UST Men's Volleyball Team, CAMPIONE

encantoencanto a.k.a. SHOEGAYZ ✭✭✭
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Photos by janecx of Tiger Pack/, and simpleminds of PEx



Amazing how they handled the very crucial and intense fifth set. Despite the momentum on FEU's side and the boos from the opposing crowd, it's the BIG BIG HEART of a CAMPIONE that led them to victory. Hindi sila nagpaangas at nagpasindak sa iba, they carried the situation and themselves very well.

Quoting voltaire_madder from

"Then the all deciding 5th set. After that very much heated and controversial 4th set, FEU definitely had the momentum coming into the homestretch. But I saw the UST players not letting the moment get into them. They willed themselves to jump around and perk themselves up. The YJ started drumming and the Golden Growling Gallery cheered on. Then the players started to cheer too. At the start of the set, cheering was very intense. Then UST started to go for the kill... After the 1st TO (the only one for it is only race to 15 at this point), the UST players kicked their chests towards the UST Growling Golden Gallery as a gesture of a fighting heart and there was no turning back."

That's something unknown to people who didn't watch the game live. Para sa ibang Thomasians na hindi nakapanood, sana nakita ninyo kung gaano kalaki ang PUSO at GRACE na pinakita ng players natin, you'll be so so proud.



Nakakatuwa rin na may mga supporters ng UST WVT (non-Thomasians even) na pumunta at nag-cheer sa men's team natin. Naie-extend na rin ang support nila pati sa MVT which is heartwarming. Kudos sa lahat ng mga naniwala!


The team is very young and there's a lot more ahead of them. I hope with their victory makita rin ng tao na they deserve recognition and support as much as what our WVT has been receiving. At sana mas lalong ma-appreciate ng Thomasians ang men's volleyball. Hope this will be a good start.



  • ElectricLamboElectricLambo LamboSayawero 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    graduate na po ba yung idol kong si henry peca?a","
  • encantoencanto a.k.a. SHOEGAYZ ✭✭✭
    Hay... salamat at na-up na rin 'tong thread na 'to. THANKS ADA! :)

    I think it's about time that a thread is dedicated solely to UST MVT since a lot of people are starting to notice and appreciate them now. They just don't remain as shadows now to the ever popular UST WVT, they're making names for themselves: Peca?a\, Roque, Balse, Torres, Ramos, Ucang, Ilano, Reyes, Dimaculangan, Artajos, Say.

    By the way, Tiger Pack has a video tribute (it includes post-game celebration, UST's last point, and there's a little of men's and women's tennis as well) which will be shown this Saturday . After that, we'll upload it to YouTube for everyone to see. We'll post the link here soon. :)
  • weightlossweightloss Member PExer
    Finally! I was waiting for this...

    I just love the gestures of the squad everytime they score. Hindi maangas...

    unlike the other... oh well, congratulations to UST MVT!!

    INDEED it was very obvious... NAKITA KO DIN YUNG PUSO na sinasabi nila...

    Viva Santo Tomas!!
  • AshlarsAshlars Viva Santo Tomas! PExer
    True, the men rightfully deserve the attention that's being heaped on the women.

    I was there to watch and enjoy this match. I saw how the boys managed to keep their composure and class intact.

    Imbued with God's unending grace, never did the boys give the FEU supporters a mean stare or even a dirty finger as what FEU's Magnaye did. They weren't just skillful volleyball players, they were, more importantly, gentlemen.

    A talented and class act through and through.

    Congrats again to the UST Men's Volleyball Team! *okay*
  • pablohoney36pablohoney36 Proud Packer PExer
    I like very much the posts here, most especially the quoted one from voltaire_madder.

    It brought back the feelings I felt before, during and after the game.
    What made it more memorable for me to see WVT players and former players crying with joy, not to mention the countless "mirons" who were there as well, shedding tears of joy and hugging their seatmates. It was really a special moment.

    Thank God I'm A Thomasian.


    * The pictures are all great, by the way!
  • AshlarsAshlars Viva Santo Tomas! PExer
    Ako din, thankful that God and my parents guided me to become a Thomasian.

    Is this the same UST team that lost in the semis to UP last year?

    Please post more pictures.
  • clejclej Member PExer
    WOW! am speechless... am having goosebumps. thank you encanto for making this thread.
  • rx_Tomasinorx_Tomasino Member PExer
    I was very grateful that I came to witness a championship that was played with pure HEART and PRIDE. Iba talaga kapag PUSO ang ginamit, nadadaig ang lahat. Kudos to this team, ambabata pa nila, malayo pa mararating nila.

    Iba talaga kapag PUSONG TOMASINO.
  • clawed_outclawed_out Banned by Admin PExer
    Congratulations to our TIGER SPIKERS!

    It was a long and hard earned journey.

    It was all worth it.

    Go USTe!
  • haseqhaseq eternal wanderer PExer
    As the cliche goes, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

    The victory goes to UST players graduating from their stint at the UAAP, namely Glenn Artajos and Jerome Say.

    The defeat goes to former champions Edjet Mabbayad and FEU Tamaraws Team Captain Jesse Lopez, both graduating from the UAAP themselves.

    It's past. People have moved on.

    But there's another lesson to be learned: it ain't over 'til it's over and never underestimate the heart of a fighter.

    If faith can move mountains, the heart can render giants to fall.

    And fall they did.

    Naalala ko lang. Sabi ng mga taga-UST, "hindi naman lahat pwedeng sa 'tin. Hindi rin naman pwedeng lahat sa kanila. Tinalo ng FEU ang Adamson sa Women's; tinalo naman natin sila sa Men's; samantalang tinalo naman tayo ng Adamson sa baseball (sa loob ng isang araw.)"

    Ganyan talaga ang buhay... masalimuot...

    Parang UAAP... makulay... madrama...

    Parang mga taga-Santo Tomas: minsan mahirap maintindihan... minsan simple lang din naman... subalit tunay na pinagpala (imbued with unending grace.) :lol:
  • encantoencanto a.k.a. SHOEGAYZ ✭✭✭
    ^ Oo nga, sa tatlong eskwelahan lang umikot ang finals at tropeo nung Linggong iyun: UST, FEU, AdU.

    Proud ako sa feat ng MVT natin. Walang dehadehado, laban kung laban. Magaling kung magaling. We usually hear these lines kasi: "bata pa kasi ang team namin", "for a very young team, maganda na 'yung nilaro nila", "sobrang lakas kasi ng kalaban, expected na 'yun", "nasa rebuilding stage pa rin kasi kami", etc. That irks me. I mean, kung ganyan parati ang mindset, abay it's just a matter of cycle na lang (gaya ng sabi ko dati patungkol sa mga basketball team) which should not be the case. LABAN!

    Once you're there, dapat wala ng urungan. Always show your damn best. PUSO. And I am glad that's what UST MVT just did. Same goes with our men's tennis team. Panay rookie at sophomore ang sumabak last year at na-sweep pa nila ang competition. And this year, SWEEP ULIT! :)

    Again, another "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" moment for UST.

    CAMPIONE! :)
  • simplemindssimpleminds Fencesitter PExer

    when i first saw the players of the UAAP MVT during the playoffs, everyone seems a stranger
    to me. to most of us, we haven't heard or seen them before. after the championship round,
    we got to know the character behind these personalities.

    so i'm posting (and will be posting some more) pics of them again here so that we may get
    to know them a little better.




    i'm one with haseq in giving the ust men's squad just a 30% chance of beating feu twice in
    the finals, given their opponent's level of play and how they whipped the espana boys during
    the playoffs. but they showed true grit during the championship round even how young
    most players are. this is one time i'm glad to be proven wrong. :p
  • encantoencanto a.k.a. SHOEGAYZ ✭✭✭
    Dati si Balse lang ang paborito ko sa men's. Ngayon ang hirap ng mamili ng idol. Halos lahat nag-step up.

    Bilib ako kay Peca?a. Maski tatlo ang ba-block sa kanya, napapalusot niya ang bola. Matulis! I thik the word "matinik" best describes him. Si Torres naman hindi ma-contain ng FEU, lalo na 'pag maganda ang pagkaka-set. Almost sure point na. Aside from the fact that he has an excellent view of the court with his towering height, his imposing figure causes intimidation and confusion to his opponents, making him all the more unpredictable.
  • AshlarsAshlars Viva Santo Tomas! PExer
    encanto, love your Chucks! *okay*
  • pablohoney36pablohoney36 Proud Packer PExer
    [QUOTE=Ashlars;24223268]Ako din, thankful that God and my parents guided me to become a Thomasian.

    Is this the same UST team that lost in the semis to UP last year?[/QUOTE]

    Ashlars: I believe so.
  • clawed_outclawed_out Banned by Admin PExer
    There are lots of individuals who stepped up or who polished their skills this season.

    I hope more stones from this set will get polished.

    Congratulations again!
  • AshlarsAshlars Viva Santo Tomas! PExer
    Ashlars: I believe so.

    Evidently, they've really improved a lot and the boys can only get better.
  • clejclej Member PExer
    ang nawala lang yata sa UST from last year ay si Boto, who is one of our star player. babalik yata siya sa season 71. imagine kung nakapaglaro pa siya nung season 70... he is good daw.
  • simplemindssimpleminds Fencesitter PExer
    is what actually won it for the tigers. they were able to keep in check not only alcarde...


    but even the mighty edjet mabbayad too.



    oops, kaya naman pala ang taas tumalon nito, tumutungtong pa ng silya. :naughty:
  • prince_snifferprince_sniffer Member ✭✭✭
    more pics please...i was there to witness the victory of the tiger spikers over the was a nice game...ang saya din nung nawalan ng ilaw...hehehe

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