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Jun Lozada is a Thomasian!



  • Tanong lang po.

    Ano pong mga hakbang ang ginagawa/ginawa na ng unibersidad/student organizations para tulungan si Lozada?
  • Just curious!
  • 'Yan din ang tanong ko V.

    Kasi pansin ko lang ha, nauuna pa ang mga Heswita ng Ateneo at ang Christian Brothers ng La Salle kesa sa mga Dominicano.

    Maski nung misa last Sunday, bakit Ateneo at La Salle lang ang nag-organize?

    Bakit sa La Salle Green Hills naka billet si J. Lo at hindi sa Father's Residence ng UST? Billet daw oh! Ano 'yun hotel? :lol:

    Seriously, those are some of my questions.

    But the bottomline is this: Lozada is and will always be a Thomasian. Lovers of truth. *okay*
  • markfroilanmarkfroilan 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    ^^you got that question right ash

    pansin ko din , naiisantabi ang Uste nating mahal(expensive), harhar
    well alam natin na 4 out of his 5 kids are studying at lsgh(so ang status is above)diba pero pansin ko nga na parang quiet ang UST kahit pa sinabi na ng ating rektor na magdasal at mag pray for j.lo
    parang di ko nararamdaman ang presence ng UST. ultimo nga dun sa show na harapan sa abscbn ch 2 last sat night e ung leader ng NUSP(natl. union of students i cant recall, blah blah ) ay ni di man lang minention ang UST after niyang sinabi ang UP,admu,dlsu blah blah student councils are supporting j.lo aba dedma sa 35k strong student population ng USte.

    la lang.
  • I really do hope UST does not make a stand and dip its hand in this mess until the whole truth comes out. Maybe the reason why UST is not yet openly supporting Lozada is because up to now the admin's position is still guarded pending further investigations in this ZTE deal, which I think is prudent as of the moment.

    I firmly believe that Mr. Lozada should bring this issue not in the Senate which is a den of grandstanders and political opportunists with self-interests, but in the proper halls of justice which is the Court where he can present any evidence, if he has any, to prove his claim. In the Court, where everything is equal unlike in the Senate where opposition senators behave as if they were acting as counsels for Mr. Lozada. I've been following this issue and up to now I still am not impressed with his testimony. He can't back up his allegations. He keeps implicating other people more and more as the days go by. But these people by their natural course, vehemently deny his accusations and they have proofs to support their denial unlike Mr. Lozada who is yet to produce concrete evidence against them.

    I know we are all Thomasians, lovers of truth as some might say. But we should also evaluate first what is truth or not. Mr. Lozada is a hero to some but he is not perfect, he himself openly admitted he had been involved in some shady transactions before, so his credibility is also in question. Truth is not based on gut feel, emotions, intuitions and hearsay but on evidence set before the proper forums. And unless Mr. Lozada can support his claim, this issue would just die a natural death like the previous issues hurled against this government.
  • To a certain extent, I share fritz, MD's sentiment.

    We're not completely sure if J. Lo is what he claims to be. And yes, he did admit to going astray but are we sure he's not as bad as the people he is accusing?

    That's probably why UST hasn't exactly done anything as big as what Ateneo and La Salle are doing. The whole brouhaha isn't over yet anyway and who knows what can happen next?

    So I was surprised to see this morning that UST placed an ad in the Inquirer in support of J. Lo.
  • knightinarmorknightinarmor PEx Rookie ⭐
    yeah.. bakit wala man lang reaction ang UST? I find it weird na ADMU and DLSU are all-out support samantalang alma-mater nya wala man lang kibo at so far di pa ata nagpapamisa?

    What's UST's take on this? And is Jun Lozada proud to be a Thomasian in the first place?
  • And is Jun Lozada proud to be a Thomasian in the first place?

    Pst, ask Jun personally.

    'Wag na mag-insinuate ng kung ano ano. Baka maging bashing thread pa ito.
  • AltweggAltwegg PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    In one news report I caught on TV about the LSGH mass, I saw priests alighting from the UST bus.
  • It is not important whether ADMU or DLSU show a big force (of support to J. Lo) via media mileage.. who cares?? I still admire UST sa pananahimik nito, because UST believes in, "not let the left hand know what the right is doing"....

    UST does not babble like those hyp***tes are doing to get media's attention. It just making sure, it will support the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH in a quiet way...
  • Ganito kasi yun. Sa tingin ko hindi "mag-aalsa" at susuporta ng hayagan ang mga Tomasino kung walang konkretong hakbangin mula sa kaparian ng unibersidad. Siguro karamihan ng mga Tomasino ay suportado si Lozada ngunit hindi lang dapat ito sa pag-iisip at kalooban lamang. Dapat ay gumawa ng konkretong paraan (tulad ng pagmimisa, pagbigay ng pinansyal na tulong, etc.).

    Hindi naman kasi ibig sabihin na porke't nagpamisa na ang ibang eskwelahan ay media mileage na 'to.

    Ang akin lang pakiwari ay dahil na rin siguro sa malapit ang unibersidad sa presidente ngayon kung kaya marahil nananahimik ito. Alam naman natin na sa mga importanteng ganapin sa loob ng unibersidad ay madalas panauhing pandangal ang presidente.

    Siguro din ay dahil sa kilalang 'konserbatibo' ang mga Dominikano. Kaya pinili na lang nitong manahimik na hindi naman ibig sabihin ay pagsasawalang kibo.

    Pero mas maganda pa rin na magbigay ng HAYAGANG suporta ang kapariang Dominikano sa kanilang pinagpipitaganang alumni. Ang pagsuporta sa isang alumni ay hindi lamang sa pamimigay ng mga awards o kung anu-ano pa. Higit sa lahat, NGAYON kailangan ni Lozada ng tulong mula sa kanyang ikalawang pamilya, at yun ay ang UST kung saan siya hinubog at nagtapos.
  • markfroilanmarkfroilan 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    tama, malapit ang UST sa kahit sinong pangulo ng pinas, ang ama ng kasalukuyang pangulo ay isang tomasino kaya mahirap nga namang mangapa na lang at bumira ang UST basta basta
  • UST should speak up

    kaya hindi bumabalik ang mga alumni eh, hay.. :shrug:
  • Come to think of it, Thomasian Alumni has always been an indifferent lot, whether sa politics or sa sports, etc.
  • AltweggAltwegg PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I also would want a mass be held at the UST grounds, but, maybe it's not really UST's nature to 'grandstand.'

    I caught a news clip regarding TAMA (Truth and Accountability Mass at Ateneo) which said something to this effect, "sa mga isyung ganito nagkakasundo mapa-La Salle man o mapa-Ateneo." What's the connection? This is not the UAAP. A Christian Brother from DLSU who was interviewed expressed that, "ang isyu dito ay hindi ang pagiging La Sallista, Atenista o Tomasino. Ang isyung ito ay ang pagiging Pilipino." Perfectly said, but, there's something inside me that wants a mass to be held at the UST campus, after all, Lozada is Thomasian.
  • markfroilanmarkfroilan 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    UST maybe waiting for the right time and is at this moment hurdling in the dark. after all UST is frequented by the president in open forums and blessings of this and that new structure inside the campus. It cannot take the risk of directly having a contrast with the sitting president, that may be the reason for its subtleness. So we maybe in the neck of it all.
  • meron akong friend sa nursing.
    pinsan ng lolo niya si Benjamin Abalos.
    tinatawanan niya si lozada kasi sinungaling daw ito.
    at mas natawa pa siya nung sinabi ko na thomasian si lozada!
  • markfroilanmarkfroilan 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    I wouldnt title J.Lo as sinungaling in all of his expose's pero kanya kanyang version ng story and it so happens that lozada is consistenly telling his own version ofr his own sake, alanga namang for abalos and Fg sake. and whats more alarming to the adminstration officials is J.Lo's stories are consistent as opposed to the dwindling and kwentong barbero ng mga tagapagtanggol ng palasyo,,,,,,so its j.Lo version that they(senate) deem credible kaysa sa spontaneous errors ng pag kwento ng pamahalaan.
  • speed4334 wrote: »

    UST Mission
    The University of Santo Tomas, the Pontifical and Catholic University of the Philippines, a Dominican institution of higher learning, under the inspiration and patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas, commits itself to the pursuit of truth and to the preservation, advancement and transmission of knowledge in the arts and sciences, both sacred and civil, through the use of reason illumined by faith.

    The university affirms its role in the formation of men and women to become competent and compassionate professionals committed to the service of the Church, the nation and the global community.

    oo nga, parang tahimik lang sa uste ngayon. sana manlang nagpadala sila ng letter na to sa media para naman maipaalam sa lahat na we are supporting him.

    and by the way, mgakakaroon daw ng mass sa MARCH 4 sa UST Chapel, so ipakita natin ang suporta natin.
  • Altwegg wrote: »
    In one news report I caught on TV about the LSGH mass, I saw priests alighting from the UST bus.

    nkita ko rin yun, andun nga UST bus, tapus may mga bumabang pari.
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