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NBA Playoffs: Is it probable to go 16-0?

nheonheo PExer
inspired by Gospel of Judas' 82-0 reg season record: possible?.

don't know if there's already a thread similar to this.

forget the regular season! do you think it's probable to go 16-0? the best playoff record i think is 15-1.

imho, i think this is not probable, mainly because of coaching (i.e. opposing coach might figure out your play in at least 1 game :D).


  • As long as your no.1 Option is not a choker in the playoffs. Anything is possible in the post season.
  • The best playoff is 15-1 held by the 2001 Lakers, followed by 12-1 Sixers of 1983 (Fo! Fi! Fo!).

    As for the question: It's achievable but with all four rounds going seven games, it's a bit challenging. While easily sweeping an opponent after opponent can be a good way to rest, having a five days to a week off could hamper their performance come the next series.

    Obvious bottomline is that teams would rather care less about going undefeated in the postseason as long as they win the championship.
  • Going 16-0 sa playoff i think is easier than getting 82-0 sa regular season. I don't think it would happen this year since wala naman nba team na ganun ka dominating based from the regular season games. Boston may have the league leading record but thats because nasa east sila. In fact, I'm more impressed with what New Orleans has achieved.
  • st.angerst.anger PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    if not for some lucky plays by the sixers in game 1 of the 2001 finals, the Lakers would have done it. they were absolutely destroying everyone. :p
  • Yeah, the lakers almost did that back in 2001 playoffs.
  • I don't think any of the West series will be a sweep. Yes, even the first round 1st seed vs 8th seed series. The Celtics could sweep games in the first two rounds but there is no way that they could sweep the East Finals and the Finals.
  • yup. many teams almost did it. as in one game to sweep na lang.

    16 games lang kasi. many teams can ride 16-game win streaks given the better circumstances in the playoffs.
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