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Remembering Defunct PBA franchises

KevinDurantKevinDurant Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
PBA fans, don't you miss the teams in the past. Those teams that you love to hate when battling your fave team. Here's one..

Swift Mighty Meaty / Sunkist - One of the most feared teams during the 90's. Gave the league's regular contenders a run for their money. With Coach Yeng Guiao, as their first coach, he instilled a fighting heart for the team. Became more popular as they swept Pepsi Mega in the Finals. Tony Harris was the import back then. Made history by scoring 106 points in an out-of-town game against Ginebra.

Former players were Al Solis, a great 3-point shooter and also RicRic Marata. They also had Nelson Asaytono as main man back then. Before Meneses joined the team from Sta. Lucia. They also had defensive specialists like Eric Reyes, Yoyoy Villamin and Zaldy Realubit.

In the '93 season, Guiao made a bold decision, stating the they would cut their hair if someone beats them in the playoffs. That was one of the biggest news back then. However, SMB beat them at a game so they all were skinheads.Had import Ronnie Thompkins who helped them win the 1993 Commissioner's Cup title.

Boybits Victoria was drafted in 1994, and Kenneth Duramdes in 1995. Derrick Pumaren became their coach and won the titles in the season's first 2 conferences sans Alaska ( who would win the Grand Slam the next year).

They beat Alaska in the All Filipino Cup and then again in the Commy Cup with Ronny Grandison as their import. Meneses won his first and only MVP that year (and his final championship).

Meneses and Asaytono was the backbone of the team back then. Plus the improvement of Bonel Balingit. Many believed that they would win the Grand Slam that year with Stevin Smith as their import in the Governor's Cup. But Alaska has another plans and is about to begin their dynasty on the 90's. Sunkist did not even reached the Finals of that conference as Alaska then bannered by resident import Sean Chambers beat the Kenny Travis led SMB team in the Finals.

The following season they traded Yoyoy Villamin to Pepsi in exchange for Alvin Teng. In the 1996 season they began to struggle as they failed to win a title that year. But still they had the same core. But a mid season trade was completed that sent Nelson Asaytono to SMB in exchange for Ato Agustin. The management thought that an Agustin-Meneses tandem will be better as the rift between Asaytono and Meneses was there.

The following season they drafted Nic Belasco, to fill in the void left by "The Bull" at the power forward spot. But still the team went downhill as they struggled just reach the playoffs that year.

In 1998 they drafted Ali Peek, Brix Encarnacion and Jasper Ocampo. But the teams' struggles still continued. Norman Black was named head coach in search for a change. But he also had a disappointing stint in the team.The team also was coached by Turo Valenzona

Mid season of 1999 season they traded Vergel Meneses for Noli Locsin. Again they were always at the end of the standings. It was in 2000 that they signed Chot Reyes as their coach. They also rehired Asaytono and added Jojo Lastimosa.

The following year they traded for Johnny Abarrientos and Poch Juinio, letting go of Ali Peek and the disappointing Jon Ordonio. Also added Pido Jarencio, as they began to improve by each conference. Hatfield also was signed bt y the team.

However the SMC conglomerate bought this franchise which was owned by the Concepcion family. Other notable personalities from the team were Manager Elmer Yanga and owner Joey Concepcion who was always at the ballgames to support this team. They also changed names from Pop Cola Panthers to Coca Cola Tigers as SMC took over of the team.


  • the_BuGsthe_BuGs d ko hilig PExer
    ^ naalala ko yan... grand slam na talaga swift duon eh... nadisgrasya ng Alaska... pero pagkaalam ko ang puno't dulo't nuon eh si Meneses kaya nagkaroon ng hidwaan yung dalawa at nuong sumunod na season hindi na maganda pinakita ng swift.
  • taraso9taraso9 Band*by****** PExer
    1995 was my first full year of watching basketball or pba. naging idol ko itong buong sunkist team na ito dahil sila ang malakas nuon.
  • taraso9taraso9 Band*by****** PExer
    PG Boybits Victoria, RicRic Marata, Teroy Albarillo
    SG Vergel Meneses, Keneth Duremdes, Al Solis
    SF Yoyoy Villamin, Jun Paguinto
    PF Nelson Asaytono, Eric Reyes
    C Bonel Balingit, Zaldy Realubit

    Ito ata ung complete All-Filipino Line Up nila.
  • pepmanpepman Member PExer
    Great Taste/Presto- One of the great teams in the 80s


    Had different coaches but never stood up to the top. Notable players are Manny Paner and Loreto Tolentino.


    Getting Jimmy Mariano made the team into the top as he led them to the finals several times. But a controversial suspension made him out of the team as he was replaced by Baby Dalupan, during his time; Great Taste consultant. At the same time, they got Fil-Am Ricky Brown and gave the Gokongwei franchise many titles. As late 80s go by, they took in three-point stalwart Allan Caidic and made him the "Franchise Player" over Ricky Brown, who slowed down to SMB. As time goes by, they only won a single championship under him and they slowed down with the arrival of Dalupan's vice Bong Go replacing Dalupan himself to be its team manager. Games later, Dalupan went to Purefoods and gave them success (a position he would held until early 1991). As they slowed down, another coach came in to help the dismantling Gokongwei franchise. His name? Jimmy Mariano. The notable players of the decade are Ricky Brown, Manny Victorino, Abe King, Allan Caidic, Joel Banal, Joy Carpio, Frankie Lim, and Bogs Adornado.


    As Jimmy came in, he brought back the success once Presto had. To prove it to the other PBA teams, they swept the All-Filipino Conference (10-0) and won eventually the same conference vs. Purefoods in 7 games. That was the last time they would have smiles on their faces. Due to this dramatic finish, Allan Caidic and Gerald Esplana won the MVP and ROY respectively. Next year, they drafted Perpetual star Rene Hawkins to make the frontline of the Tivoli's strong. As he came in, downfall suddenly came to the team as they were slowing down placing lower than 4th. As to this, coaching changes were also held, first Bong Go came back. And second, Tommy Manotoc came in but sad to say, it went all nothing (even thou they had 1992 1st Pick Vergel Meneses) as they were disbanded.

    After 1992

    A championship-caliber PBL franchise came in to replace the Gokongwei franchise, the Santa Lucia Realty as they took in former Presto player such as Vergel Meneses, Bong Hawkins, Gerry Esplana and drafted Zandro Limpot to be the powerhouse team in the PBA.

    Did you know?

    Presto had so many names in the PBA. Here they are:

    * Presto Ice Cream Flavorites
    * N-Rich
    * Great Taste Discoverers
    * Presto Fun Drinks
    * Great Taste Coffeemakers
    * Great Taste Coffee
    * Great Taste Instant Milk
    * Presto Tivoli
    * Tivoli Milk
    * Tivoli Ice Cream
    * Presto Ice Cream

    Dami ano?
  • Big TicketBig Ticket Fortune hater!!!! PExer
    this is a pepman kind of thread....cut and paste from his favorite website, wiki.....
  • F-22 RaptorF-22 Raptor Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Crispa Redmanizers,One Of The Greatest Teams to ever play in the PBA.Certainly,the Greatest Team who disbanded.
  • magishinemagishine Banned by Admin PExer
    It was Alaska that beat Swift in the 1993 PBA Governors' Cup which led to the latter's players shaving their heads. The fans were even holding placards stating, "Alaska Hagupit! Swift Pagupit!"
  • shaq_attacks32shaq_attacks32 Mas CUTE and BIRD namin! PEx Expert 🎖️
    magishine wrote: »
    It was Alaska that beat Swift in the 1993 PBA Governors' Cup which led to the latter's players shaving their heads. The fans were even holding placards stating, "Alaska Hagupit! Swift Pagupit!"

    hahahahahaha :rotflmao:
  • theo78theo78 friend ng lahat PExer
    filmanbank, countryfair, cdcp...mariwasa, seven-up, beer hausen...

    well, hehe! =)
  • zjannyzjanny Member PExer
    Gallery Dominique-managed by Nikki Coseteng
  • ipisipis The Bug PExer
    kaya naman pala contender ang swift dati eh si coach yeng na pala ang may hawak. hahaha. akala ko dati (since 2005 lang ako nagsimula manood ulit ng pba na iniintindi ko na ang pinapanood ko) first team na cinoach ni yeng ay redbull haahaha.
  • GunnarGunnar Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Eto na miss ko. got this info from wiki:

    The Tanduay Rhum Masters is a former Manila Industrial and Commercial Athletic Association (MICAA), Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and Philippine Basketball League (PBL) basketball team.

    Tanduay Rhum was then a brand owned by the late Don Manolo Elizalde, the same owner of Yco Paints and other consumer items. At that time already, Tanduay was the number one selling rum in the world and was considered as one of the biggest and banner products that the country exported to other countries.

    Don Manolo was closely associated to Philippine sports, having been active in several fields like basketball, tennis, swimming among others. The Elizaldes have closely associates themselves with basketball -having formed the winningest Philippine basketball team of the '60's. Players who have donned the Yco Painters jersey back in the 60's included Caloy Loyzaga, Bonnie Carbonell, Ed Ocampo, Dading Cuna, Freddie Webb, and Robert Jaworski. Along with Ysmael Steel, the two teams established the biggest rivalry back in the '60's, not unlike Crispa and Toyota in the '70's.

    PBA days
    When the PBA was conceptualized in 1975, Don Manolo, whose team was actively involved in the MICAA and National Seniors, was one of the pioneers of the league when he joined forces with stellar businessmen like Domingo Itchon, Ricardo Silverio, Ernest Escaler, Walter Euyang, Emerson Coseteng and Danny Floro to break away from the BAP stranglehold.

    The Elizalde team, though competitive, never got to win a PBA title until Ramon Fernandez was taken in from a direct trade with Manila Beer for Abet Guidaben in the mid-80s. Top players who donned the Yco/Tanduay jersey included Freddie Webb, Mike Bilbao, Rene Canent, Valerio "Botchok" Delos Santos, Joy Cleofas, Marte Samson, Rino Salazar, Abe Monzon and Rookies of the Year for 1977 Jimmy Taguines and 1978 Jimmy Manansala. Imports who have played for Tanduay in the early years included Kevin Cluess, Odell Ball, David Payne, Bernard Harris, Gene Moore, Tim Hirten, Curtis Berry, Jerome Henderson, Bill Bozeat and 1981 Reinforced Conference Best Import awardee Russell Murray. The venerable Caloy Loyzaga handled the coaching chores of Tanduay mostly during the 70s. Some handles that this team used during those times included the Esquires, Distillers and ESQs. .

    It was in 1985 when they started to become a championship contender. Led by Abet Guidaben and Freddie Hubalde coming from the disbanded Crispa Redmanizers team, Tanduay became a team to reckon with and was able to secure other players like Willie Generalao from Gilbey's Gin (he followed his mentor Turo Valenzona when the latter was chosen to coach the team then), Abet Gutierrez, J.B. Yango, and Padim Israel. The 1986 and 1987 seasons were the franchise's banner years as they won 3 conference titles out of 6, including a pulsating 3-1 victory in the All Filipino against arch rivals Ginebra San Miguel. At that time, Fernandez was already suited up for Tanduay and was instrumental in bringing the crown to the Elizalde franchise. Two topnotch imports, Rob Williams and Andre McKoy likewise led the team to a 4-2 victory against Great Taste in the 1986 Reinforced Conference. Their arch rivals Ginebra placed 3rd that conference powered by imports Terry Duerod and Clinton Wheeler.

    After their first title, the whole squad brought the championship trophy to the grave of their late owner. The Rhum Masters followed it up with its second straight PBA crown winning the All-Filipino Conference over Ginebra San Miguel in the championship series. They also won their last championship in the 1987 PBA Open Conference defeating a powerhouse Great Taste team led by Philip Cezar, Atoy Co, Abe King, Arnie Tuadles, Bernie Fabiosa, superstar rookie Allan Caidic and import Michael Young. Tanduay, on the other hand, had its core players Fernandez, Hubalde, Israel, Yango, Generalao, Dela Cruz and added a devastating import in David Thirdkill who was a member of the 1986 NBA Champion Boston Celtics.

    A business blackeye occurred in late 1987 when a couple of Tanduay drinkers died allegedly owing to the liquor. This caused a major backlash in terms of sales as revenues collapsed and almost put the Elizaldes to bankruptcy. This forced the hand of Elizalde right hand man Pepito Del Gallego to disband the team, but not after Purefoods Hotdogs of the Ayalas was able to secure a deal with the team and the league to get their players as well as the luxury of getting five picks in the amateur ranks to beef up their lineup. Hence, Jojo Lastimosa, Glenn Capacio (another Yco player), Jerry Codi?era and Edgar Tanuan formed the rookie group of Purefoods that became the cornerstones of the franchise playing alongside veterans Fernandez, Hubalde, Yango, Generalao, Israel, Onchie Dela Cruz, and Totoy Marquez. Alvin Patrimonio (a former Yco player himself in the PABL), eventually joined the team after fulfilling his commitments with his last amateur team and Purefoods corporate rival Swift Hotdogs sometime in June that year.

    Eventually, the company was sold to Lucio Tan for a nominal price, thereby strengthening Tan's foothold on the beverage industry. At that time, he was still trying to penetrate the beer market that San Miguel dominated with brands like Beer Hausen, Beer na Beer, Manila Beer, etc. With Tanduay, he was guaranteed to have the number one selling non-beer liquor in the country, sales of which were even better than the present number one Ginebra San Miguel.

    Philippine Basketball League stint
    Tanduay later resurfaced in the Philippine Basketball League under the ownership of Lucio Tan and son Lucio Tan, Jr. Prior to the name change, they were known as Stag Pale Pilsen with Marlou Aquino, Bal David and Jason Webb in the lineup. The Rhum Masters won several PBL crowns under head coach Alfrancis Chua and players Eric Menk, Jomer Rubi, Chris Cantonjos and Mark Telan. It also held a PBL-record 18 straight win in the 1998-1999 Yakult PBL Centennial Cup but lost in five games to Doctor J Rubbing Alcohol, when the Centennial Rhum Masters blew a 2-0 lead in the best-of-five affair.

    After Tanduay's move to the PBA, Asia Brewery kept their PBL franchise, renaming it as the Colt .45 Strong One's with Ritualo leading the squad. Colt45 placed fourth in the 1999 PBL Challenge Cup before disbanding from the league.

    Return to the PBA
    In 1999, Tanduay made its return to the PBA as the league's ninth member. As part of the agreement, the league allowed six players from their PBL lineup to be elevated to the pro league. Tanduay also nabbed Fil-American Earl Sonny Alvarado as the top pick.

    In their first season, Tanduay placed second to Shell in the 1999 PBA All-Filipino Conference but their second stint in the PBA were marred by several controversies such as the deportation of alleged "Fil-sham" (bogus Filipino) Alvarado which led to a forfeiture of several Tanduay games during the 2000 season.

    In the 2001 offseason, Tanduay made soundwaves in the PBA when they signed Danny Ildefonso of corporate rival San Miguel Beermen a whooping 16-year, 98 million peso offersheet. The league though, nullified the said deal since it was believed that the offersheet violated the team's salary cap.

    Bong Tan also made a controversial comment calling the PBA, "a San Miguel league", a reference to a speculation that the PBA is favoring the then-San Miguel Corporation teams San Miguel and Barangay Ginebra.

    Tanduay left the PBA again after the 2001 season, selling its rights to FedEx and was renamed as the FedEx Express (now known as the Air21 Express).

    Players of note

    PBA's 25 greatest players
    Ramon Fernandez- "The Franchise" won his third MVP while with the team.
    Abet Guidaben
    Freddie Hubalde

    Other notable players

    First Tanduay team
    Raymund "Chuck" Barreiro
    Mike Bilbao #4, #40
    Rene Canent #18
    Eleazar "Ely" Capacio #15
    "Benjie" Cleofas
    Ricardo "Joy" Cleofas #16
    Ramon "Onchie" dela Cruz #9
    Roberto "Bert" dela Rosa #7
    Valerio "Botchok" delos Santos
    Angelito "Itoy" Esguerra
    Willie Generalao #42 - "The General", "Wily Willie"
    Abet Gutierrez #13
    Padim Israel #17
    Rey Lazaro #12
    Federico "Bokyo" Lauchengco
    Romulo Mamaril
    Jimmy Manansala #11
    Abelardo "Abe" Monzon
    Rino Salazar
    Tano Salazar
    Marte Samson
    Vic Sanchez #12 - "Rambo"
    Jimmy Taguines #44
    Freddie Webb #14 - "Fastbreak Freddie"
    J.B. Yango #24 - "Cuyapo Kid"

    Second Tanduay team
    Rene Alforque
    Sonny Alvarado
    Chris Cantonjos
    Jeffrey Cariaso - "The Jet"
    Jayvee Gayoso - "Mr. Adrenaline"
    Dondon Hontiveros
    Rudy Hatfield - "The H-Bomb"
    Pido Jarencio - "The Fireman"
    Bobby Jose - "The Firecracker"
    Noli Locsin - "The Tank"
    Eric Menk - "Major Pain"
    Dindo Pumaren - "The Bullet"
    Mark Telan
    Jomar Rubi
    Jason Webb

    Kevin Cluess
    Odell Ball
    David Payne
    Bernard Harris
    Gene Moore
    Tim Hirten
    Curtis Berry
    Jerome Henderson
    Bill Bozeat
    Russell Murray
    David Pope
    Rob Williams
    Andre McKoy
    Benny "The Outlaw" Anders
    Andy Thompson
    David Thirdkill
    Freeman Williams
    Ira Clark
    Ronnie Fields
    Maurice Bell
    Kevin Freeman
    Billy Thomas
  • neuezielneueziel Zion Rhino PExer

    The best PBA team Ever!
  • gcc888gcc888 Member PExer
    Big Ticket wrote: »
    this is a pepman kind of thread....cut and paste from his favorite website, wiki.....

    Hindi siguro from Wiki...Ang sama ng ingles puro sablay. I don't think wiki would allow posts full of grammatical errors.:D
  • Jay P. MercadoJay P. Mercado Moderator PEx Moderator
    Some of the less known franchises in the PBA:

    1. Carrier Weathermakers - best known for having Israel "Cisco" Oliver in their lineup in the 1975 AFC; owned by the Concepcions

    2. Noritake Porcelain Makers - a brand owned by the Cosetengs that also owned Mariwasa Honda and Galerie Dominique; best known for having Big Billy Robinson in the 1976 AFC

    3. Finance Funders - also owned by the Cosetengs - one of several brands used by Emerson Coseteng while running his PBA franchise

    4. CDCP Builders - owned by Rodolfo Cuenca, one of Marcos' cronies during the Martial Law years; had Jimmy Mariano and Jun Papa in their lineup along with tall imports Jeff Wilkins, George Lister (the brother of new SMB skills coach Alton Lister, an NBA veteran, and Edmond Lawrence; also used Galleon Shippers as their brand name; coached by former national team mentor Nic Jorge

    5. Winston Kings - owned by Lucio Tan of Fortune Tobacco; played one conference in the 1983 season and shared the franchise with Countryfair Hotdogs and Sunkist Juicers; best known for having Larry McNeil play for them

    6. Countryfair Hotdogs - played one conference in the PBA in 1983; had Rudy Distrito and Noli Banate in their lineup

    7. Tefilin Polyesters - the team that brought in Norman Black to the Philippines with future Commissioner Jun Bernardino as team manager; also had the eminent Jojo De Guzman play for the team after spending several years in the MICAA under the Manilabank team of the Puyats
  • F-22 RaptorF-22 Raptor Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Some of the less known franchises in the PBA:

    12. Noritake Porcelain Makers - a brand owned by the Cosetengs that also owned Mariwasa Honda and Galerie Dominique; best known for having Big Billy Robinson in the 1975 AFC

    Mr. Jay P. Mercado,
    If I am not mistaken,during that time,the Noritake Porcelain Makers had an import by the name of James Cornelius(Spell ChecK).I think he came with a visiting american team that played some exhibition games against Crispa and Toyota and after that small tournament ended,Noritake got James Cornelius(Spell Check) as their import for the 2ND Conference of the PBA that season.If my memory serves me right,he played pretty well for Noritake as they almost beat Toyota during the semi-finals of the 2ND Conference.Do you remember James Cornelis?If yes,could you please tell us more about him and what did you think of his value to his team?As for me,I felt that he was better than Billy Robinson and Cisco Oliver.

    F-22 Raptor,

    PS.By the way,if my memory serves me right again,there was another player from that visiting American team(Mentioned Above)who also played in the PBA that year.His name was Johnny Burke I think.He played for the Crispa Redmanizers and together with another import,Pete Crottie(Spell Check Again),they won the 3RD Conference of the PBA season that year.
  • Jay P. MercadoJay P. Mercado Moderator PEx Moderator

    Yes, James "Cowboy" Cornelius was part of the visiting US NCAA team that played a couple of exhibition games in Manila sometime in 1975. Cornelius, a 6'8 beefy forward, was definitely the better player compared to Oliver and Robinson, although what made the latter two distinct was that they have been playing basketball in Manila since the early 70's, including teaming up once upon a time playing for a Mariwasa Akai in the MICAA. Robinson was also able to bring two franchises to two finals stint - first with Mariwasa in the 1977 AFC (the first to break the Crispa-Toyota stranglehold) although the Panthers were lucky to have Robinson play in the AFC, and the other in 1978 with Filmanbank (also in the AFC that allowed Robinson to play). Cornelius teamed up with Robinson in the Open Conference (2nd Conf) of the 1975 season. My bad though, Israel "Cisco" Oliver was actually Mariwasa's reinforcement in the 1975 AFC, not Robinson as I wrote earlier. Robinson and Cornelius only came in the 2nd conference.

    Crispa had the tandem of the 6'9 Pete Crotty and the 6'6 Johnny Burks playing for them in the inaugural 1975 season., Crotty was a caucasian while Burks was an African-American. Like Cornelius, Burks was part of that visiting 1975 US NCAA team that played here in Manila and even had a minor scuffle against the Toyota Comets. Another member of that US NCAA team was James Payne, an import who played for the YCO Painters in the MICAA and brother of David Payne, an import of YCO-Tanduay in the PBA in 1977 and 1978.
  • AnthonyServinioAnthonyServinio Member In Focus PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Another member of that US NCAA team was James Payne, an import who played for the YCO Painters in the MICAA and brother of David Payne, an import of YCO-Tanduay in the PBA in 1977 and 1978.

    James Payne sired a son with a Filipina. Fortunate "Nate" Payne, a high leaping 6'4" forward, went on to have two professional stints in the old MBA with Iloilo (1998) and Pampanga (2002). The young Payne is back in the United States, long removed from mainstream Philippine basketball. He did apply once for the PBA draft (2003?) but was left unselected.
  • Big TicketBig Ticket Fortune hater!!!! PExer
    gcc888 wrote: »
    Hindi siguro from Wiki...Ang sama ng ingles puro sablay. I don't think wiki would allow posts full of grammatical errors.:D

    di ba atenista si pepman? hehe
  • Jay P. MercadoJay P. Mercado Moderator PEx Moderator
    Another obscure PBA name was the Quasar / Fiberlite team of the Concepcions. They took over the name of Carrier starting in 1976 but under the same franchise.

    Teams that had companies coming back:

    1. 7/UP Uncolas - was part of the league in its pioneer season until 1977 under Bill Senen. They folded up prior to the start of the 1978 season and most of their players were absorbed by Toyota's sister team Filmanbank. Their best local player, Danny Florencio, went to Toyota while Jimmy Mariano and Jun Papa were the star players of the Bankers. The team later rejoined the league in 1990 when 7/Up became part of the PEPSI Group of Companies. They carried the name 7/Up in the 1992 season where they wounded up second place in the 1992 Reinforced Conference.

    2. Tanduay - pioneer team from 1975 until they disbanded at the end of the 1988 season. The original team was owned by the Elizaldes. The Elizaldes sold the brand to Lucio Tan and Tan rejoined the league in 1999 as Tanduay Gold. They eventually folded up prior to the start of the 2002 season, selling their franchise to the Federal Express team.

    3. Sunkist - the brand that was known because of the triangular tetra pack first joined the league in the 1983 season when they were one of three brands that carried the franchise that season, the other two being the Manhattan Shirts (not Countryfair as I originally wrote in an earlier post as Countryfair took over in 1984) and Winston Kings. The brand was later bought by Joey Concepcion and was used to carry the franchise team in the 1995 season - the same year when Sunkist nearly copped the grandslam by winning the first 2 titles that season.

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