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Der Aufsatz

Tender tongue commanding a lamb to build a tower
Obediently accepting, refusing to deny
Battling and denying the inner self in order to build
till the cup overflows

Revealing sadness and discontent
Listened but never truly understood,
tender tongue lashes back like a whip

Still, the toiling continued

Passion rebuked
Poison formed

Waves of darkness come
crashing to the shores of mind
Dark angels converse within
The meek listens to the a symphony of malice

The Norns laugh

Slowly it sheds its skin
revealing the hidden
Lamb becomes a wolf

Loge laughs

Leaving the tower
then turning to its masters
Such fault of the masters

The unfinished tower ghastly stood
Reminding everyone of the fault of the masters

this is not a poem
i dont know what it is. its crap

btw, please check this out:

if its not too much, please leave a comment and a rating there in youtube. maraming salamat po
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