~♥ANGEL LOCSIN♥~: Innocence and Sensuality, Unleash the Wildness Within.15th Republic


[highlight]~♥ANGEL LOCSIN♥~: Innocence and Sensuality, Unleash the Wildness Within.15th Republic.[/highlight]

Angel Locs?n (born Ang?lica Locs?n Colmenares on April 23, 1985), is a popular Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer, fashion designer, and product endorser who was introduced in GMA Network's youth-oriented program, Click. Locsin rose to prominence after being cast as one of the lead stars in the fantasy-themed television series Mulawin in 2004. Soon after,she starred as the superheroine Darna in the TV adaptation of the popular Mars Ravelo comics hit. Locsin top-billed in several films and is known as the screen love interest of Richard Gutierrez and Dennis Trillo.

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN TV Shows**[/highlight]

2008 - Lobo
2007 - That's my Doc (as Sylvia)
2007 - Maalaala Mo Kaya: Pilat (as Melody)
2007 - John & Shirley (as Angel)
2007 - Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal (Studio Player)
2007 - Asian Treasures (as Gabriella Agoncillo)
2006 - Majika (as Sabina)
2006 - Tokyuu Shirei Solbrain Reiko Higuchi (voice)
2005 - Initial D - Fourth Stage Kyoko Iwase (Voice)
2005 - Darna (as Darna/Narda)
2004 - Mulawin (as Alwina)
2004 - Love To Love (Season 3): Kissing Beauty (as Chara/Charina)
2004 - All Together Now (Marie)
2003 - Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw Pa Rin (as Mariella)
1999 - Click (as Charley)

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Movies** [/highlight]

2007 - Angels (as Angie / producer)
2007 - The Promise (as Andrea)
2006 - Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di (as Charity)
2006 - TxT (as Joyce)
2006 - I Will Always Love You (as Cecille)
2005 - Mulawin the Movie (as Alwina)
2005 - Let the Love Begin (as Pia / Patricia)
2004 - Mano Po Three: My Love (as Eliza)
2004 - Sigaw (The Echo) (as Pinky)
2004 - Singles (as Sam)
2004 - Kuya (as Barbs Dumlao)
2003 - Mano Po Two: My Home (as Eliza)
2000 - Ping Lacson, Supercop (as Young Robina Gokongwei)

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Awards and Nominations**[/highlight]

2008- RATED K's most popular actress in this generation
2008- NUMBER 1 Most requested to grace the cover of Maxim men's magazine
2008 - Friendsters Most Popular Webpages in Local Showbiz (rank #4)
2007 - Most searched female celebrity in Google Philippines( Rank #1)
2007 - Most Beautiful Pinay of 2007 Rank #1 (starmometer)
2007 - HOTTEST BEAUTY for december (starmometer)
2007 - HOTTEST BEAUTY for january (starmometer)
2007 - Anak TV Seal Awards(Country's Most Admired Female TV Personality)(Rank #5)
2007 - Philippines No.3 Endorser (tied with Piolo Pascual) Rank #3
2007 - FHM Philippines Rank #3
2007 - Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award Pinoy Wannabe (Texter's Choice)
2007 - ASAP's BEST MOVIE LOVETEAM choice award(Richard Gutierrez and Angel locsin)
2006 - Most Beautiful Pinay of 2006 Rank #1 (starmomter)
2006 - PASADO Awards Pinakapasadong Aktres (Best Actress) Nomination for TXT
2006 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di
2006 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines Rank #2
2005 - FAMAS Awards German Moreno Youth Award
2005 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Mulawin The Movie
2005 - FAMAS Awards Miss FAMAS Popularity
2005 - Box Office Entertainment Awards Princess of Philippine Movies and TV
2005 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines (#1)
2004 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Sigaw
2004 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines Rank #6
2003 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines Rank #10

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Endorsements, TVCs and Campaign Ads **[/highlight]

2. Posh Colognes
3. Greenwich
4. Coca-Cola
5. Maxi-Peel
6. Globe Telecom
7. CD Jeans
8. Head and Shoulders (with Richard Gutierrez)
9. Hapee Toothpaste
10. Century Tuna Fitness- ?Only red touches my lips?
11. Calayan Medical group
12. Mc Donalds King Cone
13. Axe
14. Robittusin Liquid Gel
15. Petit Monde
16. Eskinol
17. Jag Skinny Jeans
18. Lotus Ballpen
19. Priston Netplay
20. Converse
21. Belo Medical Group
22. W.L. fOODS
23. Century tuna fitness-only red touches my lips
24. Animax-INITIAL D (with Matteo Gudicelli)
25. San Mig Coffee (with Piolo Pascual)
26. Timex Watches (with Piolo Pascual)
27. Smart Buddy (with Sam Milby, Anne Curtis & Dennis Trillo)
28. Centrum Multivitamins (with Piolo Pascual)
29. Avon Philippines
30. Avon Glazewear Lipstick
31. Avon: Wish of Happiness
32. Magnolia Health Tea (with Erik Morales)
33. Angel Active
34. Manny Villar
35. Fuji Film
36. Koko Pimentel
37. Johnson Johnson
38. Gabriela Partylist
39. Advance Notebooks
40. Cream-O (with paolo ballesteros)
41. Kapamilya KTEXT
42. MC DO Cool Summer Drinks
43. SMART TELECOM (with Piolo Pascual)

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Related Threads**[/highlight]

GELO- Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual

PIOLO PASCUAL & ANGEL LOCSIN: When the King meets the Queen I
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PIOLO PASCUAL & ANGEL LOCSIN: Lobo's Breathtakingly Beautiful Couple. Gelo III
♥ PIOLO PASCUAL & ANGEL LOCSIN: ♥ "Sobrang bagay kayo, sana kayo na!". Gelo IV

CHARDIES- Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin:

chardies angel's 1st book
chardies angel's 2nd book
chardies angel's 3rd book

John Lloyd Cruz ♥ Angel Locsin ♥ The Good Boy meets his Angel [Part 1]

SAMGELIANS- Sam Milby and Angel Locsin :

~♥SAM MILBY and ANGEL LOCSIN: From a Dream to a Reality (Kingdom 2)♥~
~♥SAM MILBY&ANGEL LOCSIN: It's You All Along,Somewhere Down The Road (Kingdom 3)♥~

Dennis Trillo and Angel Locsin,mas may kilig

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Links & Discussion Boards**[/highlight]

Angel Locsin's Myspace account
Angel Locsin Discussion Boards Links

[highlight]Angel's KTEXT[/highlight]

Text ANGEL ON and send to 2366


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    hi guys!thank you so much for joining our list and ofcorz for appreciating our dear angel locsin.

    welcome to angel republic.keep on loving angel =)

    angel you look so pretty!!!!yes you do!!!! =)
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    :spinstar: [highlight]Things you might not know about Angel Locsin[/highlight] :spinstar:

    1. Angel was the first Filipina to own a hummer.

    2. She admitted on B&K that she can eat 50 pesos worth of fish balls on her own.

    3. She wants to have 2 kids.. twins to be exact. :D

    4. She originally wanted to be in the navy.

    5. Her dream role was like on the Charlie's Angels movie.

    6. Angel's dream house is to have a bahay kubo on the beach.

    7. Dream vacation of Angel would be in Boracay with her family.

    8. Angel Locsin is one mean swimming machine. She was once an NCR record-holder (200M breast stroke – 3mins 6secs) and was part of the Philippine swimming team.

    9. Pag hindi ako makapag-shower sa gabi, sa floor ako natutulog. Madudumihan kasi yung bed ko eh.

    10. The 3 things she can't live without are coffee, make-up & her cellphone.

    11. Her type is usually bad boys and artsy musicians

    12. Her favorite drink is iced tea.

    13. She drinks coffee everyday.

    14. She feels most sexy in jeans and a cute top.

    15. She spend too much on clothes,bags,shoes and foods!.

    16. Her secret crush is Richard Gutierrez and Piolo Pascual.:love:

    17. She bought an electric guitar last year (2007).

    18. Her house number is 7.

    19. Angel loves to play text twist.

    20. She prefers to wear flipflops.
    (contributed by Angel herself)
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    [highlight]:spinstar: angel locsin's house :spinstar:[/highlight]

    1.the style of her house is a mediterranean type

    2.A 2 floor house

    3.with 6 bed rooms

    4.with 2 car garage

    5.the house is worth 16 million pesos

    6.with cool living room,with waterfalls

    7.with wide living room

    8.with small office of angel

    9.she likes to stay at home rather than to stay outside during her free time
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    pls support...

    :spinstar: Angel Active :spinstar:


    :spinstar: Avon: Wish of Happiness :spinstar:

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    :spinstar: cosmopolitan's march issue:spinstar:


    the sexy gold medallion swimmer angel locsin on cosmopolitan's march issue cover!
    go get a copy of it =)!


    Hello there, dear angel republicans, gelos, wolfies, lurkers and newbies! Just got away from work. I missed posting on this thread. Hey, great cover of Gel in the Cosmo mag no? Anyway, share ko lang some trivias in the said photoshoot from an insider. Know more of Angel na rin. So here goes…..

    • Angel on a 7-hour body make-up: Angel is a natural morena beauty though she sometimes looks fairer on some angles. Cosmo people wanted her to look more tanned. So Gel underwent a grueling 7-hour make-up all over her body. While coated with the said make-up, she was then exposed to studio lights to bring out the TAN on her. Imagine the heat, guyz….whew! During the entire shoot, not a single complaint can ever be heard from Angel. She got the respect from Cosmo for being a trooper, a real professional. So proud of you girl. Though Gel was a bit shy pa rin daw. Kapag walang shot, she put on a robe. (Ika nga ni Lyka, dalagang pilipina pa rin sya. )

    • No photoshop miracle: FYI for all the bashers/haters especially those from PEP. (Sorry guyz if they are specially mentioned here. They kinda irritates me with their boastful bashings there. Ang yayabang, wala naman palang basehan). Cosmo don’t wanna fool their readers so they don’t resort to computer enhancement gimmicks just to make the photos too perfect. The only enhancement is the body make-up to get a more tanned look. That’s all. No need for photoshop’s help really. Angel got the right curves and bumps at the right places…. naturally. So what you see is what you get, folks. And thanks to ..mr. tut tut…for the “fasting advice.” Hehehe. Sa mga bitter pa rin dyan, bahala kayo. No cure for that green-eyed monster called inggit, y’know.

    • Angel really gives her importance to her fans: While doing the shoot, Angel kinda thought of her female fans especially the young generation. Ano kaya ang tingin nila? Ano ang magiging dating sa kanila? Cosmo assured her that her girl fans will understand since like her, nag-mamature din sila. This is what the photoshoot is for. To show them that she’s coming out of her sheltered shell, out of her comfort zone…ready to explore the world. Girl empowerment. Reaching for your dreams to become a woman of substance. It’s about taking risk. Living the Life. More of this stuff in the mag article. Anyway, when asked further “E how about your male fans? Are you not worried with their reactions?” Angel laughed. (nye….i’m sure naman they don’t mind at all. Hehehe)
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    :spinstar: San Mig Coffee (with Piolo Pascual) :spinstar:


    Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin (San Mig Coffee)

    This 2006 commercial, appropriately called "Dreaming," showed Piolo getting into his car and driving to a mansion where Angel is waiting. Upon arrival, Piolo takes off his polo shirt, revealing his toned hunky Bod. A very sexy Angel approaches, their bodies are about to touch... And they sip San Mig Coffee.

    Angel and Piolo simply looked great together in that commercial. During its initial run, people already imagined them as a reel love team, what with their shared kilig factor. With recent showbiz events, Angel and Piolo's fans are having their wish come true. They're becoming ABS-CBN's hottest TV couple.
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    :spinstar: Head and Shoulders (with Richard Gutierrez) :spinstar:


    Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin (Head and Shoulders shampoo)

    Head and Shoulders is a U.S. brand of anti-dandruff shampoo. Starting from a family-oriented commercial featuring the Gibbs family in the 90's, the brand moved on to featuring the some of the hottest love teams of the season.

    Take the ad featuring Angel and Richard.

    Angel takes her seat beside Richard inside a bus. Confident of hair (thanks H&S!), she lays her head on Richard's shoulder (head and shoulder, get it?) and presumably dozes off. She wakes up at the end of the trip to find only Richard and herself on board. Angel asks Richard, who by now is attracted the dandruff-free Angel, if it's time to get off the bus. Nope. And she gives us viewers a knowing wink as she resumes the head-and-shoulder moment.
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    ♥ MC DO Cool Summer Drinks ♥



    angel's new mcdo tvc..
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    :spinstar: Centrum Multivitamins (with Piolo Pascual) :spinstar:

  • -missgandah--missgandah- Member PExer
    :spinstar: smart tvc :spinstar:


    :spinstar: Kapamilya KTEXT :spinstar:

  • -missgandah--missgandah- Member PExer
    :spinstar: Smart Buddy :spinstar:

  • -missgandah--missgandah- Member PExer
    :spinstar: Calayan Medical group :spinstar:

  • -missgandah--missgandah- Member PExer
    :spinstar:13. Axe:spinstar:

  • -missgandah--missgandah- Member PExer
    :spinstar: Robittusin Liquid Gel :spinstar:

  • -missgandah--missgandah- Member PExer
    :spinstar:28. Centrum Multivitamins (with Piolo Pascual):spinstar:

  • -missgandah--missgandah- Member PExer
    :spinstar:17. Jag Skinny Jeans:spinstar:
  • -missgandah--missgandah- Member PExer
    :spinstar:38. Gabriela Partylist:spinstar:

  • -missgandah--missgandah- Member PExer
    :spinstar:18. Lotus Ballpen:spinstar:
  • -missgandah--missgandah- Member PExer
    :spinstar:34. Manny Villar:spinstar:
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