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what if your ex found someone new?

i am not sure if theres a topic about this, but anyways feel free to share your experience. how did you deal with it? did you get jealous? did you just let it go and told yourself that i have move on, so i don't give a damn about you anymore? or have you uttered the infamous line i'm happy for him/her?

let me start..
my ex is dating someone new right now.well we broke up 7 months ago, we went out for a year and six months and obviously i haven't move on yet. he's the one who told me about his new girl. at first i was cool talking about their relationship, but it was hard. right now i feel miserable, jealous, envious..i know i shouldn't be feeling this way, but what else can i do? i still love my ex. don't get me wrong i have done every thing just to get over him..i went out and met new people, i went back to the stuff that i love to do like reading, i got a job, but it's him that i long for. i thought i was ok, but i was wrong. we didn't talk for 7 months until one day he called me..just one call from him really ruined everything, so now i'm bummed out and don't know what to do for i can't accept the fact that my old honey has a new "baby". the one he says i love u every day and the one that he adores. i mean no one wants to be replaced right? this is also my first time to be left by an ex bf. i'm usually the first one who would pull the trigger, so now i really don't know how to deal with this. anyway what's your story?


  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I said it on a similar thread.

    Even if you have moved on. It STILL HURTS to find out your ex has someone new. It's really about the ego. We all want our exes (no matter how much of a loser they were and that we're really better off without them) to pine away for us. We want to move on but we don't want them to move on.

    Heck, when I found out my ex had a gf na. It hurt like crazy. To think may bf na ako nun ha. :lol: And hell no I didn't want him back. Ego lang talaga. :lol:

    Ngayon me and my ex are friends na. It took a really long time before we became friends after our ugly breakup. I'm talking years. Now we occasionally talk on IM and sometimes discuss relationship woes and give advice to each other yada-yada. It's all good. We both learned from our failed relationship and do our best to avoid those mistakes with our respective relationships. In that sense, we can say we are both happy for each other and we mean it sincerely.

    How to deal with it? Simply don't think about it and allow yourself to let go. It's hard, it hurts and just take it one day at a time. Eh ganun talaga eh. In the long run, you'll accept it too and maybe end up being friends with your ex. However, it would help to cease communication with your ex if you're still bitter about the failed relationship.
  • i know i have read a thread something like this, but i just couldn't find it!

    but yeah i guess you're right IceBurn it's all about ego..that's what i thought too! i don't want him to be happy and he has no right to be happy because he's a jerk who broke my heart. you know the feeling of "i gotta have the last laugh!" i know i sound childish, but that's what i'm really feeling right now. he wants us to be friends, so i agreed. it's just so weird of him because as far as i could remember he doesn't even want to talk to me before.by all means he was trying to avoid/ignore me then out of the blue he called and want us to be friends. the hell with that. maybe he feels guilty or he doesn't want to ruined his mr-nice-guy reputation. all i can say he's one big ass

    maybe only time could heal the wound.
  • I's difficult for me to be friends with both guys I had a relationship with. The first one took us a year to sort of move on - move on meaning find someone new, but we weren't over each other yet, we just didn't continue with the relationship because of circumstances. The 2nd was sort of the rebound guy, didn't think I'd fall but fall I did, and it turned out to be just an office affair or fling. But I agreed to stay friends with both guys, I didn't want to carry a grudge or be angry with them just because I couldn't make them happy. After a few months, I heard that Guy#2 was getting married to the girl he cheated on me with. Nice friend he turned out to be, not even telling me himself. After a few months Guy#1 told me that he was getting married too, he called me himself overseas and he sounded so happy. I was happy for him, but I was sadder for myself. It felt unfair that they found happiness and I could not. I love them, but I cannot be friends with them. I admit that I am jealous. But I'm not jealous of the girls I was replaced with, but I am jealous of their happiness. It hurts that they're happy and I'm not. I don't wish them ill, I just want to be happy too.
  • CSMeekaiCSMeekai PEx Rookie ⭐
    he is getting married and i am not the person he is marrying. what else could i say?

    the last line i heard from him was he needed to fix his life, i was the impatient beeyotch who wanted to decide so i stopped communicating now he is getting married.

    yes, it still hurt like hell and yes, i was jealous, i was envious and i was miserable. that went on for a week. the thing is, you actually know what to do but you refuse to do it... at least, that's how it was in my case.

    you know yourself better, but it would help if you allow yourself to be broken down first, admit your loss, admit that you are a party to the failure of the relationship, admit the pain and misery that you are feeling. only then can you start to heal.

    i know it is easier said than done. but after mourning for the loss i felt when he found someone else special, and receiving this final blow of him getting married this year to the same girl, i got to realize that if i don't pick myself up, i am at the losing end. the world continues to revolve with or without you.

    yes, no matter how cliche it is, i am absolutely happy for him.

    it is but a matter of recognizing your shortfall, admitting to your fault and accepting your loss.

    no, i am not used to this kind of pain. he is the first idiot i fell for. i guess, i just felt i have been mourning way too long and finally decided to get out of the puddle of mud i have been wallowing in.

    a friend of mine told me, that when you leave someone, don't look back. and if you were the one who was left behind, don't wait for that person to come back. don't even hope for it.

    it hurts to know, yes. but at least you are blessed that you were made to know and you won't be wasting your time getting in and out of that cycle where you have been hovering about regarding him.

    be thankful that you were able to share happy times with the person. no point in getting bitter. you are just wasting your time and your energy if you do that.

    you enjoyed the chase, being chased and the memories you both shared, didn't you? cherish those with an open heart. instead of thinking that you can never have them anymore, be thankful that you had those once in your life. it will become easier. :)

    allow yourself to obsess on things that define your own person and learn to forgive yourself for being an idiot who allowed yourself to give access to that person into your life.

    I was so hard on myself. It was so difficult for me to accept that I failed. I was so depressed. I was in denial for a long time. When this final blow came, I allowed myself to break down, cry my heart out, admit the feeling of being miserable without him, that i still miss him so much more so, that he was the one who has truly moved on, that i had my shortcomings and shortfalls, that there were times that i was not really listening to him, that i was angry because i felt that he gave up on me so easily... that i was disappointed because i thought he would always be the more patient one and he would continue chasing after me when he did not and i was sad because i failed all because of not being sensitive enough and not knowing when to stop even when i knew it was over the line... and that he can never be mine anymore.

    but despite all those, i can't bring myself to really hate him. he has taught me so much and for that, i would always be very thankful that once in my life, i was able to share the person that i am when i was with him, and vice versa.

    so, i'd go back to the cliche, i am happy for him and i am happy that he has found that person who can make him happy by his side. he would never be mine anymore, but at least i was able to feel that he was mine once in my life.

    for now, i'm still obsessing with my career, but i am finally slowing down a little bit. :) the heartaches lesser these days, so i can finally breathe easy.

    it's only the initial shock that's really painful. it will go away after some time. i'll borrow the words that a friend told me, (1) it is just a phase. (2)somewhere, someone you are not aware of is in a worse situation than you are in (3)your fears are only as big as how you would see them to be (4)you have your family (5)you have your friends.

    now stop sulking... you are only unhappy if you see yourself as someone who is unhappy and not capable of being happy. :)

    oo na... i'll stop my nobela. :lol:

    the rainbow always comes after the rain. :)
  • i am not sure if theres a topic about this, but anyways feel free to share your experience. how did you deal with it? did you get jealous? did you just let it go and told yourself that i have move on, so i don't give a damn about you anymore? or have you uttered the infamous line i'm happy for him/her?

    depende sa situation, if the guy deserves a break up, then walang jealous-jealous if he'll find a new one... kumbaga ndi xa kawalan...


    kung kakabreak nio plang & walang pang 1 month na break keo then he found a new one, OUCH naman un dba?? we girls, shud receive RESPECT from them.... sana man lang ung mga guys na ganyan iniicp ung mararamdaman ng mga gurls.... prang t-shirt lng ang mga gurls sa mga guys na after break up, hubad ng damit & wear a new one... :unhappy: :shedtears:
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    what if my ex found someone new??

    rejoice! hallelujah! bounce! talon talon! *okay* :D
  • i'll be happy for him..i'd wish him all the luck!

    NOT! ....ako muna ang dapat maunang sumaya bago sya.
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    then, your ex has moved on while you were not, noh!
    luging-lugi ka dahil dala mo pa ang hapdi ng inyong
    paghihiwalay. comatose ka pa rin? gising!!

    aihihihi!!! :lol:


  • what if your ex found someone new?

    hmmmm... though it hurts, just be happy for him and bear in mind that time will come and it'll be your turn to be happy as well.. just wait..=)
  • yung ex ko na i admit na mahal ko pa til now kahit may baby na ako, nagka gf sya 9 months after kami magbreak, we're not in good terms and nalaman ko lang na may gf na sya through friendster. sa umpisa, parang ok lang sakin eh... kasi may bf na din ako. pero tinignan ko muna kung sino mas maganda samin hehe...

  • From the word itself, ex. Why would you care?
  • magpapamisa pa ko! para di ako yung lagi nyang binubwisit. rarr
  • I do not care anymore even If ex had found someone, because I am at peace with myself.
  • i'll be happy for him..i'd wish him all the luck!

    NOT! ....ako muna ang dapat maunang sumaya bago sya.

    haha same feeling
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Sobra naman bitter ang iba sa inyo.

    I must say I WAS that bitter too, but only because my ex cheated on me then.

    But Ice Burn is right, it's just about ego. After my ex and I became friends over our own ugly break-up, I was happy for him for finding someone new almost every other month. There was a time he wanted to get back together with me and I told him that I wasnt on that page anymore.

    How do you move on? Dont think about it, just do it. Choose to be happy. :)
  • I realized na that my ex already found another one... aun siya oh? talking on the phone with the guy pala, tapos nakita ko na din siya sa mall with him pati na din sa work. and it really hurts like hell.

    I've read a lot of stuff here, and trying to do some of it. I just keep myself busy with work... and that's it. It just eases the pain for a while...

    Found a way to move on or hang on? please let me know... :depressed:
  • bitterness here and there..when is it going to end?
  • when i found this thread i was curious and i started reading the posts. mmmm

    im now in a situation, where i am the new girl of a guy who just came out of a 7 years relationship. the girl cheated on him. we arent together yet, we hang out and spend time together. Now, the girl wants him back. Some guys told me that guys handle this kind of situation differently especially when trust is lost. I am willing to let go of whatever we started until he sorted things out from his side.
  • good for him if my ex found someone new . . . as someone posted earlier, kaya nga ex :lol:

    when i ended a chapter I never look back.
  • Same here...

    After we broke up, pinalitan nya ako agad. Xa p mismo ang nagbalita s kin s through YM Chat. I congratulated him. But deep down inside masakit dahil mahal ko p din xa. But as months passed by i was able to move on and never looked back.

    The frustrating part lng nmn is that nakikipagcommunicate p din xa s ibang kabarkada ko (umamin mismo s kin mga friends ko), ngyaya p xa gumimik at he claimed that he is happy pero he mentioned that d p din kmi ayos (we had a terrible break up). Masaya n xa, me gf n xa... tapos he bothered to mentioned me... na hindi kmi okay... Ang weird tlga... Ksi d b pag nagbreak up dapat totally separate ways n... I dont understand y he is doing that....
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