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Merry Christmas Philippines!! What wishes came true for you this Christmas???

tamisguytamisguy PEx Rookie ⭐
Christmas is a magical time where you seem to be able to go back to that time where everything seems like a wonder. Alot of your wishes are given by our :Santa Clause's". What wishes came true for ya, and what wishes did u wish to come true but didn't?

Merry Christmas Phillipines!!!!!


  • hmm..
    wish ko?

    matamaan ng kidlat si erap.. tumalino siya.. tapos.. umalis na siya.. pero di naman ata mangyayari yun eh.. :D:D:D

    so alternate nalang..


    sana maging masaya yung isang friend ko na nasa los ba?os and she gets well na talaga soon

    lab you b!g s!ster!!!!! :D

  • tamisguytamisguy PEx Rookie ⭐
    Sis Bluish, merry christmas! I just woke up. Me, just knowing my parents we're happy was enough for me. Of course, the gifts also helped. :lol:
  • basta wish ko lang this xmas maging happy lahat...:lol:
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