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I hate show bands!!!

What do you guys think of show bands? (Side A, Freeverse, Retrospect, etc)

I think they're a menace to the local music scene, since they do mostly covers of foreign songs, and never promote original pinoy music. I'd kill if I hear them doing a cover again of Play That Funky Music or any song by EArth Wind & Fire! (to the delight of all the yuppies, I might add...) grrr.gif


  • ALvs^ALvs^ PExer
    yeah i agree...am sick and tired of those songs..

    on the other hand, there are bands who come up with original songs... and they're really good too... aside from the foreign songs...i think they're ok...

    i like passage...
  • yeah. basta they should stick to their original songs nalang, diba? i think that's better than doing covers of yuppie songs.

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  • nowlnowl PExer
    I totally agree with you. Bands who do covers all the time ain't nuthin special. It's just like goin' to a really hyped up karaoke bar or sumthin'.
  • ZenZen PExer
    Nakakasawa na kse madaming ganito ang ginagawa. And I never did like Side A...
  • some of these bands are really talented... but the thing is, they can't do anything if people still ask for those songs.

    i really don't mind them doing cover version as long as they change the arrangements and put a little spice and give a new flavor to the song. pero kung ganun pa din... di bale na lang. chances are, may cd na ako ng song na yun.

    kaya lang... enough of those play that funky music... i say hey, hey... september... songs.

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  • There's a word for it: SELL-OUT.

    Hello Ms. SkaRLa!! Welcome to PEX! :)
  • PEPSSSS!!! naks kinig ka lagi ba? kainis kanina, tawa kami ng tawa ni joey, di siguro naintindihan news ko, hahaha!
  • beware.gif

    .... pero why the hell they earn more than we do? Who's got talent?! thinker.gif

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  • I despise them...specially when they start singing "Buttercup" or "Always something there to remind me". Hate, hate hate them

    But most pop bands simply cover other songs coz they don't have songs of their own and people aren't that ready to listen to their own stuff yet if they do have some. They have to start somewhere.
  • i hate nothing more than those showbands who cover the walang-kamatayang JUST GOT LUCKY.. oh and yeh BUTTERCUP too!
  • Sometimes it's also the fault of the audience, the people who listen to the music. These kinds of people aren't usually open to new songs and would think it "boring" is they hear something that they just heard. They always want to hear the same thing weekend after weekend after weekend.... and so on.

    So I say: give the bands a chance to do their own thing.
  • I actually know people who hate the music that showbands play but are in showbands anyway because the pay is good. I don't particularly like them either, but if people seem to enjoy their music, let them be. At least they're happy with it.

    It would be great though if the general populace could learn to love OTHER kinds of music. :P
  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I extend the show band coverage to those who play in bars for live entertainment. They can't help it, that's what the audience wants.

    I recall this topic because I was blasted with showbands at last night's EB, and didn't feel like dancing at all - I prefer dancing to electronic bar music.

    But, the band was inspired enough to break out from the standard stuff and play two noteworthy songs:

    <LI>Rock N' Roll by C&C Music Factory. They did a good approximation of the sequencer work, and the drummer did a good drum machine act.
    <LI>All Star by Smash Mouth. This got me to my feet in a thrashing mood.
  • I definitely hate Pinoy show bands!!!
    Why can't they stick to their songs?!?!
    Take Side A for instance, they have produced a lot of good songs pero anong ginagawa nila every concert and gig, they sing new wave, pop, alternative, boy band, and other songs done by other artists which are really annoying. I bet they never even tried to have a concert singing only their own songs. Another one is Freestyle whos into foreign R&Bs .... seeeshh...why can't they just sing and be proud of their songs. You can't blame also the audience because Pinoy bands were the ones who started it all. Asking the audience "what songs you wanna hear?" Any requested songs will be played" tsk tsk... What if U2 performs here in Manila, will you have the guts to ask them to sing other artists songs? I think only Pinoy bands do it and I hate them for that. Not to mention most Pinoy Bands revive OPM and Foreign songs just to have an album. Take First Circle for instance, their carrier single for their album was a revival from an OPM song made recently by Iaxe, ano ba namang klase yun? Revival nah nga, carrier single pa...sheeesh!
    Pinoy show bands must stop doing this...How can you be proud of our Pinoy Bands if they themselves cannot show off their own songs? Just try to imagine this, Side A concert doing all their best songs in one night except their revivals and other artists songs, now that would definitely be a REAL concert!

    Stop Piracy! Like what they all say...But pls also stop reviving other songs!...Make your own and be proud of it!
  • The funny thing is that Side A has enough original material to do an entire show with just their songs. I would love to hear every single original from the white and blue albums, among others.

    I'm a bit more liberal about doing covers. I enjoy playing, and I do aspire to write my own music. However, as of now I just want to get together with friends and jam songs by other people. When I go onstage, my group plays entirely covers. But it's not because of any desire for acceptance. It's because we haven't gone out of our way to write anything.

    I imagine that a lot of bands start out that way -- as friends that just want to play. Sometimes, it's easier to win a crowd over by keeping to familiar ground.

    But it does get out of hand. And the budding songwriter within feels really bad.

    Sometimes I go to watch a gig of an alternative artist like Barbie's Cradle or Cynthia Alexander, and my friends get bored because they don't recognize what they're listening to. Sometimes, the business savvy among them whisper to me that "they should do more covers" and my heart bleeds for the unappreciated artist onstage.

    Someone should pass a law stating exempting albums with all-original material from taxes -- or at least provide some kind of incentive for artists to write their own music. If not, we're going to end up as brown people trying to sound black and lose whatever musical identity we've claimed to exhibit.
  • I found out that the Philippine audience in general is not receptive to music that they have not heard played by what they would consider to be an "authority" (i.e radio stations, MTV). Unlike in the US or in Europe, a nameless band has the hardest time of making itself known by gigging, or even fronting for known acts. I've been to shows where people booed unknown yet talented bands off the stage, not even giving them a chance to exhibit their talent. Even those who claim to be "rockers" or at least non-mainstream would only listen to a song when it's famous. Example: The song Drive. I've been listening this song from the Make Yourself CD since its release (almost two years now). I made several people listen to it, and they blew it off as "boring" and "not hard enough". Well, whaddyaknow...two years after it's played on the radio and a video comes out on MTV. Now they're singing the chorus (not even the whole song) like there's no tomorrow.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. I just wish that people would listen to music for themselves, not because Carson Daly or Donita told them to.
  • to me the "showband phenomenon" is the biggest plague in the music industry today. it's like a cancer eating up the industry's guts. i just can't believe that a lot of people, especially the club owners, still haven't got enough of these singing/dancing dogs! wala tayong magagawa, 'yun kasi ang kumikita e. ang hirap hirap maka-penetrate ngayon sa market because they(club owners) are simply not willing to take the risk. lalo ngayon, krisis, d'un na ko sa siguradong kikita. it's just frustrating for us musicians because much as we want to offer something new, much as we want resuscitate our dying industry, the doors are tightly bolt. guess who's inside, SHOWBANDS!

    i would love to see the day when there would be a resurgence of legitimate songwriting bands. much like the glory days of the dawn, identity crisis, eraserheads, rivermaya, advent call, yanno, isama mo na rin 'yung introvoys, alamid, after image, etc. some of them are still very much around, but i'm referring to that era na 'pag sinabi mong banda, may sariling tunog, may sariling kanta, at 'pag nanood ka ng "live band", mostly originals ang maririnig mo. may mga covers man, hindi 'yung mga palagi mong naririnig sa radyo.

    ang hirap talaga maging musikero.

    that's why i'm very excited about PiMP. wala pang 'tong definite direction, no concrete plans yet, but i believe this would be a very good venue for musicians to share their music to a broader audience. maybe start a revolution of sorts, tipong astig ka 'pag affiliated ka with PiMP, the crucible of progressive music! the source of pure and unadulterated talent!

    mabuhay ang mga musikero!
  • oo nga... i had a band and iniwan kami ng drummer namin at nagshow band na lang siya dati... bad trip nga ako nun kasi ang gusto nya e pera at hindi yung reputation as a musician e... kakainis!!! :silly:
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