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PointlessPointless still learning PExer
Hey, conference finals last season and a good performance early this season tells me they deserve their own home... Jazzfans, this is your place right here *okay*


  • vince 15vince 15 mavs41nowitzki PExer
    Finally, a non-outdated thread for the Jazz! :D
  • thescenethescene Member PExer
    It should be interesting to see who comes out on top between the Jazz and the Nuggets in the division.
  • Seeing Boozer take more jump shots gives me weird flashbacks of Karl Malone. Deron Williams - a stronger and not-so-dirty version of Stockton. lol.

    Could you believe that AK has a max contract with the way he's playing? tsk tsk
  • vince 15vince 15 mavs41nowitzki PExer

    I actually think AK47's been doing so much better this year than last year. I'm not saying that he deserves his contract, but at least he's more productive now. The one who's really underachieving this season is Memo. Luckily, Brewer has stepped it up a notch while Millsap continues to be a great energy boost off the bench.
  • thescenethescene Member PExer
    Well thy won today against the Sixers. They seem to be underachieving against the teams from the East. So far they have a 5-3 record against the East.
  • PointlessPointless still learning PExer
    The loss against the Knicks was painful for me... Imagine, the Knicks???!! After coming off of a good win in Detroit, tsk tsk...

    Despite their lineup, I'm not quite satisfied... Quite surprised that AK's got a max contract, but as long as he does what he does best he's worth it (imagine an SF being in the top shotblockers list).

    Too bad Harpring's not getting playing time, I think he should be one of the main reserves aside from Millsap (can replace the 2, 3 and 4 positions).

    And yes, with D-Will and Booz running the show, one can't help but remember Stockton-to-Malone. Hopefully Boozer develops his scoring ability further, last year's playoff series with the Spurs proved that he's still got a lot to learn.

    Nice to have some Jazz fans respond to the thread *okay*
  • vince 15vince 15 mavs41nowitzki PExer
    20, 11, 11, 6, 4

    Mr. 5x5 strikes again... well, not quite, but almost! And he did it without a single TO! I hope AK47 plays like this for the rest of the season. :D

    Oh, and Deron had 35 points, too. The Jazz played like they weren't missing two of their four best players tonight.
  • klonoaklonoa Member PExer
    Whenever I watch the Jazz play at home, I count how many black people I see. Its like Where's Waldo? - only harder.
  • I knew it. Kirilenko reads this thread and only cares about what I have to say! Thanks, Andrei! Keep up the good work!
  • Alpha_GreenAlpha_Green raise ur bloody standards PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Besides, Kirilenko and William's great performances, two reasons why they didn't miss Boozer and Okur that much in the game against the Lakers.... Paul Millsap and Fedenko.

    Although not really a scorer, Millsap did more than was expected of him during the game. As usual, he was a monster of the boards but he provided more points than needed.

    That new center they got from the Development League, Fedenko was not bad. Although he still looked kinda lousy, he mad key rebounds in the game and made his presence felt using his big size. This somehow made up for the loss of Okur and Boozer. For a moment I thought he was Ha Jeung Sin. They kinda look a like.
  • have you guys seen fesenko's interview vids in youtube? kinda funny, hehe

    hooray for the undersized PF/C millsap! i think they should trade okur for a defensive-minded C.
  • vince 15vince 15 mavs41nowitzki PExer
    Fesenko looks like an overgrown high school kid. That's exactly how he way he played against the Lakers as well. The kid's an eager beaver.
  • PointlessPointless still learning PExer
    The Jazz are on a losing streak? Tsk tsk, they're still not top tier calibre, unable to get wins against San Antonio and Dallas...
  • Alpha_GreenAlpha_Green raise ur bloody standards PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    They already have a "modern day Stockton" in Williams and a "modern day Malone" in Boozer and maybe a "modern day Byron Russell" in Kirilenko who might be even a better stopper than Russell. They even have a better modern day center in Okur who is way better than Greg Ostertag. A "modern day Shandon Anderson/Howard Eisley" in Brewers and CJ Miles. A "modern day Chris Morris" in Matt Harpring and maybe a "modern day Antoine Carr" in Paul Millsap.

    What they are lacking is a really good shooting guard. Maybe an all star calibre if not close to being an all-star alicbre. They need a modern day "Jeff Hornacek". Although Giricek is good, he is still far from being a Jeff Hornacek.

    hehe, although I hated that Utah Jazz team of old sometimes you kinda miss the old lineups of teams...
  • vince 15vince 15 mavs41nowitzki PExer
    They need a modern day Mark Eaton! :D
  • :lol: @ Mark Eaton

    Utah will be in the second round. They can beat Phoenix, methinks.
  • Alpha_GreenAlpha_Green raise ur bloody standards PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    They don't need to. Kirilenko and Boozer could take care of the blocks the rebounds.
  • vince 15vince 15 mavs41nowitzki PExer

    I was kidding! You pretty much covered all the Jazz players from the past so I decided to throw Eaton in the mix. After all, he did average 5.6 blocks per game during the '84-'85 season and 3.5 blocks per game throughout his entire career.
  • PointlessPointless still learning PExer
    But I agree with the Mark Eaton comment, they need a center that can cover the inside defense and help out with the rebounding, not a center that hangs around at the 3 point area. I don't know about you guys, but I think they can afford to lose Okur in exchange for a guy who's more of a defensive presence in the inside. I dunno, it's just me.

    WTF, 4 game skid???? A loss against Portland???
  • PointlessPointless still learning PExer
    5 game skid??!! Hehe I should've checked first before posting here...

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