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Hello everyone. Now that the X-Mas has passed, are you going to celebrate the New Year with yer family or w/yer friends? Well, how about doon sa overseas, or talagang malayo sa pamilya? Are you going to stay at yer house? Go to a club? or what?


  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Usually, both! I spend New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with my family. Then at night, I go out with my friends. No plans for this year yet, but most probably it will turn out that way. :) Just like Christmas - I was with my family Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I went to Katips with my friends at night. :)

  • During Noche Buena and Media Noche, I always make it a point to spend the time with my family. But after that, gimik to the max with my friends ang mangyayari.

  • actually i have no choice! :D
    new year's eve we usually have a party because it's my pamangkin's birthday jan.01. new year's day naman family reunion. it usually is a whole day affair. sometimes fun, sometimes not. depende sa host family. pero shempre enjoy na ren because daming masasarap na food! :yum:

    friends.... text lang and fone calls... :D
  • Always with my family. :)
  • Originally posted by Zen
    Always with my family. :)


    Me? I'll do it with my friends...
  • meeh, ill stay in the house lang and be with my beloved family! :D my friends din naman are in their homes kaya tawag na lang sa kanila!

    Happy New Year One and All!!!

    Ciao baby!:angel:
  • i'd love to spend new year's with my friends but it's not that likely to happen.. quite impossible actually.
  • I spend my New Year's Eve with my family and friends. My friends (barkada sa village) always spend their eve at my place. Saya diba? Tapos tuloy inuman!!! :)
  • 'corz family muna...when the clock ticks at 1 am...i'm outta the house and off to makati with mah fwends!!!:D pahteeee on till the break of dawn...:lol:
  • definitely with my family :D:D:D

    LED... pwede naman yon ah!!! barkada kami nung bro at mga pinsan ko eh.


  • Happy New Year!!! pipol:)... i'm neither with family nor friends... i'm at the office working:bleh::lol:... hmmm teka, but since my officemates are my friends too... then i'm with friends:D...hehehe tama ba logic nun?
  • Happy New year peeps... :)
  • okay..
    8:30---church with barkada(that includes mom and her amigas)
    10-12--house with family

    la pa ko tulog!
    i hope and pray na this year would bring us peace, health, joy, happiness and wealth...

  • gasolinegasoline PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    my New Year's Eve was one of a kind. No Media Noche, no fireworks, no nothing.

    I dont know why but there was sumthin so different about my holiday the past year. I spent xmas alone too. But instead of feeling bad, i felt really satisfied, refreshed and sumwhat happy.

    I ate my dinner at exactly 8 in the evning last nyt while watching TV. At 10 I prepared the couch where i wud sleep, light my scented candles and took a quick shower, at 1030 i was comfortably lying down at the couch with a book at my hand and only the candles as my light.I turned the cd player on and listened to Radioactive Sago Project CD. Yes, with Gusto ko ng Baboy and Humanap Ka Ng Pangit as my background,I celebrated the coming of year :D. While firecrackers started to blast and sounds from the kid's torotot started filling the new year's air, i was havin a solemn moment with myself :) . No tears though, coz I know I was peaceful. I have no regrets whatsoever, nor blame my parents and friends for not bein with me.Because I know, in the coming years or so, I wud always look back to this experience.

  • :) Spent xmas eve with familia also xmas day, New years with friends, going out to din then clubbing....
  • CoolCucumberCoolCucumber PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ako laging pamilya ang kasama ko. Busy rin kasi ang mga kaibigan ko spending quality time with their family, eh. :bungi:

  • bsta pakso at new year magkakasama ang pamilya namin.
  • i always spent christmas and new year with my family.
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