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how do i put my MP3's onto a CD?

ok I feel might stupid for asking this, but oh well...

i have a CD writer/burner thingy and I was wondering how i can copy the mp3's i have on my computer onto a CD....i've tired, for ages, and it still won't work [email protected] it! do i have to rename the file or something?


  • Try to use ADAPTEC CD creator and let me know if you will encounter problems in that software
  • Get burner software. Look in download sites.

    Is Nero Burnin ROM ok?

    BTW, how much a cd-write drive cost nowadays?


  • how do you convert it from mp3 to .wav files?? do you just rename the file or something?

    ...i have that adaptec software, all i need to know is hopw to convert the .mp3 files to .wavs and i'll be set, woo :D
  • [L]es[L]es PExer
    hmmm, first you have to make it into .WAV then use either the Adaptec CD creator or Nero Burning ROM.
  • CodyCody PExer
    I had your same problem until last week when I finally found the Easy CD Creator software by Adaptec, I think. It's a really big program but it works great with my burner (Phillips). So basically, just find a site where you can download this program, the full version (so you can maximize the use of the CD, up to about 18 songs). The program has a sub-program called Audio CD, and that's where you transfer your mp3 files and drag them to the CD box. Once you've selected those files, just click on the Burn button and Voila!
  • If you transfer mp3s in cd just to store them, you don't need to convert them to wav files because an MB of mp3 is equivalent to 10MB of wav. If you will make an audio cd out of your mp3's just list them in your Adaptec software if it is version 4. If version 3.x you have to convert the mp3's first to wav file. Remember that a CD can only hold 17 to 21 tracks. To convert mp3 to wav, use Winamp. When Winamp is already open just click on CTRL P then a menu will pop up. Choose "Output" and click on "Disk Write" on its sub menu then choose the directory where you will put the wav files. Afterwards just play the song that you want to convert then after a few minutes its already a wav file. Winamp converts mp3s to wav, 4 times faster than the time of the song..

    Happy ripping!!!
  • wow thanks a lot guys for helping me! i really appreciate it.
    thank you again :D

    who now goes off and starts to engage in some cd making.... mwhahahahahaha :D
  • cookcook PExer
    ok, let me see if i'm getting this right..if i don't convert it into wav files and store it in a CD as mp3's, i wouldn't be able to play it in a CD player...right?
  • yes. when you burn MP3 files on a CD they are read as data on the cd. You can insert the CD on your computer though and play the MP3 files using winamp or any other mp3 player. if you want your songs burned into a CD that would be readable in a CD-player, you have to convert the MP3 files into WAV (the procedure outlined above using winamp) and use the wav files to create a music cd. In using CD-Creator be sure to choose AUDIO CD as the type of cd you want to create otherwise if you burn it as a data CD... well... you'll just get a cd with WAV files on it and it will not be playable on your cd-player.

    bec when you set the cd type to AUDIO cd, your software separates the files into separate tracks and inserts the appropriate 2 second breaks between the song. if you are then burning a non-stop cd (no 2 second breaks between songs) you'll have to check the "disk-at-once" (or is it track at once???) option on the dialogue box that appears when you click the record button on your software.
    Originally posted by cook:
    ok, let me see if i'm getting this right..if i don't convert it into wav files and store it in a CD as mp3's, i wouldn't be able to play it in a CD player...right?

  • imogen scratches her head :confused: ang ***** ko or ang slow ko.... pero sige some questions :

    1) what exactly do i need for me to transfer the mp3s to a cd? (as in lahat ng kailangan)

    2) iv heard of this adaptec easy cd writer thingy, iv been trying to download it pero ang hirap eh. aside from this, ano pa kailangan ko?]

    help please. ang stupid ko talaga pag dating dyan.
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