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Im back with a new issue hehe

a not very close friend albeit a good friend from our charity organization gave me a ring the day after V-day. i was surprised of her gesture to say the least.

i asked her what was the ring for and what significance should i give it? she didnt give me an answer. she just faintly smiled back at me.
i smiled back, thanked her, and planted a kiss on her lips. she blushed red at that. ( i shoulda gone for the L&R cheeks hehe)

so then i asked her of whether our other male friends got rings from her as well. her reply in her own words: "you are the only one i shopped a ring for".
btw, the other male members got red candies(me too), and the girls received V-themed candies,trinkets,flowers from her.
(the ring is size small it'd only fit around my pinky finger. i wear it everyday and i dont take it off unless im cleaning it. i want her to see me wearing it)

i was really flattered. we've given each other gifts in the past and kissed on the cheeks. but now, after that lip-kissing incident, she now look and smile at me differently.

Q: girls, feeling ( :eek: ) ba ako kung mag-isip ako na maybe she has hidden feelings for/towards me? was our friendship heightened to the point na bf material na ang tingin niya sa akin?

ps: of course i've been in several padama situations before. most recent one last year, yung girl flirt ng flirt sa akin but when it was time to fess up, she flatly denied her flirting. that was so freaky, so weird. i dont think much of it anymore. unless she comes around *peace* , bad trip lang yun girl siguro.

so anyway, this time i'll try to be more cautious... :)
ay pikotin hoohoohoo :)

sorry ang haba


  • Why not ask her out for a cup of coffee during an afternoon break? Or, maybe have a walk to where her ride is. Anyway, anything with no pressure, no expectations and see how it goes from there.
  • we both drive cars. actually out of our regular charity meetings, i'll ask her out for coffee or something like you suggested. but not yet too soon. i'll plan something nice, more than after a coffee meet
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    naks, ang haba naman ng hair mo :glee:
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ayos talaga no, lalaki na ang binibigyan ng singsing ngayon!

    iba na talaga ang panahon. hahahaha
  • To be honest, I like what the girl did here.

    Of course, mas madali sa side ng guy to approach her na. But that isn't what I'm referring to.

    To give that ring and the way she did it takes confidence. She wasn't afraid to take chances, and be vulnerable (there's always that chance of rejection). She knows what she wants. And she's in control of it that she took measures to make it a bigger possibility.

    This girl is a WOMAN.
  • ^^ Yes she's a full blown AYALA woman :D And she happens to be our club Finance Officer/Treasurer. Maybe kinda intimidating to some guys but I like 'em girls who shoot from the hip. NAUGHTY DYNAMO GIRLS :naughty:
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Thats exactly the point. Some girls make it tooo easy for the men. Which shouldnt be the case.

    Girls can take control and have the same confidence without being too available.
  • ^Right about that. Hit it right on the target.
    Q: girls, feeling ( ) ba ako kung mag-isip ako na maybe she has hidden feelings for/towards me? was our friendship heightened to the point na bf material na ang tingin niya sa akin?

    You are just in the stage where you're curious about that girl. But I think if the girl continously pursues you... You'll just get sick of it and look for a different challenge - ye might set yer eye on a different girl who's not too - uhh - sort of a cheapmunk.
  • I think it's funny how our culture automatically looks down upon women who actively pursue what they want in terms of relationships. Naturally, our traditional nature puts a lot of value on the courtship process and the woman being the receptor and passive player in the whole ordeal.

    According to tradition, the process of courting a Filipina in the traditional sense is a long and arduous process. It is expected that a Filipina will play hard-to-get when court because that is the norm. No matter how much she likes the man, she has to show utmost restraint and disinterest. Girls are made to believe that men will value them more if they are made to work hard before letting them have what they want.

    Now, when we take this tradition and incorporate it into the heavily westernized world we live in today, we experience a conflict. Women are given opportunities for empowerment and build the image of a strong, independent woman, and yet society - through family and peers - teaches them to remain women when it comes to relationships.

    Why is an independent woman sneered at if she takes relationship matters into her own hands? Why is she labeled "cheap" or "aggressive" if she makes the first move?

    Again, it's a matter of cultural perspective. If one adopts the Western stance, then these are the questions that come to mind. Yet if you talk to someone who has a strong traditional Filipino background, these are the questions that have a simple answer.

    To answer your question, I think you've really got nothing to lose in asking her out, or even trying to explore the possibility further.

    As they say, the cards are on the table.

    Check, Raise, or Fold? :)
  • violetbabevioletbabe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ahaha akala ko din nun magiging BF ko na rin sya :rotflmao:

    yung pagiging official na lang ang hinihingi ko dahil parang kami na. sabi nya "i dont love you" :eek:

    *okay* dun sa girl! shes a brave one!

    well suprano tama maging cautious ka. and hindi ka naman nagfeefeeling. unti untihin mo lang siguro and be patient. *okay*
  • but do not forget to protect your feelings.

    always step on the safer ground. just be patient.

    good luck, dude...

  • basta isipin mo safe sex is still the best protection from
    std at hiv. ayan, napabigyan na kita ng babala, noh!

    aihihihi!!! :lol;


  • I think other people do read some words but not the others. Better to read something with complete meaning in mind. Personally speaking I do not condemn women who try take control of a situation, may it be in relationships or anything else. I am proud of them, I must say. Doing the first move is something (something good actually), but doing the first move, then the next, and then the next, and then another --- is another thing. Would a guy (or a man) would be very excited to be with a woman who he knows what the intentions are towards him? Maybe at the first few times. But how about in the long run when everything is being laid down to him on a silver platter? Be real, men out there, deep inside you ye don't like a girl who is "already on the bed all ready to get whoomped" (don't take that another one in context for crying out loud!). Well I guess nobody in particular (not a man nor a woman) likes to have a person show up on the first date with all the best and right foot forward while he/she is making you feel that he/she is the luckiest SOB in the planet. Get me?
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