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Something that turned me on

Ok, kagabi I went to a party... and may isang woman doon na at first didn't really seem that much. In fact, She's below average in the looks department. Consequently, hindi ko siya masyadong napansin, my attention was on other people.

That is, until she began talking.

She's was SOOO confident! Her tone of voice, her body language... she was so sure of herself. This wasn't a maria clara type, but also she wasn't bossy. She was just... her. You can see she's authentic, and is not afraid to be herself.

There was something about her. She had an attitude, and yet it wasn't a dominating kind of attitude. She's one of those gals that you know is going to be passionate sa kama.

I got turned on observing this, I had to talk to her. I was able to when paalis na siya. Nung pauwi ko, I was still day dreaming of her.

RAAAARRRRR!! I'd like to ravish her! :grrr:
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