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PEx Basketball League Registration Thread

color_s_Kaboinkcolor_s_Kaboink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
:hmm: this is it....

hi everyone after the short meeting we had last saturday regarding the plan to revive the pexbl tournament -- (start from scratch ) , we decided to stage the 4th season of tournament early next year (the last tournament was 3 years ago). in line with this, we are opening doors for pexers -old and new- who are interested to join the 4th season which we promise to be better and organized than the previous tourneys.

registration will start today october 21 and will end 11:59 am (pex time hehe) november 16,2007

preseason scrimmages and everything will happen on december and the tournament will be early year.

players from the previous tournament are required to register if they're interested to join the 4th season

tournament games will be held on saturdays next year

registration process ( must complete everything )

1. post a message indicating their interest to join the tournament on this thread then...

2. email me at [email protected] with your
a) pex nick
b) full name
c) telephone and cellphone number
d) height
e) playing position
f) email address

list of the players for the scrimmages will be posted after the registration deadline
thanks :)


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