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American Idol Season 7: We Really Have Made It to Thread TWO!

place holder.

i was really surprised by the overwhelming response of AI this season.

ayaw yata talaga ng mga pinoy sa mga lalaking pinoy na contestants ng AI (aj and sway)... di sila nakakuha ng ganitong support like what jasmine, camile and ramiele got/is still getting

Who is your American Idol? 545 votes

Carly Smithson
2% 13 votes
David Archuleta
15% 87 votes
Ramielle Malubay
23% 127 votes
Syesha Mercado
1% 8 votes
Jason Castro
12% 70 votes
David Cook
26% 142 votes
Brooke White
9% 54 votes
Kristy Lee Cook
3% 20 votes
Michael Johns
4% 24 votes


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