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Books that are are not bestsellers, but good reads.

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This thread are for books na hindi bestsellers, pero maganda.

Maganda, as in, magandang basahin.

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  • yung blindness ba best seller? maganda yun :D
  • dreamality by bob coy.- nakita ko lang to sa booksale. good read to especially for Christian readers. 40 php n lang nung nabili ko
    prayer of Jabez - 250 yata
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  • Hmm, define bestseller? Paulo Coelho and romance novel type?

    I like Stones from A River (Ursula Hegi). A really good read.

    Reunion (Alan Lightman) is also good. Then again, after Einstein's Dreams, you can never go wrong with Alan Lightman.

    The Mermaids Singing (Lisa Carey) is really really good too.

    I'll think of more.
  • I'm not sure if these are bestsellers, but these come highly recommended whenever my friend and I trawl bookstores:

    The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
    The Book Thief by Markus Zusack (this, I think, is a bestseller, but it's classified as teen literature)
    any Jeffrey Archer book, but most memorably, As the Crow Flies and Kane and Abel. :) [yes, I'm a huge fan of his work]
  • I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith

    It's a coming of age novel set in the early 20th century. Ganda siya, it is a classic book but is fairly modern because of the time period kaya it is easy to read.

    The Class by Erich Segal

    Hmmm... this one is a bit popular but few people I know are familiar with it. It's about five teens who studied in Harvard and how their lives turned out decades after they graduated from this Ivy League school.

    Enchanted by Orson Scott Card

    If you like fantasy books, this is a good one. It's the retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

    Isip pa ako iba...
  • Depends on what you prefer. :> I prefer lite chick lits, so its good to browse in book sales for them. :> Book sales give a wide variety of amazing books not patronized by the mass. Like TART, EVERYONE IN SILICO, and GOOD FROG HUNTING. Well, Everyone in Silico isn't chick lit but it's nice. :> Books from book sales are hard to find, actually. :> Rare. :>
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    More replies please.

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