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♥ PIOLO PASCUAL & ANGEL LOCSIN: ♥ "Sobrang bagay kayo, sana kayo na!". Gelo IV

meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer


  • meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer
    [highlight]**History of GELO**[/highlight]


    by sanctina and lookslikepj
  • meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer

    written by sanctina and raincrystal
    designed by meebo
  • meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer
    [highlight]**Profile of King Piolo and Queen Angel**[/highlight]

    [highlight]Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual[/highlight]
    Piolo Pascual, born January 12, 1977, in Manila, Philippines, is a Filipino actor, singer, concert performer, host, product endorser, and model.

    He is a member of ABS-CBN's elite circle of homegrown talents collectively known as Star Magic. His earliest acting experience was in the student theatrical group "Teatro Tomasino" of the University of Santo Tomas.

    Pascual's early television credits include his stint as Kuya Miguel in ABS-CBN's educational show ATBP and as one of the many teen stars in GMA Network's musical variety show That's Entertainment. His first big break on the small screen came via a weekly primetime series entitled Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako (The Moment You Need Me), where he received an Asian TV Awards (1999) Best Drama Actor nomination for portraying the villain role of Raffy.

    Pascual appeared briefly as Jussi Leino in The Vizconde Massacre (1991) directed by Carlo J. Caparas and had a supporting part in Batang PX (1997) directed by Jose Javier Reyes. His first big cinema break was the title role in Lagarista (2000) directed by Mel Chionglo where he received his first Gawad Urian nomination (Best Actor). Lagarista was exhibited in the Toronto, Pusan and Hongkong film festivals.

    In 2002, Pascual played the pivotal role of Jules Bartolome opposite Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon, in Dekada '70, which is a film based on Lualhati Bautista's novel of the same title about a family's struggle during the Marcos regime in the Philippines. He achieved a rare grand slam feat collecting a total of eight awards from all the existing award-giving bodies during the 2003 awards season in the Best Supporting Actor category starting with the Metro Manila Film Festival in December 2002 and culminating with the Gawad Urian in May 2003.

    On July 11, 2007, Pascual signed an exclusive three-picture contract deal with Star Cinema. He is currently preparing for his November 30, 2007 solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum and busy taping for the teleserye Lobo with Angel Locsin as his newest leading lady.[1]

    Pascual has a son named Inigo from a previous non-showbiz relationship. He has publicly acknowledged dating Pops Fernandez. He was also a suitor to Toni Gonzaga and Rica Peralejo.

    Wiki Entry:
    PEX Thread:

    [highlight]Angelica Locsin Colmenares[/highlight]
    Angel Locs?n (born Ang?lica Locs?n Colmenares on April 23, 1985), is a popular Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer, fashion designer, and product endorser who was introduced in GMA Network's youth-oriented program, Click. Locsin rose to prominence after being cast as one of the lead stars in the fantasy-themed television series Mulawin in 2004. Soon after, she starred as the superheroine Darna in the TV adaptation of the popular Mars Ravelo comics hit. Locsin top-billed in several films and is known as the screen love interest of Richard Gutierrez and Dennis Trillo. In mid-2007, Angel left her mother studio, GMA Network and signed an exclusive contract in ABS-CBN despite her booming career in GMA. She told in an interview with Boy Abunda that she is no longer happy in GMA and she is looking forward to have a better career in ABS-CBN.

    Wiki Entry:
    PEX Thread:
  • meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer

    1) Both own the ultimate HUMMER

    2) Endorsers of San Mig Coffee, Timex watches & Centrum

    3) Like street foods : fishballs (Gel) & squidballs (PJ)

    4) Both 2007 Philippines No.3 Endorsers

    5) Not afraid to show love for parent in public

    6) Humble despite stardom

    7) Big. Dorky. Wrestling Fans - Piolo is an Eddie Guererro fan and Angel is a Batista fan. Piolo's suitcase is filled with Wrestling stickers. Angel collects magazines related to wrestling.

    8) Both of them are trained by UST (Angel through swimming, Piolo went to college there)

    9) The ultimate dreamboy (PJ) & the ultimate dreamgirl (Angel)

    10) Both know of the GELO thread (Angel visited us already.. sana si PJ rin in the near future)

    11.) Both of them openly say that it's always been a dream to find themselves working together as partners on screen.

    12.) Favorite targets of the nasty press but still loved by many

    13.) Prayerful people

    14.) Both of them have a fascination with the POGI pose.

    15.) Both came from broken families but manage to keep their bond with their respected families.

    16.) Both of them struggled to get to the top. They were both unexpected stars.

    17.) Both love eating... they even consider it as a hobby.

    18.) Fans of the Beatles

    19.) Both are very active in their charities. Angel is a representative of Gabriella and has been involved in a lot of women's health campaigns. Piolo is a representative of the United Nations' Anti Poverty Goal and The Red Cross. Both of them are also known to be active in environmentalist groups.

    20.) Both of them admit to being so shy around each other.

    21.) Included in the roster of highest paid endorsers, together with Kris Aquino, Sharon Cuneta and Manny Pacquiao

    22.) Both have a history with GMA-7. Piolo when he was 14 in his That's Days. Angel was launched to stardom in this station.

    23.) They also admit to mutual crushes, although they insist it's just a harmless crush.

    24.) Angel is "Ainge" to Piolo, while "Peej" is Piolo to Angel. They like giving nick names.

    by Ophelia_Kills
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    [highlight]**GELO Photobucket Account**[/highlight]


    by hardkandy
  • meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer
    [highlight]**Gelo TV Appearances List**[/highlight]

    Boy & Kris - January 11
    Pilipinas Game ka na ba? - Jan 12
    Sharon - Jan 13
    Rated K - January 16
    Korina Today (ANC) - January 18
    Wowowee - January 17 & 25
    Wheel of Fortune - January 22
    TV Patrol World (Star Patrol) January 22/23/25
    Umagang Kay Ganda (Umagang Kay Showbiz) - January 25
    Entertainment Live - January 26
    Lobo Preview - January 26
    ASAP (Davao) - January 27
    The Buzz - January 27, February 3

    *some pictures available @ our Photobucket account
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    [highlight]**HOW TO TELL IF A GUY/GIRL LIKES YOU FT. GELO**[/highlight]

    Men send out signals without even knowing it. His brain may be holding him back because of nerves or a recent bad breakup, but he can’t stop his body from talking.

    The telltale signs he wants you: (Guy's body language)

    1.You look deeply into his eyes and he stares back into yours even for a short glance there is chemistry. (with Gelo, more than just glances...long stares pa. hehhehe.)

    2. You say something remotely unfunny and he starts laughing as if you're the funniest girl ever. (Gel never fails to make PJ laugh)

    3. He's always pleased to see you and probably misses you when you're gone. He does this by greeting you enthusiastically or smiling when you're there. (Seen pj doing this off-cam )

    4. During an awkward silence he will always look at the ceiling or at his feet but really it is because he doesn't want it to look obvious that he was staring at you before. (dati, ganun nung bago pa magkakilala..yung fist meeting sa abs-cbn compound & sharon epi-yung naka-red si gel)

    5. He has a nick name for you. If he has a pet name for you like Honey then well done he recognises how sweet you are. (pj calls Angel either Ainge or Ain. paikli na ng paikli ..baka sunod na dyan...hon or babes na. )

    6. He calls you names. If he teases you it's that he likes it when you get mad because guys like fiery girls. (hey, guyz, remember pj's nang-aasar remark - "di bagay" that made Gel "simangot" in a photoshoot?)

    7. Your body language matches his because he copies you and it is a real sign that he is thinking of you. (si piolo is now taking a bow after doing a number (like in sharon's mega concert) and saying sorry over and over again (wheel of fortune epi) ...ginaya si gel.hehehe)

    8. He’ll look at you more than once. Each time, he will gaze directly at you for at least 2-3 seconds. (ke pj, more than 3 secs e. minutes pa ata. hahahaha)

    9. He’ll make sure you see him checking out your body. (una, nung nag-rampa si gel sa d'buzz-mega look si pj dun. tapos, sa b&K, when gel was asked by kris on her nude shot sa lobo, piolo praised her body. and also, when kris praised gel's sexy outfit na me "peek-a-boo" sa likod na semi-backless, tingin na naman si papa p!)

    10. His lips will part automatically for a second when you
    make eye contact. (di ko pa pansin 'to. may we ask the queen herself kung nag-papart nga? hehehehe)

    by BatGirlBeyond3
    visuals by meebo
  • meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer
    It's Gel's turn naman...
    Got this also from this link - share ko din.

    How to know if a girl likes a boy

    1) In a conversation, she might tap your shoulder while talking to you, gently push you or burst out laughing when you tell a joke. (well...we see gel doing this nowadays.....)

    2) If she's shy, the tone of her voice might be a little higher and she might start to play with her hair (smoothing it down, twirling, flipping) or adjusting her clothes. She'll smile and laugh at your comments and jokes. (kita 'to during their 1st meeting sa abs-cbn compound that was shown at the buzz. she's playing w/ her necklace pa nga e. hehe)

    3) If you happen to glance at the girl and you see her staring back at you, then this means that she likes you. ( si gel pa, papatalo sa titigan? )

    4) When you smile at her and then she returns a soft or big smile and continues to look at you then she is interested. ( there an instance na di nag-smile back si gel ke papa p? e pati nga eyes ni gel, ngumingiti din. )

    5) Look for her eyes to light up when she sees you or hears your name. (Angel's 1st b&K appearance, notice her smiling eyes...)

    6) Notice if she touches you more often (or finds any excuse to do so). (need i elaborate further? lalo na lately hehehe)

    7) If she turns BRIGHT red when you're near her, or when you talk to her. She likes you. (blame Kris Aquino for asking Angel, "Di ba? nag-bu-blush ka everytime we mention Piolo's name nung nag-guest ka sa b&k?" )

    8) Another thing is that don't be jealous that other guys talk to her more. She can still like you even if you aren't her best friend. Usually they will prefer to talk to you if given the chance. So try to get into situations where you can give her a choice. (see? mga "friends" like yung ibang guyz. kaya papa p, try to always talk to gelai.)

    9) If she mimics your movements, then this is genuine sign that she is interested in you. (nalilito na ko...pareho na kase silang kumilos.. )

    10) When she is having a conversation with her friends, and you come over, she might stop talking all of a sudden. (i saw this exact scene off-cam.....

    by BatGirlBeyond3
    visuals by meebo
  • meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer

    Click for the list
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]1. successful premier of lobo, and success all throughout its running..

    2 mindblowing - hit- the- roof gelo kissing scenes that will blow-the-brains-out of those freaking ma eepal(either sa movie or soap)

    3 sana magising sila angel at piolo na bagay sila sa isat' isa at wag nang lumayo

    4 box office mega money hit for gelo

    5 acting awards for angel to prove that she's grown as an actress

    -credit sis tina

    6. many more endorsements/projects together

    -credit bumblebutterfly

    7. sana nga magkababy lobo para may part 2

    -credit kewl_aaron

    8. More acting awards for Piolo and Angel in television and movies, 10x platinum award for Piolo for his Timeless album, outstanding role model for the young and mature generation for both of them, more mega endorsements, Young Men/Women that matters list etc.....................

    -credit jetsetter

    9. more ASAP GELO moments!!! more GELO pics on mags!!!

    -credit raincrystal






    15. more hot na hot na kissing scenes that would last at least 2minutes!!!!!


    -credit newnimator

    17. Sana maglaro sila sa KDOND! (hanggang kelan pa ba DOND? )

    -credit meebo

    18. For ABS to focus on building up this TEAM UP first... meaning wag muna guluhin with others... :bop:

    -credit raincrystal

    19. Magkaroon sana ng mall tours ang GELO!

    20. Ayt wish ko bath tub scenes! kwentuhan lang naman sila dun pero ang sweeet and so hoot!

    21. (dagdag ko lang sa no.3) I so approve of this! Wish ko talaga na magising sila sa katotohanan na they are so made for each other

    22. Hmm sna magkaroon ng regular show exclusively ang GELO, parang amazing race, sila ang hosts, pero sa start sila muna ang magkapartner at sumali sa game wohoooo!

    23. On a lighter and realistic side, i wish all the wishes here come true, esp yung sinabi ng iba..

    24. More kilig moments pls.

    25. Dagdag ko sa no.18 o nga, sila lang sana lagi magkatabi at magka holding hands.. always! hahaha

    26. Dba may plan si Angel pumasok sa school? Sna mag enroll din si Piolo dun para maging mag classmate sila!!!!! Tpos lagi silang mag group study!! Waa sorry illusyonada talaga ako eh!

    27. Sna maalis na ang salot na pumapaligid sa GELO. Wish na puro good news lang ang maririnig naten at mababasa sa 2008 onward!!

    -credit Issie000

    28. sana maging topbilled yong teleseryeng lobo

    29. megabox office for gelo

    30. alot of acting awards for angel locsin

    -credit pnaystyle4life

    Add your wishes for Gelo!
  • meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer
    The King himself..
    credit as tagged

    even our Queen took time to visit our thread..
  • meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer

    How do I love Noah and Lyka? Let me count the ways?

    Click for the list
    1.) We all wish that our uhugin childhood friends would grow up as hawt as Noah.

    2.) I want a moonstone.

    3.) Because first impressions last... especially if you landed right on Piolo Pascual's nice *****.

    4.) I want to bring Lyka to my house and give her hot chocolate. Gusto ko sya maging friend!

    5.) De-brief? Kasi hindi ako nagsusuot ng brief!

    6.) Sasali na ako sa PMA at magserve kung pakalat-kalat lang ang mga Noah.

    7.) Because we look good in an Elle dress.

    8.) Kasi kung kinikilig ka! Ilabas mo! Kahit gumulong ka pa sa trunk ng van! Ilabas mo ang kilig!

    9.) The best way to get a guy's attention is pull his hair and excuse it as driving away BAD KARMA and EVIL SPIRITS.

    10.) If that doesn't work... ask him SLUMBOOK questions! Who is your crush? Message? Favorite motto?

    11.) The Lyka Special looks nasty but I kinda wanna try it.

    12.) Because motorcycle rides are romantic.

    13.) Because even though Lyka's so kulit and Noah's so suplado...they're meant to be.

    14.) I'd like to be kissed "without meaning" Noah-Lyka style with matching slowmo open mouthness. Wala raw meaning yun.

    15.) Because when you dump someone, make sure to give her flowers.

    16.) Make sure to himas the abs when you are in a motorcycle ride... so you won't fall. And make sure to count... if 6 pack nga.

    17.) Because kahit mahulog ka pa sa pond... he still thinks you belong.

    18.) Bigayan lang ng tubig... kilig na!

    19.) We all want to have it. Gusto natin na mag-mow-mow-ment!

    20.) Because they're in each other's minds without realizing it.

    21.) Pakiss ulit ng walang meaning. saya kaya nun!

    22.) Because they are each other's first kiss

    23.) Dahil simula ngayon, ikaw na ang aking Reyna sa aking kaharian

    24.) dahil kapag ngmamadali ka papunta sa iyong dinner date.. nkakalimutan mo ang lahat.. pati ang magsapatos..

    25.) Because we stare at the same moon every night

    26.) Because of the perfect curve that they both have...graveh nakakashokla at nakakashomboy

    27.)Hard to get image of Noah kaya ayun hinahabol sya lagi ni Lyka hahaha!!!

    28.) Dahil gusto namin malaglag ang towel ni Noah.

    29.) Dahil pwede pala kilig maligo! Look at Lyka!

    30.) Because they feel each other's pain


    32.) Because they make you realize your own pains too. Napakasakiiiit, Kuya Eddie.

    33.) Because we always need a daily dose of shirtless Piolo,preferrably... wet or bruised.

    34.) Because pati kape at simpleng "Good Morning" nabubwisit na tayo!

    35.) Because we all wish we are as pretty as Angel Locsin when we get dumped.

    36.) Dahil kahit nanggigiba si Lyka ng pinto at isa siyang lobo, nakakarelate pa rin ako sa kanya.

    37.) Never has the names King Kong or Bioman been so sweet.

    38.) Kasi ang sarap maging "professional" ni Noah... embracing in office hours.

    39.) Kasi nakaw a tinginan lang sa mama na asa bangko... kilig na.

    40.) Dahil sila ang pinakaHOT na P.A. at Bodyguard na nakilala ko.

    41.) because i'm watching over you even if you don't know it.

    42.)because masarap akong magtimpla ng kape.

    43.) dahil ikaw ang boyscout ng buhay ko. laging handa!

    44.) Dahil concerned ako sa pasa sa biceps mo.

    45.) Because we both just want to love and be loved.[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    by Ophelia_Kills
    art by hardkandy
  • raincrystalraincrystal Member PExer
    :spinstar: [highlight]Miss Amber's Amazing Reviews[/highlight] :spinstar:

    Okay, I just caught up with the last episode of Lobo.

    Now that is MUCH BETTER. This is what was promised to me and they did not disappoint.

    The first few episodes had the touches of FM Reyes with the beautiful, lush cinematography and the sepia style for Nessa's story.

    Now we have CGM at helm in the fifth episode. The interlaying cuts, fast approach, and the rather blueish tints are her style. The night close-ups and the emphasis on a kikay and lovable female protagonist are all just tatak CGM.

    I thought the transition between the little Jay-Jay and Ulay fading into the words of the now Noah and Lyka was well done and haunting. My only beef is the whole repetition of the chant got a wee bit too much, though. It's a genius concept but they could have moved on to the monologue by the tenth time they said it. Hehe.

    Angel Locsin has shown great depth in the "wishing" scene she had the right nuances and the cute kind of vulnerability for Lyka. Her emotions were actually very spot-on and you felt for her. HOWEVER, my only qualm is the way she delivers her lines. She kind of mumbles it? I do like how she says it in a child-like way, though. It's only the first time she came out, so there's room for improvement.

    Piolo well is known for these scenes the emotion in his voice and his boyish eyes shows us this is still Jay-Jay yearning for his lost childhood friend.

    And of course, I SQUEEEE in GLEE at the ALMOST bump. Bwisit na libro! Nagbump man lang sana! :lol: Bwisit.

    So, throughout this episode we establish how these two lonely souls are living. They both have abusive parents. Clara (amazingly played by Irma Adlawan) sees Nessa in Lyka, her niece... so she will just continue to despise her throughout. Clara isn't a one-dimensional villain, really. She sees Nessa as the one who shattered her dreams and basically... ran away as she accidentally killed their own mother. And out of nowhere just leaves her kid with them. So I like how there is depth for this villain.

    Noah now has a military father who does everything to shatter the boy who was once filled with vulnerability, love, and empathy. He wants this kid to be driven with machoisms, apathy and anger.

    Piolo portrays the character who kind of wrestles with that notion effortlessly. The part of the vulnerable Jay-Jay is still a huge part of him, but he fights it for the most part and we see him struggle with that.

    Lyka on the other hand is shown to us as someone who manages to have a happy-go-lucky attitude despite her tragic life. She could even joke about her bruises!

    Angel Locsin is beautiful on television, she's the type who simply grows on you when you do watch her. She is not as hasa as everyone else but she is perfect for Lyka.
    You do want to protect Lyka, Angel has that natural quality to her. And I did not think the part when she was being beaten up by Clara was OA or bad... Hello?! She's being beaten up? She's being called a malanding baboy! Should she be CALM and COMPOSED? :lol: I would forgive her crying and her mumbling, because you know... it would be hard to talk if you are being shoved on the table.

    So we see how these two people deal with their tragedies differently... now we shall wait the moment when they will collide one day.

    We fast forward four years later, the way they fastforwarded it isn't in the usual "4 years later", instead they showed the sun setting and rising in a rapid pace. And now we see Noah running around in his boxer-like get-up. :lol:

    All that aside, what I like is there is NO SMALL ROLE in this soap.

    I was surprised I actually erm... liked Shaina's Gabby, Noah's old friend from the PMA. This is coming from someone who couldn't stand the girl.

    Gio Alvarez as Elton, we need more of him! Tawa ako ng tawa sa designer MUG. bwah.

    Dante Rivero, I already hate his character so I think he pulled it off well. :lol: Hurting my Papa Noah like that.

    Ryan Eigenmann as Anton seems to be a rather likeable and intriguing second-male lead. We ask, is he a lobo? What happened to him? Why all the medicine?
    I already liked him as a kid, and now as a grown up when he said, "mahal kita..." to Lyka. You just know he has strong feelings for his "kapatid". He managed to pull that scene off by making it charming AND bothersome. Good actor, right there. I'm glad they chose him for this role.

    But the TOTAL SCENE STEALER? The one SCENE I chose to rewind over and over was none other than...

    Pilar Pilapil's! Oh my Goodness! She is so PERFECT for Lady Elle. Her husky voice and her intimidating and rather penetrating stares, DAYUUUMN. She has an aura of those old school Hollywood villains. Her presence alone just jolted the energy of the episode ten times more.

    I had goosebumps when she said she could SMELL Lyka's blood. That she is the one. You just knew the gravity of the situation when she said that. Parang, OOOH what is Lyka's mission?

    Then they had a close-up shot to her eyes, you just knew she will be one hell of a character. Her scene was only four minutes long, TOPS! But hers was just the one that created such a huge impact. Is she an antagonist? Is she good? Whatever, I love Lady Elle already.

    And we end with a rather disturbing scene of NESSA who is still alive (YAY!) but enclosed in a lab being experimented. That reminded me of X-Men, hehe.

    What an episode.

    I like the pace of "Lobo" each of the scenes have a purpose and even the minor characters such as Lady Elle's assistant are all markado. My only reklamo is lessen the monologues, but so far, not since MSKM Book 1's first episodes has ABS-CBN created a stirring story. Actually, the story here hasn't had a plot hole yet. So, they have that up against MSKM.

    By Episode 5 Lobo has lured me already... I now FORGIVE them for the dragging three days of flashbacks because if this is what is in store? I'm so in for the ride.

    For the people who choose not to give this a chance after a really dramatic (yes, I didn't like it so much either) Episode 1... you are missing out. :)
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    :spinstar: [highlight]Ms. Amber's Amazing Reviews[/highlight] :spinstar:
    LATE COMMENT sa Episode 6! :lol: sucks to be TFC!

    Episode 6 was a breath of fresh air because it was a light hearted episode. After all the prolonged drama of last week, we see something that we could all kinda laugh about. But despite it's comedic theme, there is still the build up for the drama. I like how they switch the scenes up by focusing in the night sky as if we are anticipating something.

    The editing this time is a bit better, there are transitions now, but I think in all ABS shows they have a problem with ESTABLISHING SHOTS, they need to work on that so scenes don't just go in at random. When are we going to be introduced to the House of Elle?

    Aside from that the build up has been done well.

    But before I sing praises... I WILL RANT TO NO END! Why? Because that was the fugliest CGI I have ever seen in my life. Was it even necessarry to show the paragliding part?! Tapos nila ipagyabang na nagparaglide si Angel Locsin they show this circa 1980s Bagets kinda effects?! They could have dealt with her FLYING AWAY, her feet dangling in the air... and end it at that.

    I mean don't the directors go... "My! My! Sure that looks fake!", who the heck approves these things?

    they spoil us with good cinematography then splash us with cold water, once we see how BAD the CGI is.

    Really, they should be careful because it distracts... it distracts and ruins an otherwise excellent episode.

    I am a sucker for romances with the usual cold and snobbish leading men or just plain anti-heroes, so the Noah-Lyka angle is getting me giddy. I like Noah and Lyka. I like how utterly ridiculous their "first" meeting is. I like how manic and farfetched everything is because it is done with HUMOR...with Angel's ***** just hanging clumsily in the air. I like the genius of the humor... with Lyka being carried like a raggedy doll then later on, finding her face planted on Noah's *****. Or Lyka being called Bioman. I love the wit of the script.

    Lyka's character is easy to love because such a bubbly and klutz of a rambler! She makes you smile and sympathize with such character. She's not seen as an almost perfect girl unlike the other lead female characters on television right now.
    This kind of extreme is usually done to the "best friend"/sidekick role, so it's nice to see the lead female act silly. If you notice Dimples Romana (who is amazing here!) plays the SERIOUS role rather than the kikay sidekick.
    Lyka's relateable, period. She is a bit reminiscent of Ju Yoo Rin or otherwise known as Jasmine in "My Girl", just plain overboard crazy... rolling around in kilig (It almost looked like an homage to the show)... couldn't stop talking, a girl with a weird dress sense, and most of all, we, as the audience have to suspend disbelief by believing that a pretty girl can be so awkward.

    Angel Locsin has shown vast improvement but she really needs to work on her line delivery and to tone down a little on her comedic scenes, but her screen charisma alone makes Lyka real enough. The scene with her being scolded by malditang Elton was just a strike to the heart. You just want to take care of her.

    Noah's a mystery and in my humble opinion, Piolo's almost perfect for such a boring, masungit, pa-hero guy who is obsessed with a patterned life. Noah isn't a brash bad boy who kicks @$$, he is a tailormade guy leading a life people expect him to live. But underneath all this planned life is a very melancholic character. He does that well. His sad eyes do it. That's the difference. He isn't a dark military bad boy. Far from it.

    He's distant. He's cold. If Lyka's all vulnerability and openness, Noah is the other way around. This is what makes the love story good, these tragic characters deal with their lives differently and you just wait for them to reach the inevitable... fall in love.

    Aside from the story and such likeable leads, the supporting characters are all spot-on and markado. I already sang praises for Pilar Pilapil and she's still so dang godly as Lady Elle. Dante Rivero and Robert Arevalo are both great additions for the veterans.

    Shaina Magdayao is doing good but I just think she still looks thirteen even though they cake on the make-up. It isn't her fault she's a miscast.

    But so far the most maldita and hilarious antagonist goes to Gio Alvarez as Elton. The red jewelry box with the cellphone? His interactions with Lady Elle? Hilarious. I used to have the biggest crush on this guy in his Ang TV Days so I'm glad he's back.

    It was a light-hearted episode that left me wanting for more... despite its kilig and comedic elements, there are bits and pieces of the puzzle that is being left with us.

    I think Project Luna isn't a way to get rid of the syndicate... I think the group just wants to get to Lady Elle and the Waya tribe.

    Overall, a very good episode... just please, ESTABLISHING SHOTS! No more paragliding CGI! and also, use Martin Nievera's song only in dramatic moments... not when it's all funny! Panira,e.
  • raincrystalraincrystal Member PExer
    :spinstar: [highlight]Ms. Amber's Amazing Reviews[/highlight] :spinstar:

    Best episode so far. Everything from the pace to the mystery then to light and kilig scenes flowed so well. I also want to say THANK YOU by not playing that theme song over and over tonight. But one word for this episode? Good old fashioned KILIG. This is the genius of Cathy Garcia Molina, she churns out with the most human moments... lingers in it all... and makes a kilig scene out of it.

    But before I recall my kilig surges... I just have to say that Angel Locsin this time brings it home, she performed quite well as Lyka in Episode 7, even with all the imperfections Lyka just came to life tonight. I do not see Angel Locsin this time but Lyka Raymundo. Kenkay and vulnerable. One who smiles through her hardships and one completely CRAZY girl. Loka-Loka. MyGaaawd.

    Somehow this time, her ka-OAhan became part of that character. But despite all the comedic moments the scene that really showed her moment was after she was fired by Elton. When her best friend tried to talk her through about being fired, she smiles it away but suddenly she just breaks down and completely just released all of her emotions. I felt like I was a third party watching someone go through all that. When you feel that realness in a performance the person has done well, I'll give her credit for that. The nuances and the reactions were all so familiar, it was as if I walked into her shoes once in my life. The uncertainty, the sadness, the overwhelming feeling... it just got to me. And this is what? A minute of a scene?

    We have such a complex heroine, one who has motives for her actions and even though there are mythical and melodramatic aspects in her backstory it never seems contrived. That's why as an audience, I can relate to her.

    You see how at this point in Lyka's life it is as if she has learned to grow a shell to protect herself against Mama Clara's ways with her. She knows she's never right, she knows her efforts are all futile with this wretched woman ---she takes everything in stride, but deep inside she is aching for the love of her Mama Clara.

    Mama Clara played by Irma Adlawan is effective as such a b*tchy character, I just want to shove her face on the table... but I hope they explore her other dimensions. She does have a weakness for Anton, explore on that.

    And AHA! The other villains are coming to form too. Gabby is part of the Luna sect. I knew the syndicate BS was just a copout and this is all really a set up to infiltrate the Waya clan. And interestingly enough, why is Noah's adoptive father so OBSESSED about this Luna vs. Waya thing?

    Then, there is Anton. He is portrayed as Lyka's only ally but there is something so sinister and chilling about him. A mad scientist in love with his "sister"...dingdingding! We got a pretty sexxaaay villain. His baldness reminds me of Lex Luthor and he's my most loved villain, so I'm in for the ride.

    So crazy villains, one hell of a heroine, and a mysterious puzzle that still has to be pieced... but the prelude of the love story of Lyka and Noah is the main theme in the episode.

    Shallow note before I go: Ang blue ng bra ni Dimples Romana. Great acting though! :lol: Sorry nadistract.

    Back to Lobo...

    Motorcycle scene was just swoon-worthy. It's almost a bit like high school, the type that would make you scream on your pillow. As someone said, ramdam na ramdam mo kilig ni Lyka every time she sees Noah. When they do interact it is both filled with laughter yet all this tension that you just want to burst.

    Noah is the perfect literary leading man. Dashing and uber handsome (OH PIOLO NEVER LOOKED SO HOT!). Cold and a bit bastardly. A man who can hardly breathe in his family life. A man who patterned his life to fit his adoptive father's expectations. The guy cannot even slouch on his seat! So, when he gets out of his father's shadows, he's angst-ridden and handles everything without an ounce of sensitivity. He is neither romantic nor a Don Simpatico! And dayuuumn it's sexy.

    When he collides with a kenkay of a female protagonist we have the formula for a good kilig-surged love story.

    I do not see Angel and Piolo, it's even as if they don't exist... this is Noah and Lyka. The billiard scene to the motorcycle scene was just surging with intense chemistry. Just seeing them in a frame together gave me a smile. When they do look at each other, it is as if you are the one being caught with the stare!
    I remember people from various sites, people were doubting their chemistry but when they watched Monday and Tuesday's episode they confessed to being a fan of the tandem.

    Hilarious scene when she tried to touch his ear! Later on, she molests his muscles... and all this time he's acting like NOTHING is happening. Yeah RIGHT! The motorcycle scene was built up in a classic romantic sense but instead of our girl hanging there tightly clinging on to him... she does the most silly things to him. When she forgot about the helmet, I was already in stitches laughing too hard. The two pulled of these scenes so well. The dialogue worked with it too.

    And he's so masungit around her. Yet, you knew he was already drawn to her. The most kilig part was when he left. There it was a boyish smile from ear to ear was sprawled on his face. He speeds around in his motorcycle with that silly grin on his face.

    LOBO has managed to capture us with the light-hearted moments and at the same time keeping us in check with the drama and mystery. They do it so effortlessly. We go from a kuya and his younger sister bond... then we are rushed in to another story as soon as Lyka hears her heart thud uncontrollably.

    In the end... who the hell was watching her?

    I just ask the writers and directors to KEEP THIS UP! The momentum is perfect, please maintain this. I'm loving it!
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