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Plans for 2001

another year again so, any plans for the new year or changes in your life . . .


  • Pyket: really? that's cool! i grad'ed from UP diliman just this Oct. I actually know a couple of people fr Ateneo. What batch ka in HS? I was a regular SEP-er noon hehehe. That's really good that you're bent on pursuing that program you like. I had a hard time deciding on what i really wanted to do in college. It was just when I was IN that program that I actually realized whether or not i liked it. THat uni you plan on going to is a good one. I might get my MBA from UQ a year or two from now. I have to have work experience muna kasi eh. Tell me more k? if you want, email me @ [email protected] or [email protected]

    Cali4nia: kamusta na? i havent been able to post lately cos my hours @ work have been terrible....pair it w/ the xmas season pa so talaga naman....maloka-loka ako! LOL

    7's baby: hiya! did you get my xmas txt? Super lag ata or whatever noon so i don't think you got it cos you never replied...anyway, we gotta talk soon & plan on that feb visit of yours! :-)
  • Hey Nikki-doods...haven't seen ya for a while. Take it easy at work...k. How you handling the irate customers...mabagsik ka ba...hehehe?

    Back to the topic NewYorkBabes: New Years Resolutions that I'll hopefully stick to are better grades as an undergrad so I can still have a chance to get into a decent grad school here in Cali, make my monthly payments to 24 hour fitness worth it this coming 2001, go on a low carb diet NO MORE RICE..yeah right, read more motivational books and put more effort into my prayer and bible reading time. Ayayay another year, another time to bloom :D
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