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Miss Judy Ann Santos Part 110: Musika ng Buhay Ko!


Life Is Music
Ritchie Family

When you snap your fingers you've created a beat
When you find it hard not to get on your feet
Rhythm for the sounds that you hear after dark
Even music for the birds that sing in the park
Something for the way that your love makes you fe
Rhythm for the things in your life that are real

That's music. Life is music.
Life is music. Life is music.

Music for the sound of the summer
Music for the beat of the drummer
Music every stop of the way
That's music. Music for a movie
Or when you're feeling groovy
Music's there to help to start the day
Sweet music. Music for the worst of the sinners
Music for the best of the winners
Music when it's time to kneel down and pray

Life is music
life is music
life is music
Life is music
life is music
life is music
Universal language that we all understand
Music is the bridge to your fellow man
Music is the cure for the ills of the world
Music is the when boy meets girl
Music's what you hear when the chilly winds blow
Smiling at someone that you don't even know

That's music. Life is music
. . .

Music for the jingle of money
Music for the sweet taste of honey
Music for the stars up above
that's music
Music for the season or for any reason
Music when you want to fall in love
sweet music
Music for the rhythm of lovers
Music when we care for each other
Music is the sound when a baby cries hey
Life is music. Life is music


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