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Did Sec. Raul Gonzalez(s) really have a kidney transplant?

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Did Sec. Raul Gonzalez(s) really have a kidney transplant?

He appears to be very healthy and active and jaunty, for a guy with kidneys busted to the depths as to require a transplant to continue staying alive -- barely.

He visited in a surprise appearance the Bilibid Prison, which is no place for a guy with a kidney transplant -- on my own idea of a kidney transplant survivor.

I have seen people with kidney transplant: they are very weak, they retire from active job, they stay home and keep rested.

And I have seen one or two going about with a face mask covering their nose and mouth, obviously to prevent any infectiously harmful living matters from getting inside them as to spoil their adopted kidney.

Or all that story in the papers about his having a kidney transplant donated by his driver, all that was just a PR gimmick to garner sympathy from the citizenry to go easy on him; because we Filipinos are suckers for anyone who appeared to have suffered a personal loss or even just a major medical lapse and to have recovered.

Think Maid Miriam, she could not have won her present term in the Senate if not for her younger son having committed suicide earlier, ironically on which occasion she promised the deceased son that she would leave politics altogether, but before the year was over she was into politics again and won her present term in the senate, as a Palace candidate to boot, of GMA whom she hated very vocally some time back when her conveniently acquired patron, Erap, was already ousted by street mobs, and she was into also similar street mobs to return him to Malacanang.

Just my two cents worth of curiosity.


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