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Stags competitive?

jpmalpassjpmalpass PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Sa mga nakapanood ng laban ng SSC-R sa Father Martin's? Tingin nyo magiging competitive sila this upcoming NCAA Season? Comments pls. *okay*


  • sa tingin ko. OO, malaking OO, look they are practicing hard every time na nakikita ko sila sa gym. tindi ng improvement nila! BRAVO BASTE! ^^

    Sebastino AKO, IKAW?
  • kaya naman ng lahat ng teams ehh.. and lahat may chance mag improve. or if ever darating din ang oras ng ibang teams, ika nga panpanahon lang yan.
  • I believe the Stags will be competitive this season because of many positive reasons.

    First, the maturity of its key players like Viray, Ballesteros and Bulawan. I have seen a number of their games in the just concuded FMC where they displayed a very impressive performance with only a single loss against the strong team of UE in the finals. In this tournament the Stags, especially their veteran players, have shown tremendous improvement on their individual skills, perhaps these were brought about by their experience in playing for quite a number of season in the NCAA and more so with the stint of their key players in the PBL.

    Second, right now I personally feel that they are intact as compared to their previous line-ups. Not only the senior members of the team that are feeling with each other but even the junior and sophomore players are already familiar with each other style as seen in the way they play in the FMC. Also that is surprising is how some of their rookies, noticibly the guard recruited from SSC-Cavite, play well like a veteran and easily adopt with the team.

    Lastly, I think the style of Coach Gallent, a multi-titled coach in the PBL, has already getting into the system of the Stags. It is fair to say that a winning formula for one team when applied to another team will automatically have the same result. This can not be done over night. It will take time and will entail some sacrifices to achieve this and I feel this season will be brighter for the Stags.
  • Gallent no doubt the number one of the factor. The second one which is somehow the result of the system is getting away from that conventional notion of San Sebastian as Jim Viray scoring team. Viray is replicating what Kobe is doing for the young Lakers.
  • personperson PEx Rookie ⭐
    who are the new players of Baste? this is going to be a crucial Season 84 for the Stags in my opinion. They lose Viray and Ballesteros after the season. I miss the days when Baste dominated the NCAA.. The Rizal Memorial Coliseum would be jam packed with Baste fans.. I hope Coach Gallent can get the crowd back just like what Coach Pido did for UST..
  • Ang maganda sa Stags ngayon ay iyung response ng players dun sa coaching. Given the Stags' recent showing in the FMC tournament that only confirmed kung gaano kagaling na coach si Jorge Gallent.

    The only questionable thing though is whether or not their "talent" will be enough to build on that strong coaching. Tanggapin na natin, ang current NCAA champions materyales fuertes iyung line-up nila... last year (at ang balita eh mas matindi pa iyung line-up nila this year). If ever may weakness iyung mga defending champions sa NCAA eh sa coaching iyun.

    So kung papalarin ang Baste to make it to the finals it will be Excellent Coaching vs Superb Talent. In the past history has shown us that some teams with "inferior talent" but superior coaching went on to upset truly strong teams. Kung baga dinaan sa magandang strategy. Will that be the case in season 84?
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