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did i made the right decision?

:( hay.im having second thoughts.help me naman po..wen i read the threads in the trash section in mapuaownage about the malayan issue and about mapua changing its name to malayan parang im losing hope, i really want to be a mapuan.pero mapua po ang gusto kong pasukan hindi m****** i dont want to waste my parents money kung mgiging m****** ako pag graduate,nakakalungkot isipin na kelangan nila tong gawin.pano na ang pinaghirapan ni Don Tomas Mapua?!!nakakalungkot,, isa ko pang prob dto lang ako nag-exam..huhu..na denggoy ata ako nung sa pinapirmahan nila sa application form..huhu.hay..

mga ate, kuya.can u give me the brighter side of this issue?:mecry: :mecry:


  • Yan rin inisip ko nung una. . . . ayoko maging malayaners. . . . ewan ko ba kung bakit dito parin ako pumasok. . . inisip ko nalang, pangalan lang naman yan eh. . . . importante para sakin maging magaling na engineer hindi yung kung ano-ano pa. . . .

    at saka ang alam ko hindi na ata papalitan ng pangalan eh. . may pinost si kuya tophe dati tungkol dyan. .
  • Just last week, I talked with a former professor of mine about this name-change issue because I was quite startled when I read somewhere here in the internet that says "Malayan University, formerly Mapua Institute of Technology". And I asked him straight, "Is Mapua still 'Mapua'?"

    ...and he said "[HIGHLIGHT]Yes[/HIGHLIGHT]". :)

    Exactly 3 years ago, we've shown resistance on this name-change issue. The school administration said that Mapua will be retained, only for the Engineering, Architecture and Computer-related programs. To give you an idea of how this works, let's make an outlined form of the administration's proposal:


    Mapua Institute of Technology (College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Studies)
    E.T. Yuchengco School of Business (College of Business Administration)
    St. Lorenzo Ruiz School of Health Sciences (College of Medical-Related Programs)
    School of Languages, Humanities and Social Science (College of Arts and Letters? )
    Malayan High School of Science

    ^ The 3 succeeding 'schools' are currently part of "Mapua Institute of Technology (Intra and Makati)", except for Malayan HS of Science (but it also functions as the "Junior Mapua" though). These 'schools' will then breakaway with the "Mapua" name once Malayan University materializes.

    What the administration apparently did that time was changing the corporate name -- not the official name. "Malayan Colleges" is the corporate name of Mapua. But "Mapua Institute of Technology" remains to be the official public name of the school up to the present time.

    I do not have personal knowledge if this will still push through or not in the coming years, for they have had everybody confused as to what is the final word but considering that YGC has made another school named "Malayan College", located in Laguna, that is already in operation, the name-change of Mapua is absurd but I am not setting aside the possibility of a universal school under "Malayan" in the future.

    But one thing is for sure though... students in technology-based programs are safe as far as "Mapua Institute of Technology" is concerned. If you're taking up Nursing, or other programs out of engineering and architecture, you're not in good position (that is if you have high regard with the name "Mapua").

    The Alumni Association (NAMA) will not let the name MAPUA be erased and the organization vowed that it will resist any plans of deliberately eradicating such historical name; completely removing it is like removing Don Tomas Mapua in the limelight of Philippine architecture and engineering history. That's foul! :angry:Kasi kung mangyayari yan, wala na kaming babalikan na eskwelahan. Wala na tayong identity.


    Now if you think you made the right decision...
    ... I think so. :)
    You're taking up engineering, aren't you? So there's really nothing to be afraid of if you're too conscious about the name for it will not change... at least, for us engineering & architecture peepz. :D
  • ^kaya nga po.nung sinabi ko sa momy ko ung tungkol sa issue na to tanong niya sakin,,"kung di sa mapua san pa?!san pa ang magaling?"..kasi sabe nung drei dun sa ownage..kung batch 2006 and lower ka ..were not sure if we would bare the name mapua in our records pa.sbi pa nga bka wla na ni isang trace ng mapua na matagpuan sa records namin..hay hay..:(
  • ^ And how sure is he on this information? I doubt the veracity of your source's statement.

    Again, as what I've said, the idea of pushing through with the plan of a total name-change remains, up to the present time, vague.

    What we know is that the corporate name (or SEC registration name) is already "Malayan" for 5 years now. But that doesn't mean, that they are going to push through with it. There are consultations that have to be done before going through the process of totally changing the name.

    Don't be too bothered by it. It will remain as "Mapua".
  • Mapua will remain as Mapua in our hearts. Don't be bothered with these controversies such as this and that. Just keep in mind that Mapua will still be Mapua although Malayan has damaged the school's reputation.

    i have to share this with you guys..

    i've read in my Go Negosyo book, in the "50 Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurs" that Vivian or Vivienne Tan (not sure of her first name), Lucio Tan's daughter was then planning to buy Mapua Institute of Technology when it was on sale by the real owner back then. Unfortunately, another Taipan offered an amount in which Vivienne couldn't compensate, so that the Taipan had the ownership of the Institute. And that is Yuchengco. Vivienne now owns the Thames International School which sends the student abroad on their higher year.

    What came into my mind was, if Vivienne was the one who had the ownership of the Institute, our Mapua would remain as Mapua, for she stated in that book that only wanted to establish, if not establish, buy an existing school and bring it to the top, so that it could go hand in hand with other private universities in the Philippines which she mentioned as La Salle and Ateneo. :depressed:

    But Yuchengco has a net bigger than that of Vivienne's alone (without the help of her father Lucio Tan).

    At the end, to answer the thread's concern,
    i think, choosing Mapua as your training ground for engineering is still a wise choice, for the Institute has a great reputation in technology-oriented courses. Companies have chosen Mapua as one of the schools to prioritize in engineering industry and other related courses. Just think that even if you are graduating with a dirt blotted by the name changing controversy, you'd still be different from the majority for you would then have suffered from the tough system of the Institute. You'd have your self satisfying feeling that you are not just a mere student for you are holding the name of Mapua. *okay* *okay*
  • basta pag engineering Mapua pa rin po ang name nyan. parang ganito Malayan University- Mapua Institute of Technology. kasi sa America ganun din ung style for example Massachusetts Institute of technology Sloan School of Business. another example National University of singapore Lee Kwan Yew school of something.
  • You still made the right decision. It's basically the SEC registered name that was changed. You'll still be a Mapuan! I mean... with tophe's elaborate explanation about the school names... Mapua is still in, clearly.

    But you go handle your own stuff first and graduate. :D NAMA and other Mapua supporters will handle the situation for sure, for students, alumni and for all of us!

    Basta Mapua is Mapua! Period!
  • killernoodlekillernoodle PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    wala naman tayo magagawa, yuchengco saved mapua, kaya may right silang palitan ang name, syempre ang gusto nila sa kanila ang credit hindi sa mapua family, un nga lang mawawalan na tayong identity, malas!
  • ^ Not really. In fairness, they didn't remove the MAPUA brand - it's still there. :)

    Besides, MALAYAN isn't that bad a brand either.
    The school is owned by one of the top, most prestigious and influential business groups in the Philippines. It just cannot be brought down easily.
  • The important thing is...Mapua stays with engineering and archi.And ofcourse the school of IT..Ano pa ang silbi ng Technology sa MIT kung wala ang tatlong discipline nayan.
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