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Walang magagalit...Pero why do other people have dark armpits????

I ralized that in women, certain times of the months like menstruation can coz the discoloration and turn their armpits into a darker shade. Women who are cildbearing also get really darkened armpits, as well as areolas. Those can be easily explained by hormonal imbalance or extra hormones being secreted by the body. However, what about those guys and gals who has dark armpits permanently? Remember, alot of people get their armpits bleach to make it lighter. :) Vain but it's true. Any ideas guys? :D It's just that I'm not a fan of the arm pit. :lol: It makes it more unpleasing when it's discolored. Sama ko ba. I mean it's ok as long as it doesn't smell naman. :D


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