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[Merged] Does physical appearance play a vital role when looking for a job?

"Beauty is only skin deep"

Is it really? But why do a lot of companies tend to be biased towards the more beautiful applicants? Talent and skills, sometimes, aren't necessarily a guarantee that you'd land your dream job. There just are some factors, although not in anyway relevant to how well you can perform your job, that seem to affect your chances of being hired, factors like physical beauty or aesthetic imperfection.

Case in point: I have an aunt who graudated ***** LAUDE from the UST but found herself unable to land a job even years after graduation simply because some people from the Recruitment dept. of companies she applied to didn't find her that pleasant to look at. This constant rejection eventually got the better of her, she lost her confidence and the drive to apply for good jobs she is very capable to handle and got herself contented with just having her own sari sari store.

How can some people ignore this kind of talent, having graduated from one of the finest universities in the land (and with latin honors at that), just because of a very shallow reason?! Sure she would be required to face the clients from time to time but are these clients that dumb to see the brilliance behind what some people consider to be a not so pleasant exterior?

Also, i've noticed that those who've got the "looks" from my batch did not really have a hard time getting hired right after graduation. While i'm perfectly aware that being beautiful doesn't equate to being dumb, there just are some circumstances wherein beauty preceeded intelligence and skills as bases for landing a job which i think are utterly disturbing.

Are these remote cases or are they just realities that we should learn to live with?!



  • absolutely, as in 15% higher gross salaries for males and as much as 25% higher for females. that is, if we are to believe the figures in time magazine.
  • physical appearance is very much important. this not, however, in the sense that those who are handsome or beautiful gets the job but you must "look smart". first impression is important since they do not know anything about you. they are just basing your capabilities on your resume.

  • You dont have to look really good but u have to look decent enough for a job. ;)
  • oo naman..ganyan naman talaga ang society natin eh palaging pabor sa mga magaganda...kahit hindi masyado matatalino eh naangatan pa nila yung mga intellectuals sa kahit saang fields...

    lalo na sa trabaho nga kasi naman yung iba tinatanggap nila yung magaganda para meron silang mapagpantasyahan sa office hehehehe....kaya yan ding mga magaganda na yan ang usual victims ng sexual harassment sa workplace di ba?....kung sabagay yung iba naman eh nag eenjoy sa attention at ginagamit pa nila ganda nila to climb the corporate ladder...
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    It doesn't matter, if you're working for us. Visit our office and see for yourself how ugly we all are. ;)

    It depends on the job. If they're looking for models, flight attendants (maybe), or those bimbos who hang around at car shows, then of course beauty matters.

    But there's very little we can do about our beauty, or lack thereof, without having to spend a lot of money. What we can do is to be neat and presentable. Wear clothes that are clean and pressed, shoes that aren't muddy and too worn out. Your future employer might not remember what you wore yesterday, but it'll be harder for him to forget "the guy in the shabby clothing."

  • what if may apply na dalawangng babae dyan sa inyo...
    yung isa maganda at matalino din naman, alam mong she can do the job well

    at isa namang pangit pero she can do the job a bit better....

    masasabi mo ba na you wouldn't give extra points kay maganda? hindi ba maapektuhan ng ganda nya yung impression mo sa kanya even in a small way na makakadagdag sa possibility na ihire mo sya?

    or definite ka na si pangit i hire mo?
  • galing ni makatas! maganda yung tanong niya! bilis KuyaDanny, sagot! curious na ako kung ano ang isasagot mo! :)
  • don't take it literally..

    juzt try be decent when going for an interview.. (no matter wat u really look like!) i think datz it ;)
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    You want the truth, makatas? My answer is:


    After all these years, we have not had a situation where we had to choose between a "pretty and OK" and a "better but ugly". We have been lucky that in all our selection opportunities, we have found people who are so outstanding that their appearance really did not matter. So I have to admit that I have no experience with this kind of situation, and I could have a problem if this ever happened to me.

  • aticusaticus PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It also depends on the nature of the work. I think you'll have to accept that people who are hiring, say, stewardesses, would hire the prettier one. I'm not saying it's entirely fair, but you have to understand the mentality of the employers. They need to hire stewardesses not just who are capable of handling the procedures necessary in the running of a plane, but also who can seem more pleasant and more pleasant to look at. If hiring the prettier one helps build more business, then they are well within their rights to hire her.

    That said, however, I think what people have to look at to determine fairness or unfairness is the MOTIVE behind the hiring. If the girl was hired simply because the job interviewer found her cute and wanted to be near her, then there would be a serious problem, because not only would the "less pretty" lady's rights be violated, but even that of the pretty one who was so objectified!

    I think the only legitimate motive for hiring a prettier one is if you're in a high-visibility job that requires some element of looks (such as stewardesses, fashion models, etc...). And then, ONLY AS AN AID TO THE BUSINESS, and not as an aid to romantic aspirations. :)
  • Di rin advantage ang maraming maganda at gwapo sa opisina dahil mas magiging productive at concentrated ka sa trabaho mo pag parepareho kayong pangit sa opisina nyo nah tulad ko.
    Kung madaming maganda sa opisina eh di hindi ka nah nakatrabaho sa katitingin sa kanila. :P

  • In fact, there was a study done regarding how physical appearance affects the employment of the individual.

    thesis sa UP yun eh, AB Economics
  • I work as a jr. exec. in my company and it's true, almost all companies like to choose the "beautiful/handsome" over the "average" but I'm not saying that it's the attractive looking people who always get the job, NO!!! All of them have to have their records checked by their boss and all of those who are "intelectually qualified" have to undergo a trial run.... PERO I have to be honest with you guys.... ang napapansin parati eh yung mga magaganda at gwapo! Pero hey, that doesn't mean na left out na yung "average" guy ha!? The average guy has to work a lot harder... at para mapansin talaga siya eh he/she has to surpass their "gwapo/maganda" rivals in terms of intellect, wit and competence. Pero oras na natalo mo na yung mga magaganda't gwapo eh ikaw na lang talaga ang papansinin ng mga superiors mo! :) I admit it's unfair pero mas satisifying yung feeling when you know that you've been chosen for your mind rather than your looks, diba!? :) Sa case ko naman, I have 3 beautiful secretaries... as in, they're really gorgeous! At first, I had my doubts choosing them coz baka nga lang pang-facial value lang sila pero I was pretty impressed by their academic records.... aba, puro mga Dean's Listers ang mga ito!!! Consistent Dean Listers to be exact! :) Well, I've been working with my 3 secretaries(I call em my Charlie's Angels):angel: for more than 2 years na and we all managed to pull thru and become very successful in our field that we are the favorites of our company! ;)
  • On the other hand, how about those companies who judge you by your academic records but don't seem to appreciate your potentials as a creative, resourceful, practical and street smart professional. Sometimes, its those who lag behind academics who generate ideas from human experience, and not from thick books on management theories. With all due respect to scholars, I'm a masters student so that gives me a subjective impression too.


    In my company, I remember a few whispers by some colleagues to our friends in HR... "kunin mo naman para sa department namin, yung maganda" "even worse, kunin mo naman yung mukhang hot and wild". Of course these are just jokes but most often that not half-meant. You have to face it, sometimes, the human dark side messes with professionalism. Afterall, its the people that makes an institution and not the other way around.

    In our department, the manager makes sure that whoever she chooses must be capable of getting along with us. Our job requires team work so she can't afford an anti-social amongst us. One time, there was this ***** who applied. I heard he had latin honors in college. He was denied. Our manager said he wouldn't get along with us and would probably even destroy the atmosphere of teamwork in the department. It not fair for the poor applicant, but its also a disaster to the department to take him in. You see, its not a matter of discrimination that determines your acceptance. Its compatibility to work. Well of course, those with pretty faces end up with more compatible jobs.

    Minsan naman kasi, sa pagdadala na lang yan eh. May pangit na nga, saksakan pa ng nene. Konting confidence naman. No one is ugly until another says so. At kahit sinabi pa niya, ikaw pa rin ang magko confirm non. Good Looks and Pleasing Personality di ba. So kung walang good looks, eh di idaan mo sa pleasing personality.
  • One way of gauging if the company is an equal opportunity employer is if they don't ask for your picture when you send your resume. If they call you, it helps to know that you got the interview because of your credentials.
  • I guess being ugly or even being average doesn't mean you would not get the job you want. I admit it is always very hard to land a good job especially if you are considered an average student during your school years; but when I get turned down by a company. I feel more determined in improving my skills and eventually one can land into the job he or she likes. If that company calls you after two years, I won't mind working for them as long as I know that I would also improve my own skills when I work for them. As job hunters, we should always remain professional amidst the reality that some companies hire based on beauty even if the work does not demand physical appearance or gender whatsoever.
  • i agree, di siguro exactly "physical beauty" ang hinahanap but self-confidence. and even if the attractive people get the job unfairly, they won't STAY on the job for long if they really are unfit for it. let that be our consolation... hehe

    glassnoodle, di ba most companies really do ask for a recent i.d. pic, super konti lang hindi humihingi! usually mga multinationals pa ang hindi humihingi.
  • Originally posted by tina11
    <<<s n i p p e d>>>
    glassnoodle, di ba most companies really do ask for a recent i.d. pic, super konti lang hindi humihingi! usually mga multinationals pa ang hindi humihingi.

    Yup. It's usually multinationals who don't. Sad but true. Hopefully, local companies will follow this line of thinking soon.
  • unterbewu?tunterbewu?t PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    From my experience, suffice to say that physical appearance does matter. Dressing well really helps, although I doubt that having physical marks (such as scars and the like) make too big a difference.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Physical appearance does matter, but as cherub mentioned, it doesn't mean you have to be beautiful or handsome to get a job. One should be neat, and pleasant to look at. The interviewer only has a few things going for him - the resume, the transcript of records, and the interview. How much really can you find out about a person with those things? Whether we like it or not, our physical appearance may be considered a reflection of what's inside, of how we work, etc. If someone has dirty nails, then we can think that that person is 'lazy' - if he's lazy to clean his nails, then he might be lazy with work.

    However, sometimes 'beauty' is important and a 'requirement' for certain jobs.

    If the people who are running the business are serious with what they're doing, bottomline is they will hire based on skill. Of course it will help if the person is attractive - they're going to see this employee every single day.

    Honestly, if you have two applicants who's equal in everything - school, course, interview, exam score, resume, etc, but Applicant 1 is prettier than Applicant 2, whom are you going to hire?
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