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letran Law students/ lawyers

antonio silang (class 95 polsci) UST
fritzie tangkia- class 95 = U.P. top 10 sya
darwin icay - class 97 = san beda
arnel irog= class 97 - arellano law
sherwin closa class 97 = F.E.U.
j.b. boni casares = class 98 = san beda/ arellano
ma. kathryn ong = batch 2006 = UST
Deonino Uy = UST
sara cachuela = San sebastian
sheryll dungca = F.E.U.
Rommel Reyes = class 94 = MLQU

any letranites outthere who r lawyers na. or still takin up Law. eto thread natin ha.... keep posting



  • and i'm just wonderin' kung sino ka sa mga yan..

    di ako isa sa mga to dahil 2008 pa ako mamartsa.. this guys are currently taking up law

    Ian Encarnacion - FEU
    Nino Liwanag - FEU
    Gerald Santiago - PUP
    Brian Bautista - UST (daw)
    Sonny Balao - Arellano (dunno his status)
    Melvin Silvestre - UST


  • yup nino liwanag is one of my classmates sa f.e.u parehas cla ni sherlyl dungca..me....
  • jim gerald pe = UST ( letran polsci)
    GP allan Sindo = UST ( letran Philo)
  • hmm... anung batch ka hong_jun? nakakapangilabot eh.... hehehhe!
  • onthebluecorneronthebluecorner PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Alam ko si Temanil Achilles nag-Law. UST ata,

    Zoe Lucman, AC batch 2007 - Ateneo Law School
  • kaw good belzeebub, r u a letranite? are u takin up law?
  • i am and always will be.. letran poliscie po

    not yet taking law proper, but hopefully will be taking it soon..

    your turn... :glee:
  • AleanceloAleancelo guapo PEx Expert 🎖️
    Hazel Nuyda (polsci 96)- UST then San Sebastian, i dunno kung nakatapos siya; Lex Aequitas Sorority
    Cesar Ona(polsci class of 96 din siya)- UST then MLQU. Naging member pa siya ng Aegis Juris Law Fraternity sa UST.
    Luis Christopher Ballelos (high school class of 1992)- UST Economics, Lyceum College of Law (2002 Bar)
    Zaldy Abong (high school class of 1990)- San Beda then Arellano Law (I dunno know kung nakapag-take na siya ng Bar)
  • onthebluecorneronthebluecorner PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    May mga Letranites Bar Tpnotchers din tayo lalo na dati.
  • lalo na dati...

    sana ngayon din.. well, mas ok sana kung magooffer nang LegMgt ang letran.. We have a lot of competitive and the best profs in the said field.. Moreso, they are practitioners which i also see as an advantage.. and through that they will also get into better lawschools like ateneo

    PoliScie on the other hand, hones the critical/analytical thinking kind of approach, which could be used by the lawyers.. Kumbaga, sa legmgt theoretical knowledge, sa poliscie attitude formation... parehong mabangis na course pa.. heheh!
  • AleanceloAleancelo guapo PEx Expert 🎖️
    ^^Don't forget the high school alumni who also excelled in other universities and became lawyers.
  • Happy New Year! Arriba!
  • Hmmm....lalabas kaya pangalan ko dito sa thread nito? Hehehe

    3 years na ako nagtatake ng law.
    Sa Letran polsci batch ko, sa 11 na nagtake ng San Beda Law entrance exam, ako lang yung nakakuha ng blue slip na "PASSED", hehehe.

    Mabuhay ang Letran Polsci!

    Btw, naging prof ko si Hazel Nuyda dati sa isang subject nung 1st time niya nagturo sa Letran polsci, nasa San Sebastian Law na siya nun, member yata siya ng sorority ng Suprema Lex sa UST Law at pinapabili kami ng libro niya kaya natandaan ko hehe.

    When I met Ian and asked him bakit hindi siya kumuha sa San Beda Law, he said "kukuhanin lang ng San Beda Law yung pera ko", hehehe, so true.

    Nag Dean's List pala nitong 1st sem si Johnsen Salazar(known as "Ice" in Letran) of Letran Polsci batch 2004, currently in his 4th Year in FEU Law. Ayan na special mention kita :P

    In my polsci batch, as of the moment:

    1 is in Arellano Law (from SBC Mendiola (1 sem) to SBC Alabang (2 sems)

    3 in SBC Alabang

    3 in San Sebastian (from SBC Mendiola, two of them 2 sems, one 3 sems)

    1 in Perpetual (from SBC Mendiola (2sems) to SBC Alabang(2sems)

    1 in FEU Law (from SBC Mendiola (5sems)

    1 in SBC Mendiola (6sems)

    1 hindi na tinuloy after matanggal sa SBC Mendiola(2sems) at San Sebastian (1sem)

    As Ma`am Rivera would say, magagaling talaga mga Letran Polsci, nung early years ng Letran Polsci in the mid 90's sa UP Law majority nakakapasok. The best gumawa ng recommendation letter si Ma`am Rivera nung nagentrance test ako sa Ateneo Law hehe.

    My parting words, walang kwenta yung curriculum namin nung time namin sa Letran, kami yung last polsci batch sa curriculum nun, since it trains you more to become a "Diplomat" than a would be law student/lawyer kaya walang knowledge ang na-carry over nung nagstart ako ng lawschool.

    My advice sa mga graduating Letran Polsci, take these Law entrance exams in this order:

    1. UP Law
    2. Ateneo Law
    3. San Beda Law
    4. UST Law

    Kung hindi pa pumapasa...

    5. FEU Law
    6. Arellano Law
    7. San Sebastian Law
    8. UE Law
    9. Perpetual
    10. Philippine Law School

    Kung wala pa rin, hanap ka muna ng trabaho :)
  • onthebluecorneronthebluecorner PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I am a BS Accountancy grad from Letran Manila and I am planning to take up law. Can you give me advice on what to expect in a law entrance exam?

    Oris it better for me to take up my Master's instead?
  • I am a BS Accountancy grad from Letran Manila and I am planning to take up law. Can you give me advice on what to expect in a law entrance exam?

    Oris it better for me to take up my Master's instead?

    In the law entrance exams I've taken (UP, Ateneo, San Beda)

    my comments (just my opinion ok)

    UP's law entrance exam - well madali lang siya, it just covers the basics(kung nagaral ka nung high school mo, ok ka na) and there's an essay in the end, but as "The Great Examiner" would say, "yung mga nadalian sa exam ay yung ang mga hindi naintindihan mga tanong" (can't remember the exact quote, but that's pretty much the translated version) Btw, UP only gets the top 200 students in the country, the first 100 who did well in the exam are shoe-ins, the next 100 students depends on the interview.

    Ateneo's law entrance exam - more on reasoning, basic logic and hypos. To pass, you must not only perform well in the exam, 95+ percentile rank but your college transcript should be breath taking or malakas talaga ang "hatak" mo, alam niyo na yun.

    San Beda's law entrance exam - basic math (lahat kaya sagotin mentally), basic english, etc, but yung barometer ng exam kung pupunta ka sa passed, waiting or failed, depends on what you get sa last part ng exam (the one before the essay question) and it is the logic. Yung mga shapes, what comes next, what is the pattern, etc., dyan majority na dadale.

    Should you take up law or a masteral?

    You're the only one who can answer your question my friend. You can also be a CPA Lawyer.

    Just remember, that the legal profession is not a business, its primary concern is the administration of justice and public service.

    But if you want to have both after 5 years, try DLSU-FEU's Master of Business Administration-Juris Doctor Dual Degree Program.

    Hope that helps.

    If there are more questions, don't hesitate to ask :)
  • onthebluecorneronthebluecorner PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^ Thanks.

    I have a friend, also a Letranite, who entered Ateneo Law. She has red marks in her transcript, but she was still accepted in Ateneo law.
  • hmm.. may pagasa pala ako sa ateneo.. heheheh!
  • onthebluecorneronthebluecorner PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Arriba Letran!
  • 5 Pol Sci students took the UP LAE last November. Results, according to peyups, will be released probably on the first week of February.
  • well LAE ... hirap pumasa dun.. advice ko lng since ur coming from a dominican skuls.. eh syempre we go to a dominican Law skul d ba... go to USTE " when i was in 1st yr. law sabi ng mga prof ko sa law skul " there is only one university recognize in heaven" hahaha ows!!! anu po yun Atty: sabi nya The Royal, Pontifical, Catholic University of Santo Tomas.. hehehe. incidentally that prof. is also a Letranite Atyy. Hector Villacorta letran e;em, h.s , College, tapos UST LAw .. mga 19 70's cya nag grad... Beda? i dont know cguro u heard what happened to beda lately d ba they did not place anyone in the top 10, tapos marami pa nag exodus na prof. sabi ng mga frend ko na from beda beda is medyo skul bukol ryt now.. sabi din nila yhe quality of Law educ. in Beda is going down in 4-5 yrs time kasi nawala na yun mga terror and maggagaling na prof. opinion lng nila yun... try nyo rin...
    Ateneo? is ur rich go to admu and if u are a man for others.. heheh.. Me i advice u people to try and see USTE..... dami din letranista dun,, and u will feel at home dun.. ok mga peps dun...and ofcourse the learning environment..

    addtional letranites in Legal Profession

    Christian Austria = Baste and MLQU ETO C WENG ! WENG! rotc OFFICER.
    Delsa MAlibago+ MLQU = WAS MY PROF.
    Raquel Betonio = Arellano ( 2005) pOLSCI TO, CRUSH KO NGA TO EH..

    Myst FEU LAw ka? wat yr. ka na ba?
    juz askin lng po
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