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    So pretty! :love:

  • ^ i miss emma's long hair
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  • New Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Posters http://tinyurl.com/2dnoqyw
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    ME LIKEY! *okay*
  • And finally Ruben V. Nepales did the very thing I was hoping (and requesting him via email) to do - interview Emma one-on-one! Here's the Inquirer interview with Emma! :D
    Only in Hollywood
    Watson opens up on Radcliffe, Grint and life at Brown
    By Ruben V. Nepales
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 20:18:00 11/19/2010

    Filed Under: Celebrities, Cinema, Entertainment (general)


    LOS ANGELES—As promised, we feature today our recent interview with Emma Watson at Claridge’s Hotel in London. In our freewheeling chat, the actress talked candidly about her last day of filming on the “Harry Potter” set, the difference between the final two films (“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” and “Part 2”), the contrasting personalities of her pals and costars, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, her life at Brown University and her future.

    How was your last filming day?

    Shooting the last day felt like an out of body experience. It was very hard to process but when it finally hit me, it was very emotional. I grew up in that film studio, with that crew. It was sad. It was the end of an era but I’m also ready to move on. I’m really ready.

    Rupert told us that you and he served from his ice cream truck.

    We made such a mess. By the end of it, the inside of the truck was covered in ice cream. But we had a great time doing that. That was one of my favorite memories.


    What is the difference between “Part 1” and “2”?

    I would say that “Part 2” is much more of an action film than the first one. “Part 1” is more psychological and emotional. “Part 2” is the big finale. It culminates in a full-on war. I said to Dan, “I want a taste of the kind of action girl that Hermione was in the third movie.” I wore dark jeans, zip-up top, denim jacket and desert boots. She looks like a real tomboy. She’s one of the boys and one of the heroes. She’s very brave.

    Can you describe your friendship with Daniel and Rupert?

    Dan is very talkative and has very high energy. If I’m feeling a bit anxious, Dan’s the one I go to and find. We’ve had conferences together about everything. If we think we haven’t done very well, generally we see each other as a sounding board.

    Rupert is the total opposite of Dan. Rupert has this very calm energy about him. He’s very self-contained. He’s the guy who I go to when I just want to be relaxed and have a nice laugh. He has a great sense of humor. He can be a kid. Like his dressing room was a children’s wonderland. The room had every kind of game, sweets—every kind of whatever you can imagine.

    Did you choose to go to a university in the US for privacy reasons?

    I did go to the States for some anonymity. But mainly I went to Brown University because of the course I wanted to take. I didn’t want to study one thing for several years. I wanted to keep myself broad. I wanted to study languages, do art and try different things. I’m going to major in history but the Brown curriculum is very open.

    And how’s your life at Brown?

    The first few weeks were tricky. Some of the kids had not yet gotten used to the idea that I was there to be a student. So there were some kids who asked me for autographs or have photographs with. I had to say, “Hey guys, I’m going to be around every day for the next four years.”


    I just had to try to get across the idea that I wasn’t going anywhere; I wasn’t going to be a novelty; and could they treat me like everyone else? Nowadays, I’m totally left alone. I’m allowed to have an ordinary, normal existence.

    Has it been difficult to make friends at school or away from the set?

    I’ve asked some of my friends at Brown, “Why weren’t you friendly in the beginning?” They usually say, “I didn’t want you to think that I was interested in you only because you were famous so I kept my distance.” I say, “That’s a shame because we’ve become such good friends now. We could have cut the time it took in half.”

    In your life outside Brown, have you adjusted to being recognized by people?

    I know it sounds silly but I forget that I’m famous. Sometimes I get startled because some people recognize me quite suddenly. They’ll go, “You’re the girl from ‘Harry Potter!’” It will really make me jump. I put on a different head and persona to deal with all of this.
    With the “Harry Potter” franchise came fame and wealth. What were the first things you bought?

    My parents never wanted doing “Harry Potter” to be about the money. I would have done it for nothing. It has been the most amazing experience. I have an Apple laptop, a Toyota Prius. I’m renting a flat. I’ve bought some antique pieces of furniture, which I love. And that’s about it, really.

    You had several directors in the “Harry Potter” series. Who helped you shape your character the most?

    Alfonso Cuaron. I feel that he really believed in me. We communicated really well. He expressed things in a way that I found very easy to follow and understand. He gave me a lot of freedom. It was very exciting to work with him because, from the beginning, he had a vision and I could see where he was going with it. He’s very creative.

    The other one is David Yates. He taught me more than Alfonso did. David made me give the most truthful performance. In a very kind, gentlemanly, lovely way, he pushed me the hardest than any of the directors have pushed me. He would go take after take until he got what he wanted from me. He hates artifice in any fashion. He wanted everything to be truthful, honest and heartfelt.

    You worked with many of the finest British actors in this series. What did you learn from them?

    I had some very interesting conversations with Helena Bonham Carter about how she developed a role. She has quite a similar approach to the one that I do. She’s quite academic about the way she approaches a role.

    Emma Thompson had the most wonderful way when she’s on the set with the crew. She remembers everyone’s names. She’s incredibly courteous, considerate and polite. She puts everyone at ease and she makes everyone laugh. That’s the kind of actress I want to be. I feel that a crew looks at the leading actors or actresses to set a tone. Leading the crew as a team is part of the director’s job, but I feel that leading actors have a part in that as well. I found Emma inspiring from that perspective. I thought, wow, that’s also part of my job. I want to keep everyone motivated, inspired and excited by what we’re doing.

    Just in case someday you don’t want to pursue acting anymore, what’s your plan B?

    I’d like to write one day—who knows? There are about four different things I could see myself quite happily doing. I’ve always wanted to be a Renaissance woman. I want to do a bit of everything, really. I’ll be a Jack of all trades, master of none (laughing). I’m happy with that.

    Email the columnist at [email protected].
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    ^ Great interview! Thanks for posting! *okay*

    And can I just say kudos to Emma for that torture scene in DH Part 1? She was brilliant in that one! *okay*
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  • budiluvsbakbudiluvsbak PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • Good pics! Love them! *okay*
  • BUMP!


    On IMDB She's Number 1 on their Starmeter now! WOW, that's nuts! :D
    UP! :D

    sana magkaroon sya ng maraming projects. *okay*
  • As a fan of Harry Potter, I am really happy for all her success. This girl turned up so well. Never heard of any misbehaving or anything unlike American young actors and actresses. Plus, she's smart! I heard she's doing a year abroad at Oxford University. Good job!
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    Emma Watson. *Kagat Labi* Mmmmmmmmm!!!! :p
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    May bago pa lang movie si Emma? Yung Bling Ring lang kasi ang nababalitaan ko. Or baka kasi small role lang siya dito kaya hindi masyadong promoted..
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