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Where can I get unlined notebooks?

I've been looking everywhere but i can't find any. A couple of years ago there were unlined notebooks in Powerbooks, Humorpost and Tickles but now, they've run out.

Hope someone here likes unlined notebooks as much as I do. If you know where i can get them, just let me know coz i'm really desperate. Thanks!


  • i love unlined notebooks too.So far aside from buying lots of stocks when im out of the country,usually there are lots of unlined notebooks from FullyBooked Serendra the last time i check and that was two months ago,but at least you could still go figure out and check.
  • There are notebooks like that at Fullybooked. Kahit anong Fullybooked ata meron kasi me nakita rin ako sa greenhills and serendra and gateway. Leather bound pa sya. Medyo mahal nga lang. I think around 800, di ko na sure.
  • ^ the notebooks you're pertaining to are the Moleskine notebooks. they are really expensive but made of high quality paper. those notebooks are really nice. :)
  • hehe, i really like moleskine but i'm not really that eager to spend so much on just a notebook. i'll probably try to find cheaper ones in fully booked also. thanks guys. :)
  • My search is over! I found the perfect unlined notebooks in Trinoma in this little store (it's actually not even a store, it's more like a stand) called A Perfect Creation. They have arts & crafts goods there, they sell pretty much anything that had to with wrappers, notebooks, boxes, specialty papers, scrapbooks, ribbons, etc. I loved the journal that i bought because it's just the right size for me, smaller than normal notebooks, which makes it very handy to bring anywhere. The paper that they use is of very good quality. in my opinion its kind of comparable to Moleskine's.
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