that she have. BEAUTY? morena still rocking the game ;p. i never posted anything here in PEX but to read all her detractors comments about her its just not fair. Lobo is actually aiming high in the United States compare it to Marimar. If you base everything on the RATINGS in the Philippines of course you'll get the GMA the highest rating but to think of it the stories of their shows are common.

Keep your head up Angel.
we always got your back to support you *okay*
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