fearless forecast for mmff 2000 awards night

vertigovertigo Lasalista! ✭✭✭
guys, the awards night will be held tonight.
do u have any idea on who will emerge victorious?
haven't seen any of the films so I can't give my personal choices, but I have ricky lo's forecast:

Best Picture: Tanging Yaman
Best Actress: Gloria Romero (Tanging Yaman)
Best Actor: It's a toss between Dolphy (Markova) and Eddie Garcia (Deathrow)
Best Supporting Actress: Dina Bonnevie (Tanging Yaman)
Best Supporting Actor: JOhnny delGado (Tanging Yaman), although Patrick Garcia and Carlo Aquino (Sugatang Puso) might pull a surpise.

How about u, (especially those who have seen most of the films) what's your take?


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