When you have done something good to somebody, ask him to pay for it! — PinoyExchange

When you have done something good to somebody, ask him to pay for it!

Yeah I’m not kidding, do something good, help somebody today, maybe in the office helping someone to accomplish or solve clerical work, computations etc. or a friend who really in need might want a helping hand, or maybe your kids might need some help from your expertise for their school works, go on help them, help all of them but don’t forget one thing: make them pay for it!
Does that sound too materialistic?
I was being appalled by the recent stories circulating around the web world nowadays, scams left and right proliferates the entire internet world, from spamming to pyramiding to phising, sometimes you will be lost in words as to which scams to label an action. Human geniuses are being used to its full extent just to rob somebody some place. But what if we can turn it the other way around? I know it’s not my original concept but the idea always struck me whenever I see and hear rip-off all over the world.
Here’s how to earn from it
It is human nature to do good things. A mother hen will always protect their little chicks from a predator who might want her siblings for dinner, her effort be it small as it may seems is to protect at all cost those little chickens that she have there, and defend them even if it cost her life. That’s a hen I’m talking about she has something “good” in her inner self that is already there—embedded. How about humans? Of course we have “something good” in us all we have to do is tap it and put it forward to earn.



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    People do good things out of the heart. Some people do good things for their benefit. Some people also do good for their own selfish benefit.
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