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Jock Rock

There's a new music genre even worse than R&B and Pop - Jock Rock. Common examples of this musical genre are: Blink182, Kid Rock, and the pioneers of Jock Rock: Limp Bizkit. It's called Jock Rock because people who listen to it are preppies/jocks who wears stupid red sweaters with their team name on it and jumps on the bandwagon just to be cool and impress their girlfriend. Jock Rock fans likes wearing clothing worn by the band members (baggy pants, choker chains, red New York Yankees cap turned backwards, Adidas, bandana, etc) and are often called wiggers (white people acting black).

People = Sheep™



  • Well, that's certainly informative. Thanks!

    I don't think it's such a big phenomenon here in Manila, though, because that kind of clothing style (porma, if you will) isn't really in to begin with. The music may be hot (BLink 182's "Adam's Song" is in the Top 6 of RX 93.1's airplay charts), but I don't think the image will ever truly pick up. My own $0.02.
  • What is it that you don't you like with "jock rock" artists anyway? Their music or their get-up?

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  • hmmm... oo nga no... halos lahat ng jock sa schl yun yun pinapakingan... bkt kaya?



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  • ...................YUN ANG PATOK SA KABATAAN NGAYON E HEHEHE....MGA KUPAW!!!!!!!!
  • Wow, a new genre! Jock Rock. So that's what it's called.

    Kid Rock isn't a Jock Rocker. He's a one-man boyband.

    My P0.02

  • :?:? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    wait.. out of topic.. pero

    Anong ibig sabihin ng "my P0.02 cents"? I always see this everywhere in PEX. Uso ba yan ngayon or what?!?!?!?
  • Teka off-topic din...si Kidrock ba si Vanilla ice dati?
  • One-man boyband! lol.gif

    Glock, that's certainly an interesting perspective.

  • :) Mr. Dean, is he or is he not?
  • Interesting concept.

    Bubblegum pop = Vanilla Ice
    Bubblegum rock = Kid Rock

    It's a possibility. Would anyone care to refute?
  • a friend brought that up, I doubt it though since I thought I saw Vanilla Ice in a cryogenic freezing thingamajig in a certain movie
  • I agree Mr. Dean :)
  • O nga no? Jock Rock. I remember the day when the only Kid Rock song out was "Bawitdaba," and when the only song I recalled by Limp Bizkit was "Counterfeit Countdown." That time, siguro di pa talaga sila sikat, OK pa sila. Pero nung pumasok ang linya ng MTV tapos tuloy na pinatugtog sa mainstream, BAM, instant Jock Rock.

    "Parre, 've you listend to d kool Kid Rock tune? Gaddemit, parre, rhock na rhock!"

    Just listen to what you want, not to what others tell you to or what they say is "cool".

  • Glock: No objections whatsoever. :D
  • Blink 182 is awesome. Kid Rock stinks. And I wear normal clothes.
  • I'd much rather praise Kid Rock than those fake rockers Blink182.

    People = Sheep™

  • SOK: Au contraire. Blink 182 plays decently enough (especially that Dammit song), but I guess they sort of "got blinded" (?) by stardom and got brainwashed by MTV. No matter, it's still sounds rock to me.

    Now Kid Rock. That's anything EXCEPT rock. You can call his music R&B for all I care. But to say he does rock would be a blasphemy of the genre. Burn 'im by the stake, I says! :D

    Dishing out another P0.02.
  • Nah! take all your opinions and shove it!
    That's what you get from watching too much M.T.V.!
    you guys are clueless!


    [Whoa! Easy on the expletives, friend.]

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