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    Lets Talk About Piolo Pascual!

    I Love You Piolo!

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    was born January 12, 1977. The son of a Filipino mother and a German-Spanish father, he is the youngest of six children.

    Piolo always wanted to be an actor. His father, Philip, was a casting director for international films shot in the Philippines. "I don't know if that influenced me," says Piolo, "but even when I was really young, I'd go in front of the mirror, act and sing."

    Piolo's first TV appearance was in Kuya Germs Moreno's "That's Entertainment." After high school he went to UST, where he studied Physical therapy and joined the UST theater group, Teatro Tomasino. He landed a part on the children's show Atbp and was chosen as a member of ABS-CBN's Star Circle, Batch 3. But before his career had a chance to take off at home, Piolo decided to move to the US. For a year he lived with his mom in California, working in a hospital and at other jobs to support himself while going on acting auditions. Although he didn't land any big parts, while in L.A. he participated in acting workshops where he learned a lot about his craft.

    Upon his return to the Philippines a year later, things started to fall into place for Piolo and he began to realize his lifelong dream of becoming an actor. He was cast as Raffy in the ABS-CBN miniseries "Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako," with the popular Judy Ann Santos, and got further exposure in "Esperanza," again with Juday. With his boyish good looks, he soon became a teen idol. While Piolo enjoyed his newfound heartthrob status, he did not want to remain "just another pretty face," with his performances limited to light TV fare. He was serious about his acting and wanted to take on more challenging roles.

    He soon got his chance to prove himself as a serious actor when he landed his first starring movie role in "Lagarista." He character, Gregory, was a biker who transported movie reels from one theater to another. His love interest was played by Janna Victoria. Piolo felt a lot of pressure to turn in his best performance, since this was his first major film, and his hard work paid off. The Philippine Daily Inquirer proclaimed in its Aug. 6, 2000 issue, "Not a few people who saw 'Lagarista' during the celebrity premiere last Tuesday have expressed belief that its lead actor, Piolo Pascual, will become the next big star in local cinema. He has the glamorous looks and more important, he can act."

    In his next movie, "Kahit Isang Saglit," Piolo's character was part of a love triangle with Judy Ann Santos and Leandro Munoz. "With this movie ang naging challenge ko is more of emotions," Piolo explained in an interview. "It is a heavy drama, a story of love." Passionate about acting, Piolo really gives his all when portraying a character, to such an extent that he often feels physically and emotionally drained after shooting a movie.

    Piolo's most critically acclaimed movie so far is "Dekada '70." He portrayed Jules Bartolome, a student activist who joined the New People's Army after martial law was declared. Christopher de Leon and Vilma Santos played his parents. Piolo won the Grand Slam for his excellent performance, sweeping all four Best Supporting Actor trophies from the major award-giving bodies: Metro Manila Film Festival, FAMAS, Star Awards, and the prestigious Urian Award.

    By now Piolo had achieved his objective of becoming a respected serious actor. But that didn't mean he had to abandon the lighter side of his career! He was now one of The Hunks, ASAP Mania's popular singing and dancing beefcake quntet. And he continued to satisfy the legions of Piolo-Juday loveteam fans, with TV series like "Sa Puso Ko IIngatan Ka," and movies like the very popular "Till There Was You."

    When Piolo was approached about recording a solo album, he was hesitant at first, because although he had performed all over the world with The Hunks, he was "not really a singer." But he went ahead with the project, and his self-titled debut album turned out to be a big success, going platinum four months after its release and spawning three hit singles, "Kailangan Kita," "Till There Was You" and "Ikaw ang Buhay Ko." His second album, produced by the talented Ogie Alcasid, was titled "My Gift," which was also the title of Piolo's concert at the Araneta in April 2004. He was honored to have his idol Basil Valdez as a special guest, along with the vocal harmony group The Akafellas and Ai-Ai delas Alas. The jam-packed event also featured appearances by many of his ASAP Mania co-stars including Martin Nievera, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Kuh Ledesma, and the other four Hunks. The concert was televised a few weeks later on ABS-CBN. Reporter Nestor U. Torre commented in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, "It was a pleasure to finally hear a movie star sing well, after suffering through the musical 'performances' of TV-movie celebrities who can't sing to save their lives, but cut records anyway, because their ga-ga fans buy their albums despite their abysmal lack of singing talent."

    He never thought he would be doing a concert at the Araneta. "I've just always wanted to follow my heart and do what I always wanted to do as a kid and that's to act," he said. While he will always consider hinself primarily an actor, he is trying to improve himself as a singer. "I've been attending voice lessons religiously for almost a year now," he told the Philippine Star. "My teacher has been so good to me and it's nice because I learn a lot. Even if I already sing professionally I still try to attend my classes because there's still a lot more that I'd like to learn. I'm more comfortable acting than singing but since I'm being given this opportunity to broaden my horizons in singing, I'm doing my best."

    Piolo's most recent movie is "Milan," which focuses on the lives of domestic helpers in Italy. While he and co-star Claudine Barretto were filming a scene in the Milan subway, they were surprised to find themselves being photographed by the local paparazzi! The next day their pictures were splashed on the pages of an Italian tabloid, which described Piolo as The Richard Gere of the Philippines, and Claudine as the Sharon Stone. Claudine was flattered, and Piolo was amused that the Italian press was so interested in them. As usual his performance drew accolades. A review on said Piolo "was able to convey various layers of emotions in the most effective manner all throughout the movie. You feel his sadness, desperation and helplessness in this foreign land. But at the same time, there are moments you want to just punch him in the face because his screen character can be arrogant and a braggart. These little nuances that can only be done by a sensitive actor, he is able to display most brilliantly in "Milan."
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    He was the most awarded artist of 2003 -- having swept the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in Dekada '70 and earning a Platinum Record Award for his self-titled debut album. His singles "Kailangan Kita", "Till There Was You" and "Ikaw Ang Buhay Ko" were some of the most played and requested songs on radio, all of them making the Top 10 of radio countdowns nationwide.

    His winning streak continued in 2004, adding more feathers to his already brimming cap of achievements. His second album My Gift again turned Platinum in less than two months. His singles "The Gift" and "Bakit Hindi Na Lang Ikaw" both peaked at #1. His first major solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum was well attended and received praises from critics and fans alike. His movie Milan, which starred him alongside Claudine Barretto, was one of 2004's well-lauded and highly acclaimed films.

    He also remains to be one of the country's most bankable stars. Even before the theatrical run of a movie that stars him, it's sure to be a blockbuster hit. His shows are all packed and his face can be seen all over town -- on billboards, print ads and TV ads with his numerous product endorsements.

    Indeed, Piolo Pascual is on a roll!
    Piolo will be releasing his third album within the first quarter of this year. Tentatively titled Piolo Sings Ocampo, the album boasts of the collaboration between him and master songwriter/arranger/producer Louie Ocampo. With a tandem like this, Piolo's third album is surely another hit in the making! As early as now, fans are already clamoring for it. It's probably the most awaited album this season.

    It has been predicted before that Piolo will be the next balladeer following in the footsteps of icons such as Basil Valdez, Nonoy Zuniga and the like, and he has truly become one. A string of hit songs and albums showcase how much he has improved in his singing style over the years. Despite his string of success and limitless blessings, Piolo Pascual remains humble and true. Maybe that's why we love him so much.

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    CHOPSUEY (a full-length digital film) (2007)... Jimmy Wong
    Paano Kita Iibigin (May 30, 2007).... Lance
    “WALANG KAPALIT” (2007) TV Series

    Kagat Ng Dilim (a 15-minute digital short film by Cesar Hernando) (MAY 31, 2006 at MyCinema, Greenbelt 3) …. Ka Serafin
    "Sa Piling Mo" (FEBRUARY 27, 2006 to AUGUST 25, 2006) TV Series …. Adrian Tuazon
    Don’t Give Up On Us (JANUARY 8, 2006) …. Vince

    D'Anothers (July 27, 2005) …. cameo appearance
    "Bora: Sons of the Beach" (February 15, 2005 to April 11, 2006) TV Series .... PJ
    Dreamboy (February 9, 2005) .... Jaime/Philip/Eboy
    "Mangarap Ka" (March 29, 2004 to October 8, 2004) TV Series .... Celso/Oslec/Dragon King
    Milan (February 11, 2004) .... Lino

    "Buttercup" (May 31, 2003 First Season; August 30, 2003 Second Season) TV Series .... Lance
    Till There Was You (April 30, 2003) .... Albert Robles
    Dekada '70 (December 25, 2002) .... Jules Bartolome
    9 Mornings (October 16, 2002) .... Gene Ynfante
    Jologs (August 28, 2002) .... Coffee Shop Customer
    I Think I'm In Love (June 12, 2002) .... Jonas

    Bakit 'Di Totohanin (August 29, 2001) .... Paul
    Mila (June 27, 2001) .... Primo
    "Sa Puso Ko, Iingatan Ka" (June 18, 2001 to February 14, 2003) TV Series .... Jordan Villamines
    Kahit Isang Saglit (November 15, 2000) .... Michael
    Pera O Bayong! (2000) …. cameo appearance
    Lagarista (September 13, 2000) .... Gregory

    Esperanza: The Movie (December 25, 1999) .... Bryan
    "Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako" Book 2 (1999) TV Series …. Raffy
    "Esperanza" (last six months – 1998 to 1999) TV Series .... Bryan
    "Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako" Book 1 (1998) TV Series …. Raffy
    Batang PX (1997)

    "Gimik" (1997) TV Series
    "Marinella" TV Series
    "Mara Clara" (1994) TV Series
    "A.T.B.P." TV Series .... Kuya Miguel
    The Vizconde Massacre (1991) …. Jussi Leino


    LOBO (January 28, 2008-Present directed by Cathy Molina/FM Reyes)
    WALANG KAPALIT ( April 23, 2007 directed by Wenn Deramas)

    All About A Girl (September 2, 2006 directed by Jose Javier Reyes) with Lauren Young

    Diary (February 16, 2007 directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal)
    Piso (August 4, 2006 directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng) with Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson
    Strawberry Fields (2003) with Kristine Hermosa
    Pier 39 (2002) with Judy Ann Santos
    Lobo (November 8, 2001) with Regine Velasquez
    Plane Ticket with Ina Raymundo

    JOHN EN SHIRLEY…as Abet (January 13, 2007 directed by Bert de Leon)

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (December 24, 2006)

    All About A Girl (September 2, 2006 directed by Jose Javier Reyes)

    Si Piolo at si Lorelei REPEAT (August 26, 2006) with Angelica Panganiban
    Bampy Part I (June 17, 2006 directed by Johnny Manahan) with Star Magic artists
    Si Piolo at si Lorelei (April 29, 2006 directed by Wenn Deramas) with Angelica Panganiban

    SA PILING MO (February 27, 2006 to August 25, 2006, directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng [early episodes], Rory Quintos and Trina Dayrit)

    BORA: SONS OF THE BEACH (February 15, 2005 to April 11, 2006, directed by Johnny Manahan)

    MANGARAP KA (March 29, 2004 to October 8, 2004, directed by Malu Sevilla and Cathy Garcia-Molina)

    BUTTERCUP (May 31, 2003 first season, August 30, 2003, second season, directed by Wenn Deramas)

    SA PUSO KO IINGATAN KA (June 18, 2001 to February 14, 2003, directed by Jose Javier Reyes [early episodes] and Gilbert Perez)

    Lab Kita Estranghera (last episode) (2001)
    Jack en Joy-lius (2000)
    Bodyguard (pilot episode) (1999)

    Sa Puso Ko’y Ikaw (July 20, 2000) with Regine Velasquez

    GMA LOVE STORIES presents Champagne Morales
    GMA LOVE STORIES presents Jessa Zaragoza




    Ang Sireno (directed by Wenn Deramas) with Jennifer Sevilla



    ESPERANZA (last six months of the series 1998-1999, directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and Rory Quintos)

    SA SANDALING KAILANGAN MO AKO MINI SERIES BOOK 1 (1998) and BOOK 2 (1999) directed by Olivia Lamasan

    MARINELLA (co-directed by Cathy-Garcia Molina)

    ATBP (directed by Gilbert Perez)
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    Ms. Kaye Abad – Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako

    Ms. Tetchie Agbayani - Star Mini Series...Rush

    Ms. Bea Alonzo - Dreamboy

    Ms. Claudine Barretto - Buttercup, Timex, Milan, Walang Kapalit, “Ms. Universe Ng Buhay Ko” Music Video

    Ms. Ana Capri - Dekada '70

    Ms. Alice Dixson – Star Drama Theatre Presents

    Ms. Toni Gonzaga – Sprite, ASAP, “We Belong” Music Video

    Ms. Kristine Hermosa - Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako, Maalaala Mo Kaya

    Ms. Joyce Jimenez - I Think I'm In Love

    Ms. Angel Locsin – Timex, San Mig Coffee, Lobo

    Ms. Janet McBride – Star Drama Theatre Presents

    Ms. Champagne Morales - GMA Love Stories

    Ms. Vina Morales – ASAP, Kapag May Katuwiran, Ipaglaban Mo

    Ms. Isabel Oli – Max’s Fried Chicken

    Ms. Angelica Panganiban - Mangarap Ka, Komiks

    Ms. Rica Peralejo – ASAP, Sa Piling Mo, Renditions I & II

    Ms. Ina Raymundo - Maalaala Mo Kaya

    Ms. Daisy Reyes - Flames

    Ms. Donita Rose - 9 Mornings

    Ms. Judy Ann Santos - Esperanza - The Soap, Esperanza - The Movie, Judy Ann Drama Special,
    Kahit Isang Saglit, “Kristo” a Lenten stage play, Maalaala Mo Kaya, Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka,
    Bakit 'Di Totohanin, “Kung Ako Ba Siya” Music Video, Till There Was You, Don't Give Up On Us, Sa Piling Mo

    Ms. Jennifer Sevilla – Wansapanataym

    Ms. Maricel Soriano – Mila

    Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson - Maalaala Mo Kaya, Walang Kapalit

    Ms. G Toengi - Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako

    Ms. Regine Velasquez - Habang May Buhay (GMA-7), Maalaala Mo Kaya, Paano Kita Iibigin

    Ms. Vivian Velez – Star Drama Theatre Presents

    Ms. Janna Victoria - Lagarista

    Ms. Carmina Villaroel – Esperanza – The Soap, Esperanza – The Movie, Star Drama Theatre Presents

    Ms. Lauren Young – Star Magic Presents

    Ms. Jessa Zaragoza – GMA Love Stories
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    Timeless > 2007 > Triple Platinum
    Piolo Pascual: Platinum Hits > 2006 > Gold
    Renditions: Songs of Louie Ocampo > Gold
    My Gift > 2004 > Platinum
    Piolo > 2003 > Platinum[/quote]
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    Maalaala Mo Kaya “Piso” > Best Single Performance by a Lead Actor > 21st PMPC Star Awards for TV (2007)
    Don’t Give Up On Us > Best Actor (Tied with Jericho Rosales) 23rd PMPC Star Awards for Movies (2007)
    Don’t Give Up On Us > Best Actor (Musical or Comedy) 4th ENPRESS Golden Screen Awards (2007)
    Milan > Best Actor 54th FAMAS Awards (2005)
    Mangarap Ka > Best Drama Actor > 1st ENPRESS Golden Screen Entertainment TV Awards (2004)
    Dekada '70 > Best Supporting Actor > U.P. Film Desk of the YOUNG CRITICS CIRCLE (2003)
    Dekada '70 > Best Supporting Actor > GAWAD URIAN (2003)
    Dekada ’70 > Best Supporting Actor > FAP (2003)
    Dekada ’70 > Best Supporting Actor > FAMAS AWARDS (2003)
    Dekada ’70 > Best Supporting Actor > PMPC Awards
    Dekada ’70 > Best Supporting Actor > PASADO (2003)
    Dekada ’70 > Best Supporting Actor > GAWAD TANGLAW (2003)
    Dekada ’70 > Best Supporting Actor > Metro Manila Film Festival (2002)
    Dekada ’70 > Special Recognition for RARE GRAND SLAM > Guillermo Scholarship Foundation (2003)


    Anak TV Seal's #5 Most Admired Male Personality > Southeast Asian Foundation for Children’s Television (December 11, 2007)
    Star in the Philippine Walk of Fame > German Moreno and Eastwood City (December 4, 2007)
    Anak TV Seal Top Male Category > Southeast Asian Foundation for Children’s Television (2006)
    Anak TV Seal Top Male Category > Southeast Asian Foundation for Children’s Television (2005)
    Mr. Screen Idol > FAMAS Awards (2005)
    Mr. RP Movies > Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation (for 2004 box-office performance)
    Mr. RP Movies > Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation (for 2003 box-office performance)
    Youth Achievement Award > German Moreno and FAMAS Awards (2002)
    Mr. RP Movies > Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation (for 2001 box-office performance)
    Most Promising Group (The Hunks with Jericho Rosales, Bernard Palanca, Carlos Agassi, and Diether Ocampo > Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation Awards (2001)
    Mr. RP Movies > Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation (for 2000 box-office performance)
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    Piolo: ...who have no respect for others.


    Piolo:...who try to take advantage of me, who kind of use you.


    Piolo:...spending time with The Lord. Also, spending time with my family, or even simple gatherings with them. (Piolo’s mom and sister flew in from the US to celebrate his 30th birthday last Friday, Jan. 12. – RFL)


    Piolo:...oh gosh, it’s too embarrassing to tell...too embarrassing actually. Too disgusting! It happened when I was in high school. Oh no, I’m too embarrassed to recall what it was. Okay, among my worst moments is when I forget the lines of a song that I’m singing.


    Piolo:...losing my loved ones.

    I PRAY BY...

    Piolo:...talking directly to The Lord. I talk to Him as if He’s just beside me, like I would talk to a friend of mine. Also, by singing. (According to the book Powerful Prayers by Larry King, any song that has a spiritual message – such as I Say a Little Prayer For You, I Believe, My Prayer and the like – is a form of prayer. – RFL)




    Piolo:...I would be a dog. Dogs are like human beings. They can even be more loyal than human beings. They take care of you and your home.


    Piolo:...when my sister figured in an accident last year and I didn’t know if she was okay or not. I saw her at the hospital and I was scared. I was terribly afraid of losing her.


    Piolo:...not really ignoring it but looking at it as part of the business

    Piolo:...The Bible.


    Piolo:...No, I’m not. I’m excited, actually. It’s something I look forward to.


    Piolo:...are the simple ones. Those who are faithful to God and who have self-respect. Traditional girls.


    Piolo:...Pass! I refuse to answer that.


    Piolo:...let go and let God. That has been my motto, my guiding principle, as far as I can remember.


    Piolo:...I lack sleep and someone is annoying me or talking too much.


    Piolo:...I won’t say it’s really fantasizing, but what takes so much of my time is thinking about The Lord and how I can serve Him better...spending time talking to Him and being sensitive to whatever it is He wants me to do.


    Piolo:...the President (of the Philippines) so I can reform the country.

    MY NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION IS... be more compassionate, to have more time to spend with The Lord, to do more quality movies and shows
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    When Piolo Pascual was formally launched by ABS-CBN’s Star Circle Batch 3 in September of 1996, his dream of becoming a TV and movie actor seemed finally at hand. Ilc had wanted this long enough. All the way hack in high school when he was with the Tcatro ni Kiko of St. Francis and all the way to college when hc was part of the Teatro Tomasino of the University of Sto. Tomas. But, barely six months following the launch, the guy disappeared.

    He had tipped and left for California to join his family. It was his mother’s ardent plea.

    “So hindi totoo ‘yung na-frustrate ako sa career ko kaya ako umalis,” he says today, at a time when the movie Lagarista is on the verge of making him the next big star. “Truth is, maski ang ABS noon hindi rnalaman kung paano ako ipu-push, kasi hindi rin nila alani kung lilipad ba ‘ko o mag-stay ba ‘ko? half-baked din kasi ang decisions ko noon."

    Over in Los Angeles, he lived a life not different from the rest of his neighbors, which is to say a normal, regular life.

    “I was a student. I was studying General Education for majoring na. Sa UST kasi, nag-shift ako sa Physical Theraphy in preparation nga for the States. E, sa States, you have to undergo two years of GE to take up all the general classes bago ka inakapag-major. I also worked in a hospital as admitting ER representative. It’s a clerical job. It was a nice life and I had a good time.”

    But he knew something was missing. his true passion, acting, was out there, unattended, unfulfilled—and it bugged him. So while in LA, he made himself good and ready.

    “Nag-workout ako doon. bago ‘ko umalis, I was lanky, I was super payat. Tapos, nag-a-attend ako doon ng mga acting workshops. I really wanted to improve myself. Kumbaga, I still tried to explore my deepest self. ‘Yun bang kahit may iba ‘kong ginagawa, sinisingit ko ‘yon. Kumbaga, kinarir ko pa rin”

    In any case, something always came up to remind him of what he’d left behind. Such as the time he found work as company security for the Oscar Awards, and he ended up pining for the Philippine showbiz scene.

    Finally, in 1998, despite his mother’s disapproval, he packed up once again, this time to return to the Philippines.

    “It was very hard for me. hang beses akong iniyakan ng mommy ko kasi ayaw niya talaga ‘kong pabalikin. Pero bumalik ako kasi gusto kong tumayo sa sarili kong paa. I can do that in the States, pero it’s hard to live na hindi mo masvadong gusto ang ginagawa mo. I know I can do more. P’wede ko pang i-explore ‘vung life ko, marami pa ‘kong gustong puntahan, marami pa ‘kong gustong gawin.

    In August of 1998, he formally re-launched himself in local showhiz. His newfound drive must have been contagious. Within days of his arrival, ABS-CBN Talent Center, his original base, had signed him to a five-year television/management contract.

    “Hilig ko talagang mag-artista. May naumpisahan na ‘ko, hindi ko lang natapos. Kahit paano naman, may mga kakilala na ako. I just need to re-establish myself, which nagawa ko naman.”

    Star-Cinema director Olivia Lamasan was the first to take a gamble on him when she casted him for the October television mini-series “Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako.” The show, shot on location and starring seasoned actors, made enough waves to merit a sequel. In it, he virtually stole the limelight from many co-stars with his portrayal of a hard-hearted brat.

    “It really opened doors for me. Pero risk ‘you kay Inang (Olive Lamasan) kasi wala pa naman akong napu-prove, ‘di ba? So, pinagbutihan ko doon and suwerte naman na napansin.”

    Unexpectedly, his unsympathetic brat character created quite a stir among the show’s predominantly female audience. They squealed. Piolo did well with the role, all right, but there was something much more: the guy had real screen charisma. Before anyone knew it, he was hot.

    Hopping from one drama show to another—”Esperanza,” “Marinella,” “Star Drama Theater,” and more recently, “Saan Ka Man Naroroon”—became his staple.

    Then he invaded the big screen. With Mel Chionglo’s Lagarista, Piolo’s launching film, he is expected to make an even bigger name for himself. The Crown-7 people, the film’s producers, all think so. In fact, they’re already calling him the next big “leading man,” a title reserved for such stars as Richard Gomez and Aga Muhlach.

    Certainly, everything’s coming up roses for Piolo. He can call his mom right now and say he was right to return to the Philippines and show business—and he would not be out of turn.

    Of course, with all this fame comes a price. Already, Piolo admits it can be a real effort handling success well.

    “You know, honestly speaking, the people around me have said that it affected me—positive, negative ways. Because, you know, in this business you never really know what’s gonna happen, not unless sabihin sa ‘yo ng tao. Siguro I went to that stage na lumaki aug ulo ko. Sa ‘kin it's okay na i-admit that because some people in this business, sila mismo ipaparamdam sa ‘yo na sumisikat ka na, na you’re something else. They treat me like a special person. Sabi ko, lalaki talaga aug ulo mo. What keeps me grounded is my family and my friends who really knew me ever since I wasn’t in this business pa. Sila kasi ‘yung rnga taong mahal ka kahit ‘di ka sikat. Sila ‘yung pareho pa rin ang turing sa ‘kin noon at ngayon.”


    THIS is how I started. How I’ve tried to survive and how I’m trying to cope with the system. And how I’m trying to differentiate my life and learn how to live a different life from show business and my personal life which is very hard.
    To start business wasn’t my dream. It’s just the urge and my passion to act that really pushed me to show business. So, maliit pa lang ako, it’s like you’ll look at the mirror and you see yourself when you act and you pose. It’s also one of my frustrations, I wanted to be a ramp model. I still wanted to be a Broadway actor. When I was younger, siguro fate na rin siguro. I was spotted by Tito Germs (Moreno) and I was asked to join That's Entertainment. I was in third year high school. I stayed there for a year. For me, That's Entertainment was a training ground. I learned to gain confidence and self-esteem. I was able to overcome my shyness.

    After that, I stopped, nag-college ako. I went to U.S.T. First year college, so, siyempre, nandoon ang urge ko ng acting. So, I saw this audition in Teatro Tomasino ,so, I auditioned right away before the school year started. I was able to pass and I auditioned for a part, Juan dela Cruz in New York City and fortunately I was the only one who got in na newcomer.

    So, first time pa lang na-draw ‘yung passion ko sa teatro. I was so engrossed. Parang I don’t wanna go to school I don’t wanna go to my classes anymore. Whenever I wake up in the morning, first thing in my mind is teatro. So, honestly, my studies was not that good. So, I felt bad. After that first sem, I said, I'm gonna lie-low muna sa teatro. Then again, almost all my teatro friends were from ABS-CBN. They asked me...there was this part na open sa ATBP, so, they asked me to audition. And there’s Noel Nuguit who happened to be my manager that time and urged me to audition and fortunately, I got in.

    Then, after that, I stayed for three years. I was able to meet a lot of people. September of 1996, I had to go to the States because ofmy visa. Hindi pa ako showbiz niyan, sa ATBP pa lang. Before my departure, two or three weeks, a person from Talent Center spotted me and asked me to audition for Star Circle. And I said, no...I’m going to the States, I can’t and I’m living there for good.

    But it was like acting and showbusiness. So, I tried. Mr. M. Mariolle, Enrico Santos, a lot of people were there. And a week after that, ilo-launch na ang Star Circle 2. But I wasn’t able to be in Star Circle 2 because late ako ng one week. So, they asked me, after a series of auditions which is really hard, I told them that I am going to the States. So, sabi nila, okey! Sabi nila, you better think if you’re staying or not because what we are offering is a serious thing.

    So, I called my mom. Sabi niya, ’No! Dito ka na sa States.’ And my mom was staying in the States. And it’s gonna be the first time I’ll see her after six years. So, I told them, I’ll be back. I left siguro after a week na ni-launch kami. So, when I was in the States, I had a hard time convincing my mom to let me go back to Manila. Kasi, parang naputol, eh... I was really crying. ‘Yung excitement ma pumunta ‘ko sa States and see my mom, part na lang ng pag-alis ko. Pero iba 'yung excitement to be with the group and at the same time, nagba-bonding kami. Workshop-workshop. So, after that, one week, Friday, last flight na, sinabi nila na if you will not show up sa formal launching sa ASAP, wala na...wala na ako sa Star Circle. So, I really had a hard time.

    So, sabi ko ‘Mommy please! Mommy please!’ So, sa kanya, parang napahiya siya! Eh, ako ang mama’s boy. Ako ang pinaka-baby niya. Parang wala pa raw akong one week, gusto ko nang umuwi. Sabi ko, "Mommy, it’s not that. I just want to fulfill my dream. It’s one thing I wanna try when I’m still young. Mararni pa naman akong taong gugugulin sa States." So, Friday morning, hopeless na ‘ko. I was really crying and I was talking to my sister.
    Finally, my mom got home that afternoon and handed me the ticket. Siyempre, may sermon pa na after all those years. We all waited for this, good life at rnagkasama-sama tayong pamilya. But I was handling the ticket and at the back of my mind, ****! I was flying to Manila. I was flying back! So, hindi ako nag-pack ng gamit ko. Isang maleta lang. Hinatid pa nila ‘ko. Ang sakit din noon, para akong tinusok.

    Siguro this is part of my being stubborn, my being brat. This is what I want and this is what I wanna do. So, finally, Talent Center offered me a six-month contract. Kapag na-launch ka, six months, so, I consumed my six months contract. I did some guesting but I didn’t have any regular shows because hindi nila alam kung magi-stay ako or not. I was half-hearted then. I also want to pursue my job at the same time.

    So, after six months, I decided to go. Sabi ko, I’ll just try it for three months in the States but, it lasted for more than a year. I promised my mom, I owe it to you. This time, I’ll stay with you. Wala vision and my outlook in life is dif ferent na. Iniwanan ko na ang life ko rito. I gave away all my shoes, all my things, basically my room!

    Pagdating doon, super saya! Hindi ko na-miss ang Manila. I was a bum for three months. As in sa bahay lang ako, samantalang ang trabaho ko rito, dire-diretso ako. Wala rin akong pera. So, after three months I decided to work. Nakahanap ako ng work sa hospital where my mom is working. So, from the hospital, nag-enjoy na ako ro’n. I was enjoying a different life from 8 to 5. A normal office boy. On the side, naga-advertising naman ako. Field advertising and also, part of that, I worked in the Oscar. With my sister as security. As in ‘yung hawak mo ay batuta lang. And that year, it was Titanic year and they showed all the past winners of Oscar. We we’re really in one ball kung saan sila nagi-stay. So, sabi ko, okey na ‘ko. Next stop is Emmy Award and Golden Globe. So, ako, wala na...kuntento na ‘ko. My mom brought me a car because ayaw niya akong umuwi. Bina-bribe as niya ‘ko and on the side, hindi alam ng mommy ko, nagwo-workshop ako sa Hollywood. Hindi ‘yung big time, ‘yung independent producer lang na no money. If you’re an artist, you’re an artist, you just have to have the drive. If you’re an actor, you’ll learn to work hard for it. Hindi katulad dito. Nagwo-workshop ako ng one-on-one. Nag-train ako sa different group. Ang saya. Sa Amerika kasi, walang star syndrome. So, express yourself!

    Then, after eight months, Joji Dincong who later became my manager called me in the States and we met. Na brainwash ako ni Joji. Sinabi niya na kailangan ka roon, a lot of people are looking for you. Sabi ko ‘Joji, I moved on and besides, I love my life here which is parang tinakbuhan ko rin naman ‘yung life na gusto kong gawin.’ So, I realized din that America is not yet my life. So, sabi ko, I wanna face myself. I wanna go back to where I started and from there haharapin ko lahat. Ayoko na noong umalis ako at binigla ko ang sarili ko. Gusto ko dahan-dahan. This time, I wanna prove to myself kung ano ang gusto ko sa buhay ko.

    I wanna be an office boy or actor. So, it took me two months napapayag bago ko napapayag ang mommy ko. Magkasama kami sa work, nag-promise na ‘ko, may kotse na ‘ko. Tapos binili niya kami ng lot, ang ganda ng work ko. Tapos, ito pang boss ko, nag-resign ako ang sabi niya sa akin, 'I'll hold your papers, if you wanna come back, the job is still open for you.'

    This time, nagkaroon ako ng gusto ko. Kung anong schedule ko gustong pumasok. Permanent position. Eh, nag-resign ako, so, natauhan. I said, I wanna go back. This time, I wanna know how I became like this, you know...I really wanna discover more about myself.

    Pagbalik ko rito, two weeks pa na walang nakakaalam sa mga kaibigan ko. Most of my friends learned it only because they saw ‘me in Ipaglaban Mo. After a month, I went to ABS-CBN, so, they offered a five-year contract. And three months after, I auditioned for Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako and I got the part. From then, Star Cinema Offered me a two-year-and-a-half contract for five movies and Crown-7 which I did Lagarista which is my launching movie.

    So, parang one year, I was able to achieved lot of things. I was nominated in Asian TV Award. And I was fortunate enough to be a part of three good series, yung Sandali..., Esperanza and Marinella. So, for me now, I just wanna slow down. I don’t wanna go up that fast. Hindi naman ako sikat, pero, may trabaho pa on ako kahit papaano.

    I am able to pay my bills now. When I came back I have nothing. No shirt, no shoes. I had to tape in Ipaglaban Mo.. using their costumes. Noong umuwi ako, isang maleta lang ang dala ko I left a lot in the States. Kaya naman ganoon, originally, two weeks lang ako, hindi ko sinabi sa mama ko ‘yun. Just to be sure kung mayroong offer and I wanted to be sure kung may pupuntahan ako. So, later I asked my sister to ship to Manila one box of my clothes.

    Sa ngayon, I still have a contract in ABS-CBN at sino ba namang ***** ang aalisan 'yun, plus a two-picture contract sa labas. And besides, I’m happy with what I’m doing. Kahit na maraming obstacles, I know I’m in the right path.

    I believe in myself and I trust in the Lord and I know, after all these years, at the end of the day, I still have my dignity. Sa mga intriga, sinasabi ko na lang sa sarili that it’s all part of the business. If you’re new, they’ll gonna screw you. Kung hindi mo nakayanan, talo ka!

    And siyempre, tao na naman ako, nasasaktan. But then again, I asked myself, ginusto mo ‘yan, pinasukan mo, so, panindigan mo. I love hearing advices. I’m not a good adviser but through that, naka-survive naman ako. Alam ko na msrami pang darating pero for now siguro, ang assurance ko na lang are the ABS, my family, the people who believe in me, and my faith.


    Regarding my family, I’m the youngest. Four girls and two boys. My mom is in the States and my dad passed away six years ago. When my dad was still alive, he’s very authoritative. He’s a disciplinarian. Talagang kapag wala ka ng six-o-clock sa bahay, talagang luluhod ka sa asin. We we’re brought up in a very very strict way. I owe it to them. Until now, hindi ko sinasabing kahit wala ang parents ko magsu’survive kami, but napalaki nila kaming may paa para lumakad or para tumayo.


    What fears me? Nothing...siguro loosing my family literally. ‘Yung forever hindi mo na makakasama physically, ‘yun ang fear ko. Parang sila ‘yung mga weapon ko na kung wala sila, hindi makakayanan ‘to. For now, my dream is to finish my studies. I wanna take up film. My goal now is to pursue that pero malayo pa yun.

    I wanna focus on my career and my craft. Mahirap mawala, eh. And dream I rin na magkasama-sama kaming pamilya sa isang bahay. Hindi hiwa-hiwalay na wala rito, wala sa States. ‘Yun magkasama-sama lang.


    When I was younger I was bad. I was counting girlfriends to my fingers. Alam mo ‘yung mapasagot mo bang kahit hindi mo siya mahal, basta mapuno ko lang ‘yung calendar. Noong nag-high school ako, doon lang ako nag-serious. I had a girlfriend for six years, for four years. Siya ‘yung last. And I also had a girlfriend two years and eight months. When I came back last August ‘yung girlfriend ko sa States, kami pa rin. But when I came back there, I said, I wanna focus with myself and I need to grow up and we separated.

    In love ako dahil maganda ang takbo ng career ko ever since I started. There’s no time to long for love. My sisters were there, my friends were there to back me up. Hindi naman ako ‘yung taong kailangan ng love para ma-inspire at makapag-trabaho nang maayos. Ang ibinigay ko sa sarili ko, five years. And when I’m already twenty-eight, so, that’s the time na bibigyan ko naman ng focus ang lovelife ko.

    Bata pa naman ako. Gusto kong makaipon, gusto kong magkaroon ng sariling buhay. Gusto kong magkaroon ng sariling business. I want to have my own family and I want to be a good provider. I wanna have a good family. Ayokong maghirap ang mga kids ko.


    There’s nothing in particular, basta sa babae, ang gusto ko lang, Filipina. Gusto ko lang simple. Ayoko ng maarte. Ayoko ng maraming luho sa buhay. Masaya na siyang may sariling bahay, nagmamahalan kayo. Hindi mo kailangan ng rnalaking bahay, ‘rung mga materyosong buhay. Gusto ko sa babae ‘yung madaling makuntento.


    Well, mommy ko, I wanna say thanks sa mommy ko na pinayagan niya ‘kong bumalik. To all my siblings who’s been there sa mga winning moments. I really love them and want to thank them for everything. My brother also. At sa mga taong nag-support sa akin. At sa rnga taong naniniwala at nagmamahal sa akin. Sana lang, maging maayos lang ang pakikitungo ko sa isa’t isa.

    Ayoko na ng may kaaway. Ayoko ng ganoon, nade-depress ako, eh. And lastly, thanks to the Lord dahil binigyan Niya ako ng chance na gawin ang gusto kong gawin sa buhay ko.
  • nigulnigul Member PExer


    Canada 12 September 2000 (Toronto Film Festival)
    South Korea 9 October 2000 (Pusan International Film Festival)
    Hong Kong 11 April 2001 (Hong Kong International Film Festival)

    DEKADA ’70
    Philippines 25 December 2002 (Metro Manila Film Festival)
    USA 28 June 2003 (New York Asian American International Film Festival)
    Philippines 17 August 2003 (Cinemanila Film Festival)
    Canada 31 August 2003 (Montréal World Film Festival)
    USA 7 November 2003 (Hawaii Film Festival)
    Japan 14 September 2004 (Fukuoka Film Festival)
    USA 2004 (Palm Springs International Film Festival)
    France May 2005 (Cannes Film Festival New Cinema of the World Section [Non-Competition)


    Don’t Give Up On Us > Best Actor > FAMAS Awards 2007
    Dreamboy > Best Actor > GAWAD TANGLAW 2006
    Dreamboy > Best Actor > ( Musical or Comedy) ENPRESS Screen 2006
    Milan > Best Actor > GAWAD URIAN 2005
    Milan > Best Actor > FAP (LUNA) 2005
    Milan > Best Actor > PASADO 2005
    Milan > Best Actor > PMPC Star 2005
    Milan > Best Actor (Drama) ENPRESS Golden Screen 2005
    I Think Im In Love > Best Actor > Manila Film Festival 2002
    Mila > Best Actor > FAP 2002
    Lagarista > Best Actor > GAWAD URIAN > 2001
    Esperanza > Best Supporting Actor > FAMAS Awards 2000
    Esperanza > Best Supporting Actor > Metro Manila Film Festival 1999


    ASAP > Best Male Host > PMPC Star 2007
    Walang Kapalit > Best Drama Actor > PMPC Star 2007
    Sa Piling Mo > Best Drama Actor > PMPC Star 2006
    Mangarap Ka > Best Drama Actor > PMPC 2004
    Maalaala Mo Kaya Lobo > Best Single Performance by a Lead Actor > PMPC Star 2002
    Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako > Best Drama Actor > 4th Asian TV Awards 1999
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    Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
    Banco De Oro
    Cinema One Global
    Selecta Ice cream
    San Mig Coffee Sugar Free
    San Mig 3-in-1 Coffee Mixes (Mild, Original, Strong and Extra Strong blends)
    Belo Medical Group
    Paper One
    Hammerhead Jeans and Shirts
    Mendrez shoes
    Max's Restaurant
    Globe Communications
    Timex watches
    i2i New York eyewear
    Intensity men's fragrance by First Quadrant
    Venice Jeweler
    IGen portal


    Hammerhead's three Piolo Body Scents - sporty, sensitive and sensual
    Max's candy
    Coca-Cola (with The Hunks)
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    1st MTV STYLE AWARDS 2004
    Favorite Stylish Leading Man People’s Choice Nominee

    Making time for Piolo Pascual
    The Philippine STAR 10/25/2006

    I’m so into Piolo Pascual! Even if he’s like my long-lost relative. Whatever! Anyway, even if we always bump into each other at ABS-CBN (my new part-time office; I’m a hidden talent there), Piolo’s schedule is so busy, full of tapings, rehearsals and appearances, we don’t really get a chance to sit down and talk. I was glad to have caught up with him at this shoot for his new Timex campaign.

    He had just finished work on Sa Piling Mo with Judy Ann Santos, and just came from a taping that finished at 4 a.m. We greeted each other and Piolo asked me what I’ve been up to. For someone who barely had any sleep, Piolo still looked good. Then again, Piolo always looks good. To be young and handsome, talaga! He came in dressed in a comfy tee, blue jeans and a well-worn pair of white leather boots. Later on, he changed into a long-sleeved, patterned shirt, dark jeans and black leather shoes.

    He has a fondness for boots. Earlier, he showed me his pair of white leather boots. "This is one of my favorite pairs," he said. "I like them looking old and really worn, not bago." He wears them mostly with jeans and likes the way they add flair to his overall getup. So does he have a collection of boots to rival Madame’s (that’s Madame Imelda to the rest) shoe closet? "You’d be surprised," he answered, flashing that lady-killing smile. "I only have a few pairs, but I really use them a lot."

    Aside from boots, his collection of jackets, mostly bought from his trips abroad, are his favorites. "I have different kinds in different fabrics," he revealed. He likes mixing and matching them with his jeans and boots to come up with a different look every time.

    When it comes to fashion, Piolo is all for being unique. He admitted that as an artist, he’s in a position to start fashion trends, which is why he’d rather be a trendsetter than a follower – just more proof that we’re also related – after all, I like starting trends also. "Of course, I keep track of what’s the latest in fashion and all, but I always aim for a look that’s all my own and not a copy of some other celebrity," he said matter-of-factly. "My first rule when it comes to fashion is comfort."

    In between his hosting stints on ASAP and guesting on various TV shows, this guy still manages to find some quiet time for prayer and reading the Bible. More important is spending some quality time with his son Iñigo whose growing up years are something that Piolo doesn’t ever want to miss. Wow, that’s so nice.

    His newfound faith plays a big factor in how he views life these days. In his answers to our Proust Questionnaire, he said "Being able to share my faith" was his idea of happiness and cited Jesus, the late Mother Teresa, and his own mom as his heroes in life. I definitely could see that this has changed Piolo a lot. No more nightlife for this guy! "I’d rather spend the time watching movies at home," he admitted. That and being with his family and son, of course.

    At the mention of time, I comment on the gorgeous watch he’s wearing. "Timex, of course," he said proudly. His successful team-up with the equally stunning showbiz "It" girl Angel Locsin to endorse this global watch brand has taken the market by storm, just as fierce as "Milenyo." In fact, the names Piolo and Angel are now synonymous with Timex. And with their legions of fans, of course, every little aspect of their fashion style is noticed. I heard that in an Internet forum, one fan raved about the watch Piolo was wearing during the last episode of Sa Piling Mo. That’s how avid they can get about this hunk!

    Piolo laughed out loud when I mentioned this little tidbit. "I’m so identified with Timex that people always ask me what style I’m wearing and I think that’s really good for the brand, right?" He gets tons of watches from Timex, of course, but he has his own favorites as well. He showed me the watch he was wearing – an Automatic, one of Timex’s top sellers. "I wore this for a majority of my scenes in Sa Piling Mo. It went well with my character’s fashion style and is really versatile when it comes to looks. Hindi mahirap bagayan."

    I can also say the same about Piolo –hindi mahirap bagayan. It’s so easy to get along with him simply because he’s humble and down-to-earth. He makes every second spent with him so worth it. And that smile! He melted Judy Ann’s heart and now, he’s making time with Angel Locsin and yours truly for this interview. What more could I ask for?

    Your name: Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual

    Your chief characteristic: Faithfulness.

    Your favorite qualities in a man: Wisdom and humility.

    Your favorite qualities in a woman: Strong faith, womanliness, honesty and strong sense of conviction.

    Your favorite qualities in friends: Openness and trustworthiness.

    Your biggest flaw: Sometimes I take things for granted.

    Your favorite occupation: Servant of God.

    Your idea of happiness: Being able to share my faith.

    Your idea of misery: Not being productive with my ministry.

    If not yourself, who would you be? The President.

    Where would you like to live? Manila!

    Your favorite color and flower: Anything blue; roses.

    Your favorite heroes in fiction: Superman.

    Your favorite painters: B. Villanueva.
    Your favorite heroes in real life: Jesus Christ.

    Your favorite heroines in history: Mother Teresa and my mom.

    Your favorite names: Daniel, Zechariah, Bartholomew, Seth.

    What characters in history do you most dislike? Those responsible for killing and poverty.

    What gift from nature would you like to have? Rain forest.

    How would you like to die? Peacefully.

    What is your present state of mind? Steady.

    Your favorite motto: Let it go, let God.

    How do you make time for yourself? No nightlife, I’d rather spend it watching movies!

    Where and when was your favorite trip? Every time I’m abroad with loved ones.

    Name the place and exact time when you felt happiest: Always, especially when I’m praying.

    Your favorite time of the day: Daytime.

    What do you think was the best time in your life so far? My ever-blessed career.

    The one thing I would rescue first in case of a calamity: My Bible.

    I wish I had more time to: Spend with my son.

    If I’m not too busy, I always spend time with: My family.

    If you could revisit a time in history, when would it be? Hitler’s time.

    What do you like to spend your money on? Food, food, food!

    Your biggest extravagance: Trips abroad.

    Your favorite accessory: Timex watches, of course.

    – Based on The Marcel Proust Questionnaire
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    since 2005

    "one of the most highly-respected and wholesome TV personalities"
    ORGANIZATION: Southeast Asian Foundation for Children’s Television (SEAFCTV)


    Piolo Pascual seems to have done it all. He seems to have it all. What else is left for someone like him? "I've gotten more than what I've bargained for, more than what I've asked for, so basically, I just want to continue on doing what I'm doing. I want to be a good role model. I want to just lead the youth to the right path. It sounds boring but I just want to keep on doing what I'm doing," he says--ever so contentedly. – A-LIST OCT/NOV 2005

    See, what matters to Piolo, who has been a Born-Again Christian for the past three years, is that he is on the right path, fulfilling his mission of “encouraging the youth not to be blinded by (the ways of) the world.” His integrity and credibility have obviously risen above all the attempts to destroy his person, straight into the hearts of the advertisers. Rikka says this appeal is what advertisers seek. “Piolo will not endorse anything he does not use (and) believe in. Obviously, he is a very effective endorser because a number of brands have sought him out and not a few are still in line to get him.” – SCOOP NOV 2005
  • nigulnigul Member PExer

    Male Artist Awardee > Timeless > 3rd Platinum Circle awards
    Compilation Awardee > Nagmamahal Kapamilya Album > 3rd Platinum Circle Awards
    Compilation Awardee > Hotsilog > 3rd Platinum Circle Awards
    Male Artist Awardee > Timeless > ASAP ’07 24k Awards
  • nigulnigul Member PExer

    Poll Results:

    1. Piolo Pascual (MetroHim) - 32%
    2. Jake Cuenca (Chalk) - 22%
    3. Dennis Trillo (Men’s Health) - 20%
    4. Dingdong Dantes (Men’s Health) - 14%
    5. Aga Muhlach (Metro Him) - 10%
    6. Marvin Agustin (Men’s Health) - 1%
  • nigulnigul Member PExer

    He has played the role of the ultimate dreamboat in innumerable films and soaps. He has given justice to the role of villains and foes, quite a number of times. He even won a grand slam for his supporting role as an activist son in the critically acclaimed Dekada ’70, where he amassed a total of eight awards from the country’s award-giving bodies. However, no role will ever be as rich, as interesting and as complicated as the ones Piolo Pascual plays in real life.


    This is perhaps Piolo’s most memorable role as a public figure. Millions of people have closely followed his career blossom, from merely being part of Judy Ann Santos’ many love teams, to becoming one of the most bankable and hottest leading men of today.

    The hardworking actor was seen in last month’s box office sensation Paano Kita Iibigin, where he starred opposite Asia’s songbird, Regine Velasquez. Over at giant network ABS-CBN, he plays the role of a ‘lover-stepbrother’ in the top rating soap opera Walang Kapalit, opposite Claudine Barretto. Although he’s currently on top of the acting game, Piolo’s career as an actor wasn’t always peaches and cream. He ruefully recalls a moment when he seriously considered quitting showbiz, back when he was still taping Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako.

    “It was my birthday. I haven’t slept for days and I have to cry then have a fight scene with Marvin Agustin all in one night… and as a neophyte, I wasn’t really getting paid much! That was when I asked myself, ‘Is it all worth it?’” Piolo recalls.

    Fortunately, the answer was yes. That was when he realized that he loved his job and that he was more than willing to pay his dues. Today, he enjoys the success that most, if not all actors of his time, can only dream of. Despite successfully achieving A-List status in showbiz through accomplishing one achievement after another, Piolo remains firmly grounded.

    “I never really see myself as someone who matters in this business, I just do what I enjoy doing,“ he says modestly.


    One of Piolo’s roles as an entertainer is that of a singer. The dashing actor- turned-singer swept even more women off their feet when he started hitting the right notes with ballads and love songs a few years ago. Piolo is pretty psyched about the release of the soundtrack to his movie Paano kita Iibigin. “It was like a dream come true, I’ve always wanted to make a soundtrack album for a movie I starred in,” he said.

    Even though he’s had his fair share of platinum and gold record hits before, Piolo intends to explore the music industry even further and make his own mark in the near future, and he plans to do that by producing his very own album by November this year. “The album will consist of songs which are very close to my heart,” he said with a smile.

    The music will be an “out-of-the-box” mixture of Christian songs, rock, ballad and pop. He also wrote the lyrics of some songs that will be included in the album. The very busy star was also all smiles when he disclosed that he will be having his first solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum this November, after finishing his tour in the United States.


    Unknown to many, Piolo secretly took on yet another challenging role in his life five years ago: that of a Christian.

    “My life took a full turn when I established my relationship with God,” he said. For Piolo, being a Christian has helped him get through the challenges of life. He believes that having the right faith is the key to contentment and happiness, saying he wants to be “remembered as a man of God, a guy who stood for God and lived by faith”

    So he does, and it seems that being grounded on his faith is paying off, since he has come to feel that he is more and more blessed everyday. “All I wanted at first was to have work and be recognized in what I do, but right now… I have to say that God has given me way more than what I have bargained for,” said Piolo.

    He draws his strength from God, and this has helped him overcome the intrigues and scandals that have haunted him all throughout his career (like the persistent rumor questioning his gender preference, and his reported tiff with Judy Ann’s boyfriend Ryan Agoncillo).


    At 30, Piolo is one of the most eligible bachelors in town. He has a skyrocketing career and undeniably good looks, both of which surely make him a staple in every girl’s fantasy “who-to-marry” list.

    However, the single and too-busy-to-date bachelor is in no rush to get into marriage. As far as he is concerned, he would like to take advantage of the blessings that his profession endows him right now. And if and when he finally decides to date, he would like to have ample time to enjoy it, and make the other person feel the same as well – something that is virtually impossible given his current schedule for the rest of the year.

    “I believe that God is preparing me for someone, and that He’s preparing someone for me. It’ll happen in God’s time,” Piolo confidently said. Despite the absence of that “someone” in his life, Piolo admits that he is preparing himself for his eventual role as a husband. For instance, he just bought a property in Quezon City, which might just be the home he will share with his “future” wife. Piolo also admits that Regine Velasquez advised him to start building a house now. Though he doesn’t feel inclined to do so at the moment, the handsome actor nevertheless admitted that his future wife – whoever she may be – will be his inspiration.


    More than anything, the role that Piolo relishes most is that of a father to 10-year-old Iñigo, his son from a former girlfriend. He was with his son when news of his alleged sex video came out a year ago, and understandably, it is from these intrigues that he wishes to protect the boy. At first, he was hesitant to defend himself, but it was concern for his son that finally made him realize that he had to make a stand. A few days later, a crying Piolo furiously denied the allegations on national television. “I was trying not to cry, but it just saddened me that people would come up with something so untrue and below the belt,” the actor revealed.

    Although Iñigo is in America right now, Piolo bridges the distance by talking to his son on the phone every day. It’s pretty obvious that he longs to spend more time with his child, recalling their favorite bonding moment – racing go karts at the Speedzone at the Fort. “I always want to share happy moments with my son, especially while he’s still young. I can never give him everything. All I can do is instill in him the right values, respect for the elderly and the right faith,” said Piolo, when asked what he wanted to achieve as a father. He also admitted that this is his way of mirroring the way his beloved parents (mom Amelia and father Philip Herzig, a half-German who passed away when Piolo was a teenager) have raised him.

    The many roles he played onscreen have earned him the loyalty of his fans. The many songs he sang onstage have earned him admirers. However, what sets him apart is his faith in God, and the humility this brings him. Yet when the lights turn off and the curtains close, Piolo Pascual plays the most challenging role of all: that of Piolo the private individual – and one that he plays quite well.
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