If you want to see some real Intelligent design- here it is: — PinoyExchange

If you want to see some real Intelligent design- here it is:

Hey, pexers, come here...

This is more interesting than discussing the truth and untruth of "INTELLIGENT DESIGN". This stimulate real thoughts, the other arguments stimulate animosity. it's getting old.

At least, this one can be verified. ;)

thanks for the thread started of " If evolution is an ongoing process..."


Let's start with cyborg:

A cyborg is a cybernetic organism (i.e. an organism that is a self-regulating integration of artificial and natural systems).



  • Here are the latest on bioelectonic research, give your opinions.

    why create cyborg if they can incorporate robots in a growing cell?

    We Are Witnessing The Birth Of Bio-Neuro Circuitry

    Living bacteria have been incorporated into an electronic circuit to produce a sensitive humidity gauge.

    This is essentially a first step towards a biological computer, and would have many applications,” says Steve Ripp, a biotechnologist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Ripp was part of a team that developed a sensor that relied on glowing bacteria to detect chemicals. But in their system, the electronic circuits were simply reacting to the bugs, and they weren’t hooked up to each other, he notes. Saraf’s humidity sensor melds the two together.

    Ripp says that interest in these cellborg circuits is growing fast. “If you detect a chemical with a biological device, you not only sense its presence but also its effect on a living system,” he says.

  • here comes by Hybrot, another form of cyborg:
    A hybrot (short for "hybrid robot") is a cybernetic organism in the form of a robot controlled by a computer consisting of both electronic and biological elements. The biological elements are rat neurons connected to a computer chip.


    I also want a pet like that, maybe puppy robot??? so, i can turn him off, if I wish to.:lol:

    here is ratbots:
    Better than machines

    The scientists said: "Our rats were easily guided through pipes and across elevated runways and ledges, and could be instructed to climb or jump from any surface that offered sufficient purchase.

    "We were also able to guide rats in systematically exploring large, collapsed piles of concrete rubble and to direct them through environments that they would normally avoid, such as brightly lit, open arenas."

    A "turn left" signal was interpreted by the rats' brains as a "touch" on their left whiskers. If the rats correctly followed the cue and turned left, their reward-centres were stimulated, filling the rodents with a feeling of well-being.

    Dr Talwar said: "This is an animal with 200 million years of evolution behind it. Rats have native intelligence which is a lot better than artificial intelligence.

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