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RIP: Prof. Alfredo E. Macareg

I learned of this sad news when I stopped by the MIT-Civil Engineering Faculty last Monday. There's this circular about SLHS' Prof. Alfredo E. Macaraeg's demise. A professor told me that he died last week (Tuesday, November 27, 2007) after suffering a heart attack.

He was my professor in ENGLISH 3, 4 years ago and he was a great professor. He was then the adviser of the Mapua Tekno Teatro, and he always invites us when there's a program of his advisee. He's a fun professor, cracks jokes when everybody seems to be getting bored. Not a terror prof but doesn't tolerate laziness, irresponsible students.

Mapua will surely miss him. :(
May he rest in peace.


  • rip..

    nag turo din ba sya sa makati? :(
  • I'm not sure if he taught before at Mapua-Makati.
  • What??? Dead na si sir Macaraeg?
    Can't believe it... Hindi ko man siya naging prof eh I heard a lot of good things about him.
    Tsktsktsk... Life is so short...
  • ^ Yeah. Daming nagulat dun sa pagpanaw niya.
    Sayang nalibing na daw nung Sunday. :(

    Typo- error. **it's supposed to be Macaraeg, not Macareg in the thread title. My mistake.
  • dethgawddethgawd PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    damn prof ko siya sa JRizal dati may he rest in peace
  • drei221drei221 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    he was my professor during my freshman year circa 1993. ENDB104 yata yun tapos room N306 pa classroom namin.
    we used to live in the same village sa laguna before. i remember he had
    a bypass surgery sa heart or something before i graduated. RIP sir.
  • sigh_hwatalyfsigh_hwatalyf PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    whoah!!! really!? he was a great prof.. really cool!! prof ko sya sa humanities 2..

    i always see him sa corridors esp. sa may registrar... prang kelan lng yun a.. bilis nmn.. rip.
  • Prof ko siya 3 years ago in English 3! One of the well-respected in the DLHS department and in Tekno Teatro. I remembered cracking jokes with him during classes and recitations...

    R.I.P. (/sob)
  • wow kahit hndi ko sya naging prof. ang dami ko naririrnig about him lalo na at CE ang course ko.
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