Ilang days bago makapagwork ang na explore laparotomy due to small bowel obstructio

hi..i just wanna ask, kung ok na friend ko bumalik sa work niya. Last december 6 siya na operahan, explore lap due to small bowel obstruction, wala naman ni resect sa intestine niya, so mga 1 month na..Now he wants to go back to work, ang worry ko lang, masyado physical ang work niya, kaya i just wanna ask sana if ok lang na work na siya ulit..Please reply. Really need your opinions mga ka pex.Thanks a lot.


  • marblesmarbles Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Has he consulted with his surgeon for follow up? Since we are not familiar with his case, his surgeon is the best person to answer any queries he might have regarding his health.

    Yes, a month after surgery (sometimes even 2 weeks) is enough for some patients, although it also depends on the type of surgery they had and the type of work that they do.

    What kind of physical work does he do exactly? If it involves carrying heavy loads or other strenuous physical activity, I would advise for him to rest for a few more weeks so as to allow the skin and the tissues to regain most of its normal capacity and strength.
  • lihmd8lihmd8 Member PExer
    thanks marbles.:)

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