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May It's Time to Dwell on Marcus Aurelius

I offer no apologies to those who disagree with my thoughts relative to that article, "To a Godless Few;" nor will I embellish those opinions of others who seem to advance the very idea that they are the masters of their fates and they alone answer to their actions and/or indiscretions and not to any beholden power or authority.

I, therefore, challenge my critics to look deeper into the life of the Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius. He was a Stoic and is known for his Meditations. And to quote a famous author, Irwin Edman, this much is the gist about a man who found inner peace in spite of the the overwhelming odds he faced as he tried to preserve a crumbling Roman empire against those barbarians by the Danube.

"For the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, there is every reason to believe, were meditations, written by the emperor to comfort himself while he was a general conducting an ultimately victorious but difficult campaign in a long discouraging war. It is a book we overhear rather read. It is the voice of an eminently placed , lonely man talking to himself to keep up his courage, trying to persuade himself that if all goes wrong, it cannot be too disastrous to a free spirit, nor if all goes well, can success be distracting to an independent mind."

I burnt the midnight oil, doubted my own cardinal beliefs about life and death, and restored my lost sanity given the emperor's following quotations, and herein I quote to wit:

Meditation No. 16: If you will return to your principles and the worship of reason, within ten days you will seem a god to to those to whom you are now a beast and an ape.

Meditation No. 17: Do not act as if you would have lived ten thousand years. Death hangs over you. While you live, while it is in your power, be good.

Meditation No. 25: Try how the life of a good man suits you, the life on one content with his portion of the whole, and with his own just acts and kindly disposition.

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