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Tekken 5 Dr Online

eONeON PEx Rookie ⭐
Hi! Has anyone played this game online? I bought the US version during its release. God, I recall the agony of waiting for this game to come out and then getting disappointed with the online experience! The lag just made me feel slimey all over, but being the Tekken fan that I am, I opted to buy the Hong Kong version 2 days ago and it was still lagging! The speed got better of course, but I couldn't pull off my combo strings and the Jap players kept on kicking me out of the rooms because I was lagging. I've been stuck with Smartbro. I've repeatedly requested for the PLDT DSL Excel Package and the GlobeDSL 3 Mpbs package (which were near flaming level of insistence) but I think ports are currently unavailable in my area. Can anyone tell me if I should even bother improving my Internet connection? Has anyone played this game online smoothly? Thanks a bunch!:hmm:


  • karonakarona PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    pardon me but how do you play online?

    psp?then online?

    is it free if you have bought an original tekken dr game?
  • eONeON PEx Rookie ⭐
    Hello, Tekken 5 DR Online can only be played on PS3. If you can register to the Playstation Network (PSN) then you can buy the game through the PS Network Store. Just use your credit card and download the game. It costs around $20 I think.
  • you guys are really considering playing online... why not just go to an arcade and get you *ss kicked there... save you much more technical trouble
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