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My bf and I celebrated our first year together. He gave me a diamond ring and I was really surprised. When I tried it on, it was big on me. Sabi niya pwede daw pa-resize namin, free of charge.Tapos kwento nya meron din daw kasamang insurance ung ring. To make a long story short, he asked me if I'll marry him. I said in 2 years pa. He said okay coz that's his target too. You think the ring is an engagement ring already or just a promise ring? I asked what if ppl asked why i have a ring like that. he said to say that it's my first yr anniv present. What do you guys think?


  • Congrats 10spro.

    The ring is whatever you two decide it to be. Or maybe what you decide to be.

    I would suggest it to be a promise ring that then becomes an engagement ring para me meaning ba. Also para menos gastos din on the marriage since... its not cheap.

    Although i have to say, quite early to be married... 1 yr in a relationship pa lang marriage na usapan nyo? Grabe, i feel like an old geezer, but whatever makes u guys happy...

    Do be aware, na if you're going to get married in 2 yrs, you guys need to save up now coz it is going to cost you.
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