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what can you say about Father Lao?

what can u say? sha ba ung tinutukoy na rektor na nangungurakot? bakit sha umalis sa letran?


  • onthebluecorneronthebluecorner PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Hindi na kasi siya naiboto ng mga dominicans.

    Okay naman siya. Maraming pagbabago, pero nung huli ng term niya medyo nagkalapse of judgement na siya. hehehe
  • "this [the Colegio] is a business institution"

    -- Edwin Lao,O.P. during a convocation sometime in 2004 or 2005
  • he did well but not enough.
  • Everyone has their own flaws and imperfection that's why it is unavoidable for him to be a subject of some criticisms. I've heard a lot of negative feedbacks about father Lao's management. One of those is that about the budget issues of the colegio and his relationship with the staff of the school. In my opinion, I would say that he did what he think is good and has a good intention but it turned out that the results were more of a negative one especially the feedbacks from some students and staff alike.
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