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Tongits - the most addictive card game ever.

Hi guys! I have just released version 1.0 of Tongits, a shareware game I've been working on for the past 2 months. It runs on Adobe's latest runtime technology, AIR. This game is a fully revamped version of my old open source Tongits game released a few years back.

You can find more information at the site:

Download Tongits

Tongits Blog

I will greatly appreciate any feedback!

Here's a screenshot of the game:



  • Neat. Will definitely check this out sometime during the weekends.

    Wait, I heard it correctly, right? "Shareware"?
  • zocirzocir Member PExer
    Yup it's shareware, there is a 10 trial use limit. But if you don't close the game and don't shut down your PC you can theoretically play forever without needing to register :)

    Registration fee is $15.
  • zocirzocir Member PExer
    Hi guys, I just slashed the price from $15 to $10. I'm also giving away 50% discount coupons bringing the final price down to $5!

    See Tongits website for more info.
  • hey there... there's already n online game for playing TONG-ITS! check this out: http://playtongits.com/iphone-contest/ro*cky romano

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