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♥SAM MILBY♥ANGEL LOCSIN♥ Right Here Waiting for the Cutest Chemistry Ever (K-IV)


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  • wow new thread na?

    congrats samgels!

    muling nabubuhay ang dugo ah.hmmm bakit kaya?

    hehe!pero i agree kahit sa abs forums may mga nagsasabe na malakas din ang chemistry nila.

    VOTE NATIN SI ANGEL![/highlight]


    thank you so much po!show our love to angel locsin.=)
  • CAUGHT! on camera

    By Juana Manahan, Wanggo Gallaga
    Philippine Daily Inquirer

    MANILA, Philippines—It’s called crab mentality. Throw a bunch of crabs in a bucket and they climb on top of each other in hopes to get out. When one gets on top of the other, the others just pull them down. Never is this more prevalent than in show business; you know when a star has made it when you hear scandalous rumors. Just ask Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby. No introduction needed. Everything they touch turns to gold and they don’t seem to be losing steam.

    Sadly, the two find themselves in a scandalous court case centered around an old tired rumor, that has gone to ridiculous proportions. “It’s all part of the business. I think in any given field, people will always look for something wrong or look for something bad about certain people,” Piolo says. “I think it’s common in human nature to be looking for some mistake in others.” The successful actor had to learn to roll with the punches. Since his meteoric rise to fame, he has been slapped with almost everything in the celebrity handbook of gossip and despite all of this he has managed to maintain a career like no other. “I have learned to live with it,” he says. “Even in news, people will rather listen or read about sad news and accidents than listen to people’s achievements. They find it more interesting. I don’t know why but that’s the way it is.”

    Sam, whose first appearance in Big Brother’s House literally made him a household name, is learning that people want to hear about the dirt. “That’s what sells,” he says. “When you hear that this person is doing so great it doesn’t sell as much, but when there’s something negative, that’s what people want to buy.”

    The dirty, ugly entertainment industry

    No matter how hard we tried to get Piolo and Sam to lash out at the evil entertainment press, the two refused to fall into the trap, give it up for hard core training in interview tactics at the Talent Center. Try pushing them to say it outright and they correct you. Piolo says, “No, I don’t want to say that or imply that. That’s just how we are in the entertainment industry. Even in Hollywood, it’s the same thing. At the end of the day, you just have to realize that’s how show business is. Either you live with it or you go. You find another job.”

    And could they? Have they had enough that they’d just go and find something else to do? Sam Milby, accountant? “Of course, I could live without anything really but this is really what I want to do,” Sam replies. “This is the job that I want. I love acting. I love singing. I just have to accept that this is part of the business. I am also hoping that parang people will know their limitations.” Piolo then quickly adds, “Or at the very least for people to say what is true. What harm will it do if you say the truth?”

    People have the tendency to say that they are asking for it because they joined show business. But really, is that fair? They are just like us except instead of plumbing or baking or driving a fork lift, it just so happens that their passion lies in performing, and are both ridiculously good looking. What they like to do is to sing and act and that puts them in the spotlight. And for that, they are targets, especially because they are successful. The truth about Sam and Piolo’s lives are really none of our business and people really need to drop it. Gay, straight, single or taken these people do not owe us anything. They work for our entertainment and have their faces plastered on billboards all over town, but it doesn’t mean we are their friends. We don’t have to know and we really shouldn’t care.

    The last laugh is theirs

    There’s no question about it: It’s unfair. This is the result of a culture that wants more from their celebrities than they have a right to. This is a symptom of a mindset that demands possession of their stars. It’s not enough that they act and sing their hearts out for our entertainment, no, we have to own them too and know everything about them. Sam and Piolo don’t want to say it and can try to justify it any way they want to but it’s a fact: people are looking for the dirt, they want it. All this tabloid fodder and constant need to know, the things that make it to our prime time news—it’s really, really a sad affair. Even sadder are those shriveled old time gossip mongers who are responsible for creating those scandals.

    But in this sordid business that’s show business, Sam and Piolo have the last laugh because their fans still love them, proclaiming their undying love in screeching decibels. The shows keep coming and the endorsements haven’t ended, and their Pinoy fan base abroad grows every day. Blessings really do come to the pure of heart. As Piolo aptly puts it, “We’re grateful because there are still a lot of blessings that come our way. We’re happy because, at least, we’re not affected by it image-wise. People still trust us. That’s what really matters to us—our audience. When we go to our shows and we see our fans and they celebrate with you and they are there for you and to support you and that means a lot.”

    Piolo and Sam can clutch their perfectly formed abs and laugh, for the last laugh is theirs.

    Yeah, the last laugh is theirs.

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    the cutest whitewolf :lol:
  • congrats sa bagong bahay :cheers:
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    the cutest whitewolf :lol:

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  • congrats sa bagong bahay :cheers:

    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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