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Bedroom Designs for Toddlers and Kids [Merged]

Hi there

i am planning to redecorate my kids' bathroom and bedrooms. Any good resources i can check out with pictures?

by the way anyone know a good but pratically priced furniture maker? for my kids room:)


  • hi, boy or girls bedroom? i just checked ikea and pottery barn magazines for new trends. my advise? keep it simple and plain. the kid's toys, wall hangings and accessories will give the life to the room.

    for furnitures, i would recommend the palo china furnitures. they are reasonably priced, sturdy and if you want a colorful bed, ok lang to paint it other than wood stain. :)
  • ok thanks will try to check it out
  • sis,sm dept store dami dun ikea look alike =)
  • honeymom
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    Hello Momsies,

    I want to design our children's room. I am not that creative as some people are that's why I'm having a hard time designing it. The size of the room is just average, not that big.

    Please share some of your designs that are attractive and educational. Also, if you know a site where could I get some ideas, please do share as well.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to All!!!:bashful:
  • ski_JeRZe
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    ^ I loveeee IKEA! I have to go there and get some photo frames :)
  • honeymom
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    tina11 wrote: »

    Thanks for sharing..I love it!:naughty:
  • Hi everyone! If you are looking for wall stickers for your babies'/children's nurseries or bedrooms please visit my site at -- I'm also selling star projectors, perfect for your little one's rooms as well. :D
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    maybe din you can try leaving part of a wall free as your child's free canvas... bahala sya what he/she wants to paint on it, put on it, etc...
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