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Entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival

I'll say that I like the movies they are releasing this time of year. Although I haven't seen any of it yet, I like the themes that are being employed. I like personally Spirit Warriors and DeathRow. I like Spirit Warrioirs because of Chito Rono and because it dares to be different from among all Filipino films out there. I also like the job the technical staff did to the movie. I've seen the thriller to DeathRow and I really loved the acting job of the actors kahit thriller pa lang(The part where there is an old man who is being dragged into death penalty talking to a crying man who is obviously very close to him. Napakaikli ng thriller, but the way the actors portrayed their character is so convincing and realistic. Ang lakas ng dating.

If all the movies we produce are like these , our film industry will surely not suffer.

So, what are your personal favorites? Tagal ko nang di nakakapanood ng Filipino movie. Sana worth it pag napanood ko na talaga.



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