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Incest Victims: How To Deal With Them With Care...

i just want to ask your insights regarding an incest victim i knew and do have an abnormal life... she's runninf after that incident of her life, and still ongoing... i dont know how to tell her it would be fine, life must go on. please give me advice.. :mecry: :confused:


  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^^don't ever tell her that it's fine because it's not...ask her if she can go talk to a counselor, mahabang process yan.
  • i agree

    incest is a very very serious matter... maraming pupuntahan ang usapang yan. first thing i would do if i were in your shoes would be to talk to someone, a doctor a school counsellor, get help
  • I think you should tell her to report the incident to the authorities... Whoever did her wrong should pay the price. No matter how embarassing it could get, it's for her own good. It's easier to recover (i think so) if the rest of the family will give her all the support.
  • i say she goes tell authorities. what'll happen if that member is victimizing other people? that person is a threat to society. and as for the victim, a therapist should be called. you know how like if a person gets physically hurt, they go to a doctor? well this person is emotionally hurt, and should go to a therapist. just to sort out emotional turmoil.
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