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Life Is Short.


  • i agree that life is short. However inorder to contemplate or reply to this statement, we need to be in a position when we dont worry on what to eat tomorrow, if not on our next meal. Can u claim that life is short, and we need not worry about money, if we dont have money to buy max chicken?
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    We ought not to view pain and sorrow always in a negative manner. For pain and sorrow are quite important if we are to value contentment and happiness in this mortal life.

    The Christian teachings are that, pain and sorrow and the righteous experience of it are in fact essential to human progression into salvation and Godhood.

    I think it is only in Buddhism and Hinduism that pain and sorrow are detested as hallmarks of bad karma. But in Christianity, pain and sorrow are not viewed and ought not to be viewed as entirely bad things, but rather are essential instruments of the Lord in bringing His divine purposes of elevating humanity towards His Godhood to come to pass.
  • actually, the title is very buddhist, in buddhism, sufferring is caused by attachment.
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    Yeah. Life is short.

    so why dwell on the fact that it is, instead of living every moment of it?

    Why concentrate on the negative aspects on life where you always have a choice to look on a different perspective?
  • rickym actually, the title is very buddhist, in buddhism, sufferring is caused by attachment.

    True! but no pain, no gain!

    There are some things that I approved with buddhism philo, and there are some that I don't.

    I agree that we need balance or moderation in life, as one of the main teaching of buddhism, but i don't completely agree that we should be moderate on the things that we wanted to achieve. I think, moderation doesn't take you anywhere sooner as you wanted to be.:bop: I think, we need passion as our motivation to acquire that goal. Most achievers are focus and passionate to make their dreams(imagination) come true.

    It could be just me or the way I understood the teachings when I attended local buddhism center, I took it and converted myself to suppress desire.
    With my own expercienced, i tried to be simplistic and not to attach myself on material things. But I wasn't happy either, before I realized that it didn't allow me to do the things that Im passionate about. Maybe if I continue to detach myself in material things and become extremely carefree, i will be found with other hippies who are satisfy living in the bush :hmm: !! They could be happy, but what they have achieved and contributed? I think, that can be also consider self-serving? Well, it's a choice of lifestyle.

    For me, a desire ( in a good way) is important to achieve our goals. Otherwise, we have never been to the moon, or no bridges to cross the islands, no high rise in the cities and no high heels to buy in the shopping malls. ;).

    I also acquired some technique in buddhism, that if I failed, remember to go back to the basic- appreciation of being alive and i do agree that meditation helps from time to time.

    anyway, for those who are confuse to which religion to follow, the best religion is Dr. Phil.
  • i used to think like you.

    actually my belief is very buddhist, but there are things i would want to disagree with, but again maybe i didn't interpret the buddhist scriptures right, or maybe buddha was kinda vague.

    you see i believe that a lot of sufferring is cause by attachment. but desire, that is something else. i used to be short of an ascetic, but yes, boredome sets in. for the past few years though i created my own version of non-attachment, whether this was really what buddha meant i don't know.

    its like this. when you are attached to material things, sex, affection whatever, it is time to relax and be non-attached. and take a rest from it all. taking no rest and continuing your attached lifestyle will make you enter 'madness'.

    so then i relax and live in simplicity. but afterwards yes it gets boring. so what do i do, start exploring my emotions and my tastes even to the point of hedonism.

    in short i enjoy life to the fullest, engaging in whatever i can do, with intensity and variety, but i just stop short of being attached. and then the cycle continues.

    for me happiness is oscillating between asceticism and hedonism without getting burned at the extremes. asceticism when overripe will get boring, while hedonism overripe will start madness.

    for more read my most serious 'blog'
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    good got it! we share same :)
  • A change of perception is needed in order to transcend pain and sorrow. That is, take away the judgement and the pain disappears. The world is perceived in colored lenses or personal filters molded by personal biases, beliefs, values and so forth. When everything really is just IS.

    Pleasure, money, career and so forth are facets of life. There is nothing wrong in pursuing them. Enjoy them, in fact. Only accept that everything is subject to flux. Yet, one will never be less than who one is when it is time to let go. One has been alive and known joy and happiness before fame and fortune, and one will continue to do when these fade. It is a matter of disidenfication of who you are from these facets. The challenge is to enjoy every moment and every task. To be aware of the quality of one's thoughts and emotions. And when inner peace is achieved, nothing will affect him/her, even if the world ends. There would be sadness, as with the passing of love ones, but no devastation.

    Anything that is resisted will persist, and even strike back stronger. Accept it. Only through acceptace can he/she take full responsibility in order to change it. Change happen first from personal initation rather than external expectation.

    Pain will always be an indispensible tool for personal transformation. It prompts the need to change. In pain, one is always a step away from enlightenment or further succumb to pain. The choice is always personal.
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