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Sign our letter preserving the right to acknowledge God in public meetings!

Imagine a leading pastor being asked to open a public meeting in prayer—and then being told he can't pray in Jesus' name because it's unconstitutional!

That’s exactly what happened to a Baptist minister, Rev. Hashmel Turner, of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Hashmel was sued because he dared to end his prayers at the Fredericksburg city council meetings with these powerful words: In Jesus Name!

Pastor Turner is now fighting the ACLU and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, who brought suit against him, claiming he violated the constitution by using the name of Jesus in a public place. These extremists want to eliminate any public expression of faith in our country. Thankfully, Pastor Turner refused to back down to these radical views. He refuses to accept that Jesus is now banished from city council meetings.

The verdict in this case will no doubt resonate in city councils across the nation and set a precedent regarding the status of religious freedom in America. We must let Pastor Turner know that he does not stand alone in this historic battle and that thousands are praying for him and his family. Please read our letter of support and fill in the form below to add your signature.



  • Kano ka ba?
    No, im a Filipino citizen, but i care for my brother-in-Christ, whereever they are in the world.
  • jiscjisc PSC805+SHP895=eargasm PExer
    maybe next meeting, he should end it up with "in jesus, mohammed, guatama, shiva, invisible pink unicorn's name." to be politically correct, you know.
  • jiminabottlejiminabottle Conspicuously consumptive PExer
    People who pray in public places think it's acceptable to do it with people who don't share their faith around because they outnumber them. They are not even aware that they're committing a discourtesy to others.

    That's why that's never gonna happen in the Philippines. Catholics see atheists and people of other faiths as beings who need salvaging.
  • Frank_MackyFrank_Macky Heretic / Infidel PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Here in the Philippines, the problem is the opposite. Those who 'pray' think they have the right to force others to pray with them.
  • baredevil696baredevil696 Underworlder PExer
    You can't shove your beliefs - or non-beliefs - in God down other people's throats.

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