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THOMASIAN law studes d2 thread natin ha.. keep on posting

special mention to class of 2010

section 1-g= s.y.2006-07
section 2-aa =s.y. 2007-08
section 2-a = eto section ko sa pub.corp. kay ASG amy javier.

uste le mejor !!!!!!!!!!!!
viva sto tomas!!!!!!!


  • cno hotchik sa UST LAW......

    ako meron bet
    c carissa dela cruz ng 1st yr. 1aa. super hot. ( kaso air head. hahaha)
    kayo meron kilala?
  • AleanceloAleancelo guapo PEx Expert 🎖️
    I'm not from UST Law (im from the Malcolm Hall) but I met some hot chicks from the Faculty of Civil Law many years ago (you're still in grade school then). They're beauty queen Star Querubin (Lex Aequitas), Bernadette Yanson, Cherrie Arenas and Nyzel Zamora.
  • u mean star querubin, yun hinalikan ng manila councilor na c danilo roleda? who is Bernadette Yanson, Cherrie Arenas and Nyzel Zamora.

    so U.P. ka pala... i saw u post din sa Letran thread, r u from Letran?
  • AleanceloAleancelo guapo PEx Expert 🎖️
    No, I'm not from Letran but I have some friends who came from Letran, both HS and college. I'm from San Beda high, DLSU (undergrad) and UP law.

    Bernadette Yanzon or Bedette (Bar 2000) ain't really strikingly beautiful na tipo na mapapa-wow ka. But she's got the so-called X-factor. In fact, may dalawang UST law students pa ang nagsuntukan dahil sa kanya (her boyfriend and another who wanted to take a chance at her). She took her undergrad at Miriam and she's a former classmate of another Letranite who went to UST Law (then transferred to San Sebastian) Hazel Nuyda, who I think teaches Political Science at Letran. Bedette is now the legal counsel of Philcomsat.

    Cherrie Arenas, UST Pol Sci ('96) grad then took up Law at UST. Lady-like and friendly.

    Nerissa Rhona "Nyzel" Zamora (Class of 2001 but admitted to the Bar in 2006) is small and petite. Daughter of a former "Hanging Judge" Romeo Zamora. Took her undergrad at Miriam College.
  • ^nag-ojt kame dati under the sala of Judge Romeo Zamora when he was still a judge at branch 94, rtc of qc. i saw his daughter at one dinner party. she's really pretty and meztisa. UST grad pala siya.
  • may magandang prof dyan sa legmed...Atty. Enriquez....she's still there ba????
  • ^i believe so. she even teaches persons, if i'm not mistaken
  • hi lady revolver what yr. kna pala.... juz askin... as far as i know wala eh c Atty. Ng ang Legmed namin... cguro nasa medschool c atty. enriquez... hehehe..
  • ay mistake pala lady revolver... wat yr. ka grad... so ur a lawyer na ba? hwhehe sorry i tot stude ka pa hehehe.
  • atty Ng. was my class mate batch 2004 yan...Si Atty Enriquez, doctor na yata yan....Ah! maybe what you mean is that she is teaching in med school...Si Atty Rene G. andyan pa ba???
  • yes maam atty. rene gorospe d2 pa. hehehe poli and consti expert. may book na rin cya on consti ang kapal nga eh. buti na lng he wasn't my consti and poli prof. i was under atty. dela cruz sa poli and justice agcaoili sa consti... how bout u? so are u in the goverment service na? or in private practice... nice to hear a fellow thomasian here.. musta naman in the real world? dami kana panalo na cases? were u under sena? was cesar santa maria ur classmate? or atty. hector calilung?
  • lady revolver wat affiliation mo sa USTE LAW?
    Astrea? ordo? regina? or lex aquitas? hehehe juz askin lng po maam.
  • hong jun, i never had any affiliation sa UST Law. Pero may mga friends ako from the groups that you mentioned.
  • yes they were my batch mate......panalo cases....hmmmmm....meron na rin......
  • attyatlast watch batch po kayo? r u in gov't service or private practice... hehehe wow!! talaga? ka batch mo po c atty. cesar and atty. hector? wow!!!!
  • to atty. ladyrevolver... wer po kayo work now maam... hehehe and wat batch po kayo? r u also in the academe?
  • AleanceloAleancelo guapo PEx Expert 🎖️
    ^nag-ojt kame dati under the sala of Judge Romeo Zamora when he was still a judge at branch 94, rtc of qc. i saw his daughter at one dinner party. she's really pretty and meztisa. UST grad pala siya.

    Actually, crush ni Nyzel Zamora, Judge Zamora's daughter, si Aquil Tamano, younger brother of Adel. Aquil took his undergrad at UP (where he joined the Sigma Rho), then his LLB at UST where he became the president of the Law Student Council (dinaan sa "face factor"). Nanalong president dahil mas maraming female law students (he defeated a guy from Suprema Lex). Nakalaban ko na iyan sa basketball sa Conflicts of Law. He's now a State Prosecutor in Lanao del Sur and teaches law at the Mindanao State U.
  • ^i remember aquil. gwapo ba sya? maputi lang. haha!
  • Future Thomasian lawyers... visit nyo naman ang www.ust.net.ph ...register na rin kayo...
  • hay....our turn to take the bar...hehe :) super goodluck
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