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Fight-or-flight response (STRESS response)


ano ang personality ninyo? may personal inquiry lang.

We are not born to control the deeper level of our minds ( subconsciousness). It's a learned behaviour, it comes with a technique and art. Western medicine is just starting to accept that mind-body is ONE. (If you are dualistic or non dualistic, this is not an issue.)

The Natural behaviour on stress response can be classified into fight or flight reaction? Both are harmful in extreme cases, it can cause abnormal behaviour such as anxiety, phobia etc. This behaviour can hinder and affect our daily lives because we're getting the wrong signal in the brain- perception that plays on the subconsciousness level and instincts that embedded in our unconscious mind. We no longer live in the jungle, hehehehehehe, so, it is irrational to behave like we are in the forest, flight and fight response is defense mechanism of survival. Apparently, many experts believe that in the next generations, human development will be on the brain, the accessibility of our subconsciouss level is our tool to adapt in the ever changing environment ( there will be little change in human physical features). Majority of us use only 8-10% of higher level of consciousness. We already have the knowledge, we just have to apply it.

Have you ask yourself? Are you more of a fighter or flighter? Or maybe you are the one of the unique highly evolved human ;) who have confidence of complete control of your life?;)


  • jmromanojmromano Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Miss mam psychiatrist, mas maganda siguro kung may mga set of questions ka na binigay na sasagutin namin, and then from our answers, you try to figure out what kind of personality do we have.*okay*
  • you try to figure out what kind of personality do we have.

    binigyan mo pa ako ng trabaho dito.

    Let me try....
    There is no right and wrong here, non-judgemental/non-critical mind is the key to see the honest and clear picture, ok?

    Are you a fighter?? nahhhhhhh!!

    I think, you're like a fly (maybe), its not that humans don't like them. Maybe because they can be noisy that can be annoying to some, but quick to run away. But, heyyy.. they serve the purpose in our eco-system, insects provide food for many animals, they are part of the food chain. So, you are special in your own way ;) Insects are here to stay, eg. coachroaches are the same age with the dinosaurs. Imagine, 80% of animals were killed because asteroid impact, but many insects survived. So, i think, you should be greatful that you're a survivor. Happy with that?
  • jmromanojmromano Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Pambihira, kababalik ko lang ginawa na kaagad akong insekto. grabe talaga dito sa Pex.

    Anyway mam, happy na rin ako sa resulta ng evaluation nyo.:D
  • ayaw mo yan? palipad-lipad ka lang, sarap nga ng buhay insect, huag ka lang pahuhuli!:lol:
  • ayaw mo yan? palipad-lipad ka lang, sarap nga ng buhay insect, huag ka lang pahuhuli!:lol:
  • jmromanojmromano Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Happy na ako maging langaw for being a "flighter", kesa maging "fighter" ako at baka maihahambing mo pa sa isang dung beetle.

    Kung tingnan mo kasi yung dung beetle, palagi siyang nag wrestle with that ball of dung. yuk!?! and that makes him a "fighter".
  • JongaJonga Banned by Admin PExer
    i fight if cause my own stress

    i flee from anything apart from myself, that causes stress on me
  • jmromanojmromano Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Parang napaka-lalim naman ng sagot na yan. di ko tuloy magets.:(

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