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THIRTEEN DAYS starring Kevin Costner

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Saw a movie titled Thirteen Days. This is a story about the 13 pressure-filled days in the White House during JFK's administration famously known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Costner plays the political advisor to Jack Kennedy.

In 1962, the Russians decided to send nukes to Cuba, within striking distance of the United States. Obviously, this is a threat to national security. So JFK and company will have to eliminate those nukes. But how? Blow it up? Talk to Kruchev? What? The old gung-ho trigger-happy generals wants to blow up Cuba to stone age. They don't care if it results in nuclear armagedon because there might not be anyone left to tell them they were wrong if it happens anyway. Even congress wants to blow up Cuba. Old political advisors who have experience dealing with Communist Russia wants to blow it up. Everybody was calling JFK a softie or a coward for holding fire, but you have to admire the courage to stand tall and hold on to his beliefs under tremendous pressure. Nuclear war didn't happen because JFK told his generals to put a sock in it.

And if nuclear war did happen in 1962, Clark and Subic would no doubt been targets. yikes.

Its a good movie, great drama, high tension, and good acting--inspite of Costner's New England accent. Has anyone seen this movie?


  • SpartanSpartan PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I saw it yesterday. I thought it was a good movie, although Costner's accent was pitiful. I'm sure that the movie tried to ham up the conflict the President had with others in his cabinet and on capitol hill.

    Don't take the movie as complete fact.
  • not another Costner movie...

    sabi nila, pinull-out ang mga 2-page ads sa mga overseas newspapers kasi sa background pictures daw, there are some pics that have military equipment that were not created nor used during those times (60s/70s???)
  • I'm looking forward to see the film, but I don't have any idea on when it would be shown. By the way, Steven Culp, who plays JFK's brother appears in J.A.G as the CIA agent Clayton Webb
  • i can't believe nobody else has posted in this thread since this film started its regular theatrical run last week!

    i saw it last saturday with a couple of friends at glorietta (120 bucks!) and we all loved it. it was great not just because it was timely (with all the taliban, afghanistan thing), but because it provided us with an intimate look at the workings of the people inside the white house during a real crisis. although i understand that many of the scenes were altered for cinematic purposes, that doesn't lessen the credibility and believability of the film.

    the film just grabs you and pulls you in and never lets go. i was literally at the edge of my seat during that fighter jet scene, when the young pilot was on a routine mission and he gets fired at by the enemy...galing!

    kevin costner was great (but his accent was terrible! who was he trying to fool? and what is with him and his fixation with jfk?), but it was bruce greenwood and steven culp as bobby kennedy who really delivered outstanding performances.

    the cuban missile crisis was perhaps the closest the world has ever come to world war 3. thirteen days as a film takes us to that time and makes us understand real politics and complicated foreign policy and international relations. it is an intelligent, thought-provoking film, so unlike the usual hollywood fare, and i hope more people see it.

    my favorite quote in the film: "appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive." how true! kinda makes you think about bin ladena and his cohorts...:flame:

  • Being both a movie buff and a lover of historical/period pieces, The Rock really looked forward to Thirteen Days. Well, even though it's a Kevin Costner movie:vomit:, this one actually had substance and was enjoyable. With everything going around now, it's also suddenly very relevant. Even though some of the facts were stretched, G.W. Bush should at least consider watching this film and see how his predecessor from 1962 had to deal with an equally tense (if not more tense) situation as he's facing right now.

    Bruce Greenwood doesn't look anything like JFK, but it seems that it's always easier to find somebody to look like Bobby Kennedy anyway. Greenwood still pulled off the John F. Kennedy mystique, although not as commanding as you would expect from this legendary figure. Maybe this was the film's purpose as pulling down JFK and RFK made them seem more human battling the Russians, Cubans, and the U. S. Armed Forces who seem to have had doubts as to how Kennedy won the presidency over Nixon in the first place.

    it's hilarious to hear Costner play Presidential Assistant Kenny O'Donnell though. Here he is trying on a Boston accent when he couldn't even put on a British accent for Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.:rotflmao: Yeah, Kaboom! and The Rock loved that one!

    All in all though, it's a movie that makes you think about the real significance of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and just how close we got to World War III even back then. Seeing history unfold (i.e. Adlai Stevenson's speech at the U.N., and JFK's speech over the U.S. networks) was pretty surreal, but it made you root for the Americans as they fought the "evil Soviets". Maybe the U.S. should re-screen this in the States, it might lead to even more patriotism from their citizens.:idea:
  • last yr pa tong palabas na ito a!
    ngayon lang ni-release d2 sa pinas?
    hehehehe :D
  • I'm rather disappointed that the movie hasn't been receiving it's due share of publicity. I've been reading the Inquirer and I don't see an advertisement for the movie nor at least an article about it.

    Trivia: The F-8 Crusaders used in the movie (the ones making the low-level recon runs) are actually Philippine Air Force F-8's repainted to resemble US Navy F-8's Our F-8's are unflyable though, so I guess the flying F-8's were CGI. I'm not sure though, but some of the Cuba scenes might have been shot here.
  • nice plot. medyo dragging nga lang yung movie.

    yup, the cuba scenes were shot in the philippines. ang dami nga ng philippine crew sa credits e. and they mentioned talaga sa end ng credits that it was filmed in washington, LA, rhode is., and the Philippines. ganda nga yung shots di ba.
  • mahilig ako sa u.s. politics at history eh, so oks ito para sa akin... :D
  • i saw it last christmas. i liked it. i only admire two democrats. thats jack and bobby kennedy.
  • Yeah, I couldn't believe they're only showing this in theatres now. I remember seeing this on video... months ago.

    It's a great movie, though. Never mind Kevin Costner.
  • hey i just saw the movie, and i love it. kevin costner's accent was funny though. hehe.
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